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September 1, 2014
The adixen vacuum dry pump is said to meet current and future challenges of cutting-edge procedures in the coatings industry (LED/OLED, flat/touch panel and solar). The multistage roots vacuum pumps of the ADH series are designed for...
September 1, 2014
By means of high-pressure water, various incrustations can be removed inside of autoclaves, reactors, spray towers and vessels. The pump unit discharges high-pressure water (up to 1,600 bars) through the...
September 1, 2014
These-auto prime pumps have a capacity of 100 to a maximum of 6,500 m3/h. The BA diesel-driven pumps have been actively used on the market for many years. Now, with the development of a new standard norm block construction...
September 1, 2014
Second only to electric motors, centrifugal pumps are the most common machine used in the chemical process industries (CPI). Pumps are serving in every conceivable fluid application. They move all manner of fluids from wastewater to paper pulp, from ultra-clean and purest pharmaceutical liquids to crude oils laden with a great variety of contaminants. Hundreds of millions of these pumps are fitted with...
September 1, 2014
Magnetically driven (mag drive) centrifugal pumps have been in use since 1947 when the first magdrive pump was developed. Mag drives have always been the workhorse pump in applications with corrosive and often toxic fluid applications, and particularly over the last 20 years they’ve become more common in the chemical process industries (CPI). A typical mag-drive pump is comprised of a magnetically...
September 1, 2014
This company has launched a new generation of dry-running shaft seals for agitators. In addition to the known benefits of this type of mechanical seal, the new SeccoMix1 is also silent running and has been...
September 1, 2014
The Fisher Fieldview DVC6200p series of digital valve controllers is an ideal solution for applications in which accessibility, extreme temperatures (up to 120°C), extreme vibration or confined...
September 1, 2014
Hayward Flow Control Thermoplastic butterfly valve enables many stopping positions With its advanced, one-piece thermoplastic design and construction, the patent-pending BYV Series Butterfly Valve offers a variety of design advances, including a hand lever that features a 72-spline interlock mechanism that allows for 19 stopping positions (every 5 deg). Pneumatic or electric actuators are available...
September 1, 2014
Maximum ease of cleaning, maintenance and internal inspection are the qualities that make the CosmoDry System suitable for multi-product applications. The CosmoDry System consists of a horizontal cylindrical chamber, equipped with a...
July 1, 2014
The E-Blower extends the high-efficiency solution provided by the company’s Delta Hybrid series in the low volume flow range. The new E-Design delivers a reduction of power demand of up to 4%, depending on volume flow and pressure...
July 1, 2014
The new Wirth triplex double-acting piston diaphragm (TDPM) pump combines two well established and proven pumping principles for the transport of high volumes of abrasive slurry. The Wirth TDPM works on the...
July 1, 2014
Early this month, this company launched a new generation of hot-water recirculation pumps for large industrial heating systems as well as forced-circulation boilers and district heating systems. The horizontal, radially split single-stage volute...
July 1, 2014
New safety and environmental regulations, longer plant uptime and changes in maintenance practices have created new requirements across the chemical process industries (CPI). Among the plant equipment affected by these changes are control valves, since they are used in numerous applications in a variety of process conditions. Figures 1 and 2 show typical control valves installed in CPI plants. The primary...
June 16, 2014
Kobe Steel, Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan; announces that its subsidiary company, Kobelco Machinery do Brazil Ltda., has begun full-scale marketing of nonstandard compressors in the South America. Based in Sao Paulo, Kobelco Machinery do Brazil (KMB) is Kobe Steel’s first location established in Brazil. In recent years, Brazil has been vigorously pursuing marine resource development. High...
June 1, 2014
Compressors for specialized chemical process industries (CPI) applications — particularly high-pressure applications (involving large- and medium-sized machines) and those calling for small compressor units — present particular challenges to system designers and operators. This article discusses a variety of engineering recommendations that should be considered to address these challenges. This...
June 1, 2014
This company has simplified transitions to its modular pipework system by introducing adapter flanges, which are available in square or round form. The new adapters are welded onto the machine outlet or inlet ports. Matching counter flanges from the company’s modular...
June 1, 2014
The 86-SS below-the-hook drum lifter (photo) is made from 304 stainless steel and provides lifting services for a wide range of industries, including construction, marine...
June 1, 2014
This 110-gallon heavy-duty industrial vacuum (photo) is designed to move material with little wear to the equipment. Engineered to filter contaminants to high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) requirements, the vacuum is...
June 1, 2014
Larger valves (200 mm and above, with flowrates in excess of 200 m3/h) tend to be fitted with pneumatic actuators. However, the air-output capacity required to achieve fast positioning in larger actuators is simply too high for normal positioners and accuracy can be compromised...
June 1, 2014
The new line of Model 42C cylindrical ribbon blenders (photo) are designed to mix dry powders, wet granulations and paste-like materials with densities up to 100 lb/ft3. Available in many capacities, from 0.5 to 1,000 ft3, these blenders can be built for...
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