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January 1, 2012
      Lubricants in rotating machines reduce friction and wear, dissipate heat, protect surfaces, keep out foreign contaminants and remove wear particles. Commonly used liquid lubricants fall into two main categories: mineral (petroleum-based) oils and synthetic oils. Mineral oils are produced by refining crude petroleum. They usually contain trace amounts of some unwanted substances. By...
January 1, 2012
Clausen Hirai Snyder Stehle Taylor Haldor Topsøe (Lyngby, Denmark) promotes Bjerne Clausen to CEO. SmartKem (St. Assaph, North Wales), a developer of flexible, printable semiconductor materials, appoints Yutaka Hirai to be its representative in Japan. Intelligrated (Somerset, N.J.), a provider of materials-handling solutions, names Michael Snyder sales engineer...øe-promotes-Bjerne-Clausen-to-CEO-_8841.html
January 1, 2012
Pressure relief valves and rupture disks are critical safety devices for protecting personnel and processing equipment from overpressurization situations. Presented here are several engineering practices that can help to identify and address common problems with the pressure relief systems of chemical process industries (CPI) facilities. Common causes of overpressurization Overpressure situations can have...
December 1, 2011
Buscher Weidman Rodrigues Egbert Sudler Pump Solutions Group (PSG; Houston), a subsidiary of Dover Corp., names Karl Buscher senior vice president–PSG Commercial.   David Weidman , CEO of chemical company Celanese Corp. (Dallas, Tex.), will retire in April. He will be succeeded by Mark Rohr, current executive chairman and former CEO of chemical company Albermarle.  ...
December 1, 2011
Modernizing the world’s power grids represents a key infrastructure goal for economic growth. Large-scale, energy-storage technologies offer the opportunity to optimize the efficiency of the next-generation power grid and extend its capabilities. Renewed attention on energy storage systems for the grid has given rise to a host of emerging technologies aimed at more effectively transmitting...
December 1, 2011
Protecting process systems from overpressurization is a critical task in the chemical process industries (CPI), and rupture disks and safety relief valves are routinely used for this purpose. In certain situations, using rupture disks in combination with safety relief valves offers advantages that can increase safety and lower costs. The advantages include a significant lengthening of the service life of...
December 1, 2011
The following letter originally appeared in Chemical Engineering, December 2011, p. 6. The U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) flawed and unwarranted ruling that styrene poses a health hazard continues to stir opposition from respected scientists, manufacturing leaders, the hundreds of thousands of American workers whose jobs depend on a viable styrene industry, and a broad-based...
December 1, 2011
Wahl Instruments Thermal imaging cameras help spot problem areas Heat Spy thermal imaging cameras (photo) are available in two series with 16 different configurations to suit a variety of applications. The z30 Seriew “Detector” is designed for on-the-spot maintenance inspections and repair. The z50 Series “Inspector” includes additional features for documenting and preparing reports...
December 1, 2011
  Because the benefits are many, roles for simulation software tools exist from planning and design of facilities through operations and everything in between. And thanks to enhancements, it’s becoming easier to use simulation alongside other software packages, while niche simulation tools are making complex processes easier and less expensive to implement. In general, process simulation...
December 1, 2011
For over 109 years now, readers have looked to Chemical Engineering for practical how-to information that can be used directly on the job, plus the latest about what’s happening in, or will be affecting, the chemical process industries (CPI). While our editors put a lot of time and effort into identifying what the most important and timely issues are, finding good sources of information and...
December 1, 2011
Today’s plant turnarounds bear little resemblance to those of the past: Last-minute preparations and procurements combined with hurried work plans penciled into a notebook often led to undisciplined procedures, incidents and equipment that still operated with defective parts. Those bygone practices have been cleaned up and replaced with clearer processes as turnarounds have become critical to a...
November 1, 2011
Effective level measurement helps ensure smooth, continuous processes by maintaining material inventory at economic quantities, and maximizes plant output by preventing spillage, system clogging and process upsets. In chemical process industries (CPI) applications, level measurement of liquids, powders and slurries are often complicated by the presence of steam, dust, foam, turbulence, caking or...
November 1, 2011
Significant demand persists within the chemical process industries (CPI) for those with engineering backgrounds and technical skills. Companies across many CPI sectors are finding it difficult to find enough individuals with chemical and engineering skills and expertise to staff their operations. But despite strong demand for technical skills, recruitment of chemical engineers is somewhat constrained by a...
November 1, 2011
Water and steam are vital components of virtually all plants in the chemical process industries (CPI). And, a very important operation is the treatment of makeup water to produce the purity required for certain applications, most notably for use in heat exchangers and steam turbines. An important consideration in water treatment is that many industrial facilities are, or will soon be, dealing with...
November 1, 2011
Aaron Potter becomes engineering manager for Innovative Processing Solutions (Aurora, Ind.), an affiliate of Stedman Machine Co. Codexis, Inc. (Redwood City, Calif.) appoints Achilles Antonio Clement to head Codexis do Brasil Participacoes Ltda., the company's newly formed operations in Brazil. Pascal Villemagne becomes vice president, commercial, for Carbogen Amcis...
November 1, 2011
For decades, plant-wide oil-mist systems have been used to lubricate rolling-element bearings in high-speed applications throughout the petrochemicals, textiles, pharmaceuticals, mining and other chemical process industries (CPI). Applications range from small motors to large rotating cylinders and a variety of fluid movers. Plant-wide oil-mist systems provide a centralized way to supply lubricating oil to...
November 1, 2011
To stay on budget, major capital projects often call for aggressive schedules. Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractors often end up using work processes that are not part of an established or standard work procedure. This is especially true when it comes to acquiring materials to support the schedule, particularly for critical paths related to the piping design, supply, fabricate and...
November 1, 2011
  Plant Watch ColBiocel selects Chemtex technology for ethanol production in Colombia September 26, 2011 — Chemtex (Wilmington, N.C.;  has entered into a term sheet agreement with Colombiana de Biocombustibles Celulósicos (ColBiocel) for the supply of a license and associated engineering and technical services for an 85,000 metric ton per year (m.t./yr) cellulosic...
November 1, 2011
The benefits of field-device diagnostics are often acclaimed in qualitative terms, but on a much lower frequency in quantitative ones. Yet, an attractive cost-benefit analysis is necessary for almost any initiative to make it off the drawing board and into a plant. Even more rare are economic figures that come directly from the process plant engineers (as opposed to a vendor with vested interest in selling...
October 1, 2011
Thermosiphon reboilers are the new standard in petroleum refineries and chemical plants. Nevertheless, approximately 50% of the world’s reboilers are kettles. In the realm of heat transfer, kettle reboilers have not been understood well. Last month, at ChemInnovations, however, Pete Parker, FRI’s president and my supervisor, cracked the knowledge barrier with insight from nothing other than...
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