Comply with 316 (b) Using a VFD


Wednesday, August 27, 2014
11:00 am ET

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 Webinar Summary: 

The EPA’s new Clean Water Act section affects more than a thousand existing power plants and factories. Under section 316(b), facilities are required to use the “best technology available to minimize harmful impacts on the environment.” You need to understand what this means to you.

Industry experts will discuss how section 316(b) affects your operations and examine how variable frequency drives (VFDs) can help you achieve full compliance and decrease total cost of ownership.

Viewers Will Learn:

As a webinar attendee, you will get expert insight into:

  • The ins and outs of section 316(b) of the Clean Water Act
  • Efficient, effective ways to comply with new regulations
  • How integrating VFDs into your process helps regulate water usage
  • What new technology requirements mean for you

Who Should Attend:

  • Plant Engineers
  • Utility Managers / Executives
  • Plant Managers
  • Reliability Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers

Hear from these experts: 


Tom Englert, PE, PhD
Vice President, Senior Professional Associate

Dr. Tom Englert is a vice president with HDR. He’s been a consultant to electrical utilities on 316 of the Clean Water Act since the 1970s when he was a lead technical witness for the industry in the landmark Hudson River Power Plant case before the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Throughout his 40-year tenure he’s led technical and administrative preparation for major 316 (a) and (b) demonstrations, as well as biological sampling programs to collect the supporting data. Dr. Englert is a recognized expert on modeling the effects of entrainment and impingement on fish populations with experience in intake technology evaluations, thermal surveys, modeling of thermal plumes and receiving water bodies and biothermal assessments of the effects of discharges from fossil fuel and nuclear generating stations on fish populations. He has also managed cost/benefit analyses comparing the value of natural resources with the costs of alternative intake technologies.

Dr. Englert has served as a technical witness before the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, New York State Article X Siting Board, USEPA, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) as well as local planning and town boards. His testimony before state and federal agencies has focused on the environmental impact of power plant operations and 316 related issues.


Al Giesecke
Director of Advanced Drive Applications

Al’s experience in machines and drives spans a period of more than forty years and includes tenures with a number of leading suppliers including Allis Chalmers, Louis Allis (MagneTek) and ABB Drives. In 1994, Al Giesecke joined ROBICON (now Siemens Industry), where he’s responsible for supporting all markets with an emphasis on Energy Market Applications. Al’s consistent focus is on identifying and developing process benefits for the products, systems and services his company provides “from a life cycle customer perspective”. Al has authored papers, presentations and seminars for organizations including the American Power Conference, EPRI, IEEE, IEMDC, and PCIC. Al retired from playing competitive soccer prior to his 60th birthday, stating that being “deceptively slow” had new meaning.



  Matt Grant
Associate Publisher
POWER magazine

Matt Grant has been with TradeFair Group since 2006 and is currently Associate Publisher for POWER Magazine. During the past seven years Matt has been involved in the development of numerous e-media initiatives that derive from or enhance traditional media. Matt holds a BA from Texas A&M University.


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Support & Troubleshooting

What support is available for users on Macintosh and Unix/Linux-Based operating systems?
This presentation incorporates advanced multimedia features that allow elements such as slides, polling questions, surveys, and application demonstrations to be dynamically sent to the audience synchronized with the presentation. Mac and Linux audiences may view the presentation using a supported Firefox Web browser and Adobe Flash playerPlease note that some presentations may not feature a Flash option. 

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