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March 23, 2010
Question: Stricter wastewater regulatory environments and water availability continue to drive water reuse and recycle in the chemical and petrochemical industries globally.  What should companies consider when evaluating water reuse as part of the manufacturing and wastewater process? Answer: While reusing wastewater can be an economical alternative to internal or external fresh water supplies, there...
March 1, 2010
A little over one month ago, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) received national pledges from 55 countries, to cut and limit greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Included in the pledges was a commitment from the U.S. to reduce its GHG emissions in the range of 17% from 2005 levels by 2020. The non-binding target came with a disclaimer, however, that hinges on an uncertainty for...
March 1, 2010
As 2009 came to a close, the U.S. crossed a key milestone in the path toward regulating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Nearly 10,000 facilities (Figures 1 and 2) — a significant portion of them in the chemical process industries (CPI) — became subject to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA;; Washington D.C.) Final Mandatory Greenhouse Gases Reporting Rule...
March 1, 2010
The delayed coking process is a fundamental part of the petroleum refining and petrochemical industries, and is among the main technical means for transforming inexpensive heavy oil into more valuable, light-oil products. Delayed coking units are common in petroleum refineries, and the process has been developed significantly as a heavy oil processing method in many countries, including China and the U.S...
February 1, 2010
This article describes an algorithm that end users can use to develop a program on a personal computer to assess the technical and economic feasibility of installing a variable frequency drive (VFD) on centrifugal pumps. This simple algorithm serves a variety of useful functions, helping engineers to carry out the following functions: Check the technical feasibility and evaluate whether or not it is...
January 1, 2010
Typical wastewater-treatment plants (WWTP) — both industrial and municipal — consume large amounts of energy, which can represent 50% or more of the facility’s variable operating and maintenance costs. Most employ biological processes that rely on energy-intensive aeration systems whose energy consumption is approximately 0.5 kWh per m3 of effluent treated. This article discusses a...
December 4, 2009
The commercial purging componPurgex 461 Plus is effective for purging new biodegradeable and compostable polyethylene resins. The compound...
November 1, 2009
Last month, a total of 17,722 visitors and 995 exhibitors attended WEFTEC.09, the Water Environment Federation’s (WEF) 82nd annual technical exhibition and conference held in Orlando, Fla. Particularly in this time of economic concerns, the strong showing reinforces the importance of water — its availability, treatment and reuse — in both industrial and municipal sectors. At the show...
October 16, 2009
Sintef’s (Trondheim, Norway; Dynamis project received the “CSLF Recognition Award” in London in October for its contribution to CO2 capture and storage. Sintef has received the “CSLF Recognition Award” for its contribution to CO2 capture and storage technology. Vice-president Sverre Aam of Sintef Energy Research accepted the distinction on behalf of...
October 16, 2009
Alstom (Paris, France; and major Canadian power company TransAlta —along with their partners in the governments of Canada and Alberta and Capital Power, an independent power producer— have created a partnership to construct a large-scale carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) demonstration facility at one of TransAlta’s coal-fired generating stations in Canada. The...
October 4, 2009
On October 2, U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced the first round of funding from $1.4 billion from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for the selection of 12 projects that will capture carbon dioxide from industrial sources for storage or beneficial use. The first phase of these projects will include $21.6 million in Recovery Act funding and $22.5 million in private funding for a total...
October 1, 2009
Thermal mass flowmeters provide advantages over other options for metering the consumption of natural gas by individual combustion units throughout the facilityWith today’s increased emphasis on strategic energy management, many throughout the chemical process industries (CPI) and elsewhere are attempting to obtain better information on the natural gas consumption in their facilities. While...
September 1, 2009
In more and more locations, the availability of fresh water resources is limited and water reuse is becoming increasingly important. For many industrial applications, the availability of water is essentially a “license to operate”. A large component of the water consumption in many chemical process industries (CPI) is high- and low-pressure boiler water. As such, reusing cooling water blowdown...
August 18, 2009
For the past year, leaders of five societies representing more than one million engineers and other technical professionals have been meeting to identify steps the U.S. might take toward managing carbon emissions, a key issue in climate change discussions, should that become public policy. The societies participating are: the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), the American Institute of...
August 1, 2009
Substantial technological advances to meet the growing regulatory scrutiny of a wide variety of pollutants have taken place over the past 50 years. In the last few years, the increased complexity in regulations in developed countries has been even more accelerated, challenging the chemical process industries (CPI) and their suppliers of air-monitoring equipment to reach new heights. In addition, developing...
August 1, 2009
Failure to register under REACH closes EU markets for thousands of chemical substances manufactured or marketed in the European Union, whether on their own, in preparations (formulations) or released from articles (finished products). A key policy objective of registration under REACH (EC Regulation 1907/2006 on Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) — to shift the...
August 1, 2009
In June, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agancy (EPA; Washington, D.C.; announced the winners of the 2009 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards. Winners of the Challenge, which promotes R&D of less hazardous alternatives to existing technologies that reduce or eliminate waste in industrial production, are selected by an independent panel convened by the American Chemical Soc...
August 1, 2009
Cooling water systems that rely on cooling towers are a critical component at chemical process industries (CPI) facilities. However, during operation, these open recirculating systems concentrate the contaminants in the makeup...
July 16, 2009
Yesterday, a coalition of U.S. manufacturing groups known as the American Materials Manufacturing Alliance recommended changes to the American Clean Energy and Security Act (HR 2454) in a letter to Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works.  The letter, signed by the American Chemistry Council, the Aluminum Association, the American Forest and Parer...
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