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January 7, 2009
Heat transfer fluids will give long and trouble-free service in properly designed and operated systems. However, less than ideal operating conditions can result in degradation of the heat transfer...
September 17, 2008
Does your heating system have you at your boiling point? Solutia and Chemical Engineering present: Optimum Performance in Thermal Fluid Heating Systems The Importance of Heat Flux and Film Temperature A web...
August 18, 2008
Therminol Reference Disk 5.0 is the latest offering in the complete line of tools and services the Therminol® Heat Transfer Fluid Performance Crew provides to our customers as part of our Therminol TLC Total Lifecycle Care® program.  This powerful, free tool is available as a CD...
August 11, 2008
We use thousands of chemicals throughout our lifetime – some are benign and some can be extremely harmful. The best way for employers to ensure their workers stay safe around hazardous chemicals is to establish and maintain a robust Hazard Communication (HAZCOM) program. What is HAZCOM Hazard Communication provides information to employees who may be exposed to hazardous chemicals in their work...
August 11, 2008
Different types of screw threads have evolved for fastening, and hydraulic systems. Of special concern are plastic-to-metal, taper/parallel threaded joints in hydraulic circuits. A discussion and recommendations are provided to create an awareness of different types of threads and how they are used. Over time many different types of screw threads have been developed. Applications include fastening...
July 25, 2008
Nearly sixty percent of all corporate Six Sigma (6s) initiatives fail to yield the desired results, according to Praveen Gupta, a noted author on the methodology and Master 6s Black Belt who has been involved with 6s since its origin in the 1980s. There is rising concern across multiple industry sectors regarding the failure of many internally led 6s/Lean projects. Because this is such a hot subject, we...
July 25, 2008
As an employer of 9,500 with a total of 92 facilities spread across the U.S. and the countries of Canada, Mexico, Chile and Argentina, Rock-Tenn Co., Norcross, Ga., is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of packaging products, merchandising displays, and bleached and 100% recycled paperboard. Rock-Tenn didn’t reach this status by allowing inefficiencies to infect its operations. But...
July 22, 2008
Installed cost per measurement is an important factor for industrial water and wastewater treatment professionals focused on system design.  Modern treatment systems are highly automated and a significant portion of equipment and installation cost belongs to measurement and instrumentation components. When installation costs are removed from the equation, it becomes clear that measurement and...
July 22, 2008
TUSTIN, Calif. – June 26, 2008  – GF Piping Systems has added to its proven Signet 2552 Metal Magmeter family with the new Model 2552-3.  The Signet Metal Magmeter is a rugged insertion flow sensor that permits hot-tap access to the pipe stream.  This allows quick and easy installation or maintenance without system shut-down, significantly reducing overall costs.  The robust...
July 22, 2008
TUSTIN, Calif. – July 8, 2008 – GF Piping Systems has introduced the next generation of Signet DryLoc pH/ORP Sensors, Models 2724 − 2726.  These sensors feature a unique foul-proof DryLoc connector and robust Ryton® sensor body, providing expanded chemical compatibility for use in a wide range of applications.  The new threaded process connection design provides flexible...®-pH-and-ORP-Sensors-Offering-Enhanced-Chemical-Compatibility-and-Versatile-Mounting-Options_4072.html
July 22, 2008
TUSTIN, Calif. – Nov. 8, 2007 – GF Piping Systems has introduced the Signet 3-0250, a new interface  device that allows USB connection of blind Signet Sensors to PCs/Laptops, creating a multi-functional tool that provides parameter configuration capabilities, data monitoring/logging, and diagnostics.  Automatic conversion of the S3L (Signet Sensor Serial Link) signal to ASCII data is...
July 14, 2008
For years, fiberglass reinforced baths and showers have been perceived as “commodity” products. Of course, as with any product, there have always been quality differences between brands. Nevertheless, the manufacturing methods employed and the materials used have been roughly similar. That’s all changed. As of April 21, 2006, manufacturers of reinforced plastic composites are required to...
July 14, 2008
1.0 Introduction Invented by the French in the 1890s as “artificial silk,” [1] Rayon is manufactured by regenerating naturally occurring cellulosic fiber. It is highly absorbent, soft and comfortable. Thus rayon has become a choice material for tampons. By cutting groups of spun rayon filaments into discrete lengths, called “staple,” it becomes much like cotton. Staple fibers range...
June 26, 2008
Eye injuries occur at an estimated rate of 1,000 per day in the American workplace. That’s a very good reason to ensure employees at risk are protected from face and eye injuries. There are other reasons why face and eye protection in the workplace is so important, besides the regularity with which these types of accidents occur. One is compliance. Eye and face protection must be provided whenever...
June 26, 2008
Many automation engineers are coming face to face with real fieldbus applications for the first time. Fieldbus (the use of digital communications networks for distributed instrumentation and control) is a wonderful technology with many benefits, but fieldbus installation requires some additional considerations over and above normal 4-20 mA projects. In this article, we will discuss some of...
June 26, 2008
Dear Colleagues, In our e-newsletter we strive to bring you a wide-variety of content that complements our monthly issues of Chemical Engineering. This month’s first feature article is about eye protection by Victor J. D'Amato, director...
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