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April 1, 2007
A process that yields hydrogen by using solar energy to split water has received one-third of the €1 million Descartes prize, awarded annually for research financed by the European Commission (Brussels, Belgium). The process was developed under the Hydrosol project, headed by the Chemical Process Engineering Research Institute, Center for Research and Technology-Hellas...
April 1, 2007
Jet fuel, or other fuels, could one day be produced from cheap animal fats - byproducts of slaughterhouses and meat-processing plants - through a process being developed at North Carolina State University (Raleigh; So far, NCSU has tested parts of the...
April 1, 2007
Mascoma Corp. (Cambridge, Mass.; and Royal Nedalco (Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands) have signed a license and joint-development...
April 1, 2007
Air Products (Lehigh Valley, Pa.; and FuelCell Energy Inc. (Danbury, Conn.; have begun construction on an advanced hydrogen-energy demonstration station. The station...
April 1, 2007
    China's tremendous economic growth and modernization has propelled the nation to a position where its consumption of energy imports outpaces its economy. As the world's third-largest oil importer, after the United States and Japan, China imported a record-high 36.38-million tons of refined oil last year, 15.7% more than in 2005, to fuel an estimated annual economic growth of 10.7%, reports...
March 1, 2007
Last month, Total S.A. (Paris, France; launched what is claimed to be the world's first integrated carbon-dioxide-capture and geological-sequestration project. From the end of 2008, up to 150,000 m.t. of CO2 will be injected into a depleted natural gas field in Rousse...
March 1, 2007
In a related story (see above), the EU and China are launching a project, initiated by Sintef (Trondheim, Norway;, to cut global emissions of greenhouse gases. In the three-year, €3-million "Coach" project, Europe will receive emissions quota for CO2 in exchange for "green" coal-fired power plants for China. A twin of the EU's Dynamis...
March 1, 2007
For developing a new technology that traps carbon dioxide and other pollutants so they can be removed, researchers from the University of Bath's Dept. of Chemical Engineering ( have received the...
February 1, 2007
Mascoma Corp. (Cambridge, Mass.; has received a $14.8-million award from the New York State Dept. of Agriculture and Markets and the New York State Energy Research and Development...
January 1, 2007
Subsidiaries of Shell Oil Co. (Houston, Tex.; and Codexis, Inc. (Redwood City, Calif....
December 1, 2006
Although there has been big surge in biodiesel production recently, such fuels are not without problems of their own, such as low mileage, poor performance at lower temperatures, and adverse effects on engine components. Also, the production process for making biodiesel — the methyl esterification of fatty acids derived from vegetable oils (such as palm and rapeseed)...
December 1, 2006
A five-year research project to study the long-term potential for carbon-capture and storage (CCS) technology has been launched by the European Commission’s Director General for Research (Brussels). The so-called CO₂ReMoVe project (for Research on CO₂ Monitoring and Verification) will study the injection of CO₂ at oil-and-gas field operations in the North Sea Sleipner and Snohvit...
December 1, 2006
Mascoma Corp. (Cambridge, Mass.; has raised $30 million in its second round of Venture funding — led by General Catalyst Partners (Cambridge, Mass.) — to further develop a new way to make bioethanol from cellulose. Mascoma aims...
December 1, 2006
At Glasstec 2006 (Düsseldorf, Germany; October 24–28), the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research (ISC; Würzburg, Germany...
December 1, 2006
    When in 1997 a United Nations’ conference at Kyoto, Japan, called into being the Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), it seemed that greenhouse-gas emissions regulations were just around the corner. Not so fast, was the world’s answer. The United States — after originally supporting the so-called Kyoto Protocol — turned around and rejected the treaty, which...
December 1, 2006
Hardly a day goes by that there is not some story in the daily press related to climate change. This was especially true last month, due to the United Nations Conference on Climate Change taking place in Nairobi, Kenya (November 6–17). Personally, I’ve become desensitized by daily reports about “the latest scientific findings” citing evidence either for or against the premise that...
November 1, 2006
Last month, Thai Oleochemicals Company Ltd. (TOL; Bangkok, Thailand) and Thai Fatty Alcohols Company Ltd. signed a contract with Uhde GmbH (Dortmund, Germany; for the construction of an integrated plant for making 200,000 m.t./yr of methyl ester, 100,000 m.t./yr fatty alcohols and 30,000 m.t./yr of glycerine from palm oil. The methyl ester plant is slated to start up next October...
November 1, 2006
  A promising method for producing hydrogen involves the gasification of biomass with steam. To enhance the concentration of H₂ in the ensuing mixture of combustible gases, a carbon dioxide sorbent can be used in situ; calcium oxide is commonly used. A research team from the Laboratory for Sustainable Technology, at the University of Sydney’s School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering...
November 1, 2006
Over the last three years, DuPont (Wilmington, Del.; has been developing technology to break down the complex sugar matrix of corn stover as a means for making ethanol from cellulose in high yield. Although there is more research to be completed, the company is ready to take the next step to bring cellulosic ethanol to market...
June 1, 2006
    The heat-trapping potential of CO2 and the other major greenhouse gases (GHG)1 in the Earth’s atmosphere, while once hotly debated, is now undisputed, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA; Washington, D.C.; and a growing list of international scientists and business leaders (see Box, below: Thin ice). With 165 countries having ratified the Kyoto Protocol...
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