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September 1, 2009
Honoring the man behind the scenes Over one’s career, colleagues frequently come and go — sometimes without much pomp or circumstance marking their departures. In fact, an employee with five or more years working with a single company has come to be thought of as relatively loyal by today’s standards. A higher exhibit of loyalty, however, is why we take pause to honor our colleague Bill...
May 1, 2009
April 2009, Capital Costs Quickly Calculated, pp. 46 – 52: In three places in the box at the top of p. 47, the factor 0.8...
May 1, 2009
Edison Electric Institute (EEI) member companies support action to lower the country’s carbon and other greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 80% from current levels by 2050. And we want to do so in a way that softens electricity price increases for families and our energy-intensive customers, such as chemical manufacturers. A critical factor for achieving this goal within a federal cap-and-trade program...
April 1, 2009
The Hydraulic Institute (HI; Parsippany, N.J.;, under the approval of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI; Washington, D.C.;, is seeking qualified individuals in North America to participate in the review process for the draft of two updated standards: ANSI/HI 4.1-4.6, Sealless Rotary Pumps for Nomenclature, Definitions, Application, Operation and Test. This...
March 1, 2009
Bringing recognition to the value of the chemical engineering profession and striving to continually advance it have been goals for this magazine since its founding more than 106 years ago. To help cultivate new talent, CE established the annual Chopey Scholarship for Chemical Engineering Excellence in memory of Nicholas (Nick) P. Chopey, our former Editor In Chief. Nick carried many torches at CE...
February 12, 2009
November 2008, Bringing the corrosion resistance of tantalum to off-the-shelf...
February 1, 2009
The Rubber division of the American Chemical Society ( is now accepting online abstract submissions for the 176th technical meeting being held during the Rubber Expo, October 13 – 15, 2009, Pittsburgh...
January 1, 2009
Many of you know of a company — perhaps your own employer — that has recently commercialized an innovative process, product, or other chemical-engineering development. If so, we would like to hear from you. Nominations are open for this magazine’s 2009 Kirkpatrick Chemical Engineering Achievement Award. We aim to honor the most-noteworthy chemical engineering technology commercialized...
December 1, 2008
In nearly every issue of this magazine, a majority of the content focuses on the roles that technologies — and the companies that supply them — play in the chemical process industries (CPI). Indeed, products and services bond the CPI together, but the strength of that bond depends unequivocally on people. That is why once every-other December, we turn our focus inside out and recognize the...
December 1, 2008
The winners are Brian W. S. Kolthammer, Research Fellow at The Dow Chemical Co. (Midland, Mich.; and Shyam Lakshmanan, group general manager at See Sen Chemical Bhd & Malay-Sino Chemical Industries Sdn Bhd (Perak, Malaysia; Their careers are summarized here. For more on the award and its history, click here. Brian W. S. Kolthammer With 33 U.S. patents and numerous...
November 1, 2008
Dreyfus Foundation Establishes $250,000 Prize for Chemical Science The Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation announces the establishment of the Dreyfus Prize in the chemical sciences to recognize an individual for exceptional and original research in a selected area of chemistry that has advanced the field in a major way. The biennial prize of $250,000 is one of the largest awards dedicated to the chemical...
October 15, 2008
Webinar: Heat Transfer Optimum Performance in Thermal Fluid Heating Systems: The importance of heat flux and film temperature Date: November 6, 2008 | Time: 11am EST In circulating thermal-fluid heating systems, the rate of heat transfer is typically controlled to maintain a desired outlet-temperature setpoint of the fluid. However, it is the temperature of the fluid film in contact with the heater walls...
September 15, 2008
2008 Perkin Medal Honors a Pioneer in CFC and HCFC Aternatives On the 18th of this month, the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI; London; awards its 2008 Perkin Medal to Dr. Ian Shankland, director of technology for Honeywell’s Fluorine Products business (Morristown, N.J.; The Perkin Medal is one of the most prestigious honors given in the chemical industry and is...
August 15, 2008
Receivers in Compressed Air Systems June, Cover Story Part 2, Compressed Air: Your Most Expensive Utility, pp. 39 – 43: This is a very good article. I want to add a thought about the current practice of specifying receivers. When the majority of compressors sold and used were reciprocating compressors, receivers were provided as part of the system to act as a muffler, a point for water separation...
June 15, 2008
Engineering an Answer to Poverty Chemical engineers around the world have been challenged to put their design and innovation skills to the test and help some of the planet’s poorest communities. The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE;; Rugby, U.K.) is looking for individuals and teams to develop and use chemical engineering technology to support people living on less than $2/d...
April 15, 2008
Nominations for the 7th annual HART Plant of the Year Award are now being accepted by the HART Communication Foundation (HCF). The global award is presented annually to recognize innovative use of HART Communication in realtime industrial-process plant applications. Nominations are encouraged from all world areas and will be accepted through June 30. Nomination forms are available at
March 15, 2008
July, Causes and Prevention of Packing Fires, p. 34. I thought the article was very timely and informative and appreciate being a reference for your paper. However, after reviewing the information provided regarding potassium permanganate (especially Table 1), I must provide the following constructive comments. We know of one specific refinery that has been using permanganate since 1991 with excellent...
February 15, 2008
Another corrosion-resistant material deserves a mention In the December 2007 article, The Heat Is On (pp. 24–28) I take issue with the statement next to the Pfaudler photo, “Tantalum and glass-lined steel are the two most corrosion resistant materials used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.” They are two of the most corrosion resistant materials, but our Hexoloy Sintered Alpha...
January 28, 2008
HOUSTON – daratechPLANT2008 – Jan. 28, 2008 – Bentley Systems, Incorporated today announced OpenPlant, the first range of software products for the creation and management of plant infrastructure inherently based on the ISO 15926 data model – an international standard for process plant information. By enabling the next phase in software interoperability, Bentley’s OpenPlant...
January 15, 2008
Opinion on ChE Graduate Shortages Your editorial (Calling all chemical engineers, Sept., p. 5) on the subject of the lack of entrants to chemical engineering studies and careers invited readers to reply. I think that this problem will not go away until the industries desiring chemical engineers examine the source of the problem. In my opinion any high school leaver with more brains than a sausage will have...
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