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May 1, 2012
Spehar Torregrosa Ferreira Maguire Hedden Tim Spehar becomes manager of contract services for Haviland Products Co. (Grand Rapids, Mich.), a provider of chemical formulation, blending and packaging services. Trostel Ltd. (Lake Geneva, Wisc.), a manufacturer of custom seals, precision-molded rubber products and custom rubber compounds, appoints Jay Longbottom...
April 1, 2012
I will bet that many readers are familiar with a Teddy Roosevelt quote that includes the following: “It is not the critic who counts…the credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena...” Ralph Weiland has been in the arena for many years, doing chemical engineering work that has benefitted many people. At the Spring AIChE meeting this month (Houston; April 1–5), the...
April 1, 2012
Given that readers of this magazine are employed across a wide spectrum of the chemical process industries (CPI), our editors go to great lengths to keep most of our content as broadly applicable as possible. In our technical articles, especially, we try to present information that focuses on unit operations, for instance, as opposed to a CPI niche, such as pharmaceutical processing or cement...
April 1, 2012
Pneumatic conveying of solid material provides advantages over mechanical conveying systems in many applications, including those that require complex routing, multiple source-destination combinations and product containment. Routing of pneumatic piping offers process operators great layout flexibility, but taking advantage of such design flexibility requires a strong understanding of the complex behavior...
April 1, 2012
Cassidy Nguer Gutjahr   Doornbos Hammer Robert Gulotty becomes technical manager for Applied Catalysts (Doraville, Ga.), a developer of catalysts for chemical processing and pollution-abatement applications. Kevin Cassidy is named chemical and monitoring solutions general manager, water and process technologies, for GE Power & Water (Trevose, Pa.). Momar Nguer is now senior...
April 1, 2012
The PTXi / Powder and Bulk Solids Exhibition and Conference will take place from May 8–10 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Ill. The conference is organized into four tracks: pneumatic conveying; material storage and handling; particle technology; and dust collection and safety. The pneumatic conveying track will cover dilute- versus dense-phase conveying, as well as system...
April 1, 2012
The approaches currently used by process integration specialists to assess the opportunities for the integration of reboilers are frequently erroneous and lead to proposals that have to be rejected at the detailed engineering stages or worse, to commissioned reboilers that do not perform properly. This article examines the integration of both vertical and horizontal thermosiphon reboilers, and covers the...
April 1, 2012
At one time, the design of distillation columns and other major components for the chemical process industries (CPI) required engineers to make one-at-a-time calculations in order to project what-if scenarios covering the processes, equipment, raw materials and capital necessary for renovation or construction. If an engineer was fortunate, he or she might have had access to central computer facilities that...
April 1, 2012
Instrumentation best practices that are taught in colleges and published in standards are intended to be broadly applicable, guiding users in every industry and geography. However, for outdoor applications in cold climates, where the temperature can fall below –40°C, the optimum installation may be very different from those recommended via best practices, to ensure reasonable performance...
April 1, 2012
In the chemical process industries (CPI) it is often necessary to verify material specification at various points in the process. In that effort, it is usually impossible — or at the very least impractical — to measure the whole production. Instead, small samples must be extracted from a parent population. Such is the case in particle size characterization of bulk solids, process streams and...
April 1, 2012
Music is nature’s gift to humans. Irrespective of nationality, we all like to hum melodies, tap rhythms and sway to pleasing tunes. Even children just learning to stand enjoy wiggling to good music. In all cultures, the notes that comprise musical scales are used in varying sequences and different combinations to compose music. These notes can be thought of as the the physical properties of music...
April 1, 2012
Plant Watch Wacker invests €40 million to expand polymer site in China March 5, 2012 — Wacker Chemie AG (Munich, Germany; is expanding its polymer activities by investing around €40 million to build two new production facilities at its Nanjing site. Wacker is expanding the site’s existing facilities for vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer (VAE) dispersions by adding a new...
April 1, 2012
Cassidy Nguer Gutjahr Doornbos Hammer   Robert Gulotty becomes technical manager for Applied Catalysts (Doraville, Ga.), a developer of catalysts for chemical processing and pollution-abatement applications.  Kevin Cassidy is named chemical and monitoring solutions general manager, water and process technologies, for GE Power & Water (Trevose, Pa.).  Momar Nguer is now...
March 1, 2012
Already, in the first two months of this year, the unpredictable and winding road of the so-called Boiler MACT, has taken yet another set of hair-pinned curves. Now industry groups are pushing even harder for an act of Congress that would put on the brakes and allow more time for the regulations to be reshaped. At stake, says Robert Bessette, president of the Council of Industrial Boiler Owners (CIBO...
March 1, 2012
Feenan Wallis-Lage Reckmann Toubia Hu Styron (Berwyn, Pa.), which operates plastics, rubber and latex businesses, promotes John Feenan to executive vice president and CFO. Shimadzu Corp. (Columbia, Md.) names Shuzo Maruyama president of Shimadzu Scientific Instruments. Black & Veatch (Kansas City, Mo.) appoints Cindy Wallis-Lage president of its...
March 1, 2012
For the first half of my career, I worked in a group that developed, designed and sold distillation trays. Late during the 1970s, half of that group’s business disappeared — almost overnight — when structured packing replaced trays in very large ethylbenzene-styrene vacuum columns. Even the best of trays could not compete with the low pressure drops of structured packings. In 1985, Norton...
March 1, 2012
The Nikuradse-Prandtl-von Karman (NPK) equation is the most widely used expression to determine friction factors for fluid flow in smooth pipes [1–3]. It implicitly relates the friction factor (expressed here as f; sometimes called λ) to the Reynolds number, Re. It is shown in Equation (1).   ( 1)     Because the friction factor appears on both sides of the equation, an...
March 1, 2012
To optimize process control and overall plant performance, magnetic flowmeters (mag meters) are the most widely used devices in many industrial flow-measurement applications. Mag meters are used to measure the flow of water and other conductive liquids by applying a magnetic field to the flowing liquid. Following Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction, conductive liquid flowing through the...
March 1, 2012
Plant Watch AkzoNobel invests €80 million to supply new Suzano pulp mill in Brazil February 1, 2012 — AkzoNobel (Amsterdam, the Netherlands; plans to invest €80 million in the construction of a new pulp “chemical island” facility in Brazil. The plant, operated by the company’s Pulp and Paper Chemicals business, Eka Chemicals, will supply the Suzano...
March 1, 2012
Head loss due to friction for fluids traveling through pipes, tubes and ducts is a critical parameter for solving turbulent-flow problems in the chemical process industries. The Colebrook equation is used to assess hydraulic resistance for turbulent flow in both smooth- and rough-walled pipes. The equation contains a dimensionless fluid-flow friction coefficient that must be calculated for the properties...
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