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March 1, 2012
The LSS-30-PP is a sampling system designed to allow sampling of hazardous process fluids without personnel contact. The LSS-30-PP is similar in design to the LSS-140-ST from this company, but has a smaller sample cylinder (300 mL), and has wetted parts constructed from polypropylene for...
February 1, 2012
  Screw compressors are widely used throughout the chemical process industries (CPI) and represent a substantial percentage of all positive-displacement compressors that are now sold and in operation in CPI facilities. In general, screw compressors are efficient, reliable, simple and compact compressors that are competitive from both an initial cost and an operating cost standpoint compared to other...
February 1, 2012
Solutions for high-purity piping code You ran a most illuminating article based on the new ASME code (July 2011, New Piping Code for High-Purity Processes, pp. 49–53), and I have been examining the welding industry’s response to the new challenges. Recent years have witnessed an exponentially increasing demand for improvements in piping fabrication quality. The introduction of a new ASME piping...
February 1, 2012
The ecosmart metering pump is now available with a PVC pump head. That means the ecosmart can even be used in applications that require good resistance against highly aggressive chemicals — including...
February 1, 2012
DosaSkid is a “plug-and-play” metering device that can be used for a wide variety of applications, including desalination, boiler-water treatment, industrial water treatment, petroleum refining...
February 1, 2012
Pumping fluids that contain abrasive particles, such as those found in inks and paints can have a detrimental effect on pump performance, with erosion being a key factor in reducing pump life. To meet these challenges, this company has...
February 1, 2012
This all-metal, free-running, self-energizing reusable locknut is manufactured in stainless steel (303, A286 or 90) and 95% Ni stainless-steel alloy and is suitable for protecting and preserving bolts, studs and...
February 1, 2012
Level measurement and control in process vessels can be one of the most challenging applications in which to obtain consistently safe and reliable results. Part of this difficulty may be due to the fact that the sizing of the vessel and selection and installation of the level instruments are frequently performed by different people at different times, rather than evaluated holistically as a system. Level...
February 1, 2012
Mixing and melting kettles from this company are rated for full vacuum and for temperatures of 250˚F. The 185-gal, hemispherical vessels are jacketed for 15-psi steam. A submerged steam calandria is also...
February 1, 2012
This company’s new generation of check valves features a hydrodynamically optimized valve cone, which minimizes the pressure loss while increasing flow by 25% compared to the previous generation. It is practically impossible for the valve cone to jam anymore since...
February 1, 2012
The Neles Finetrol rotary control valve can achieve certification approval for ISO 15848-1 class BH fugitive emissions in the most demanding endurance class CH-3 (100,000 mechanical cycles). The new design reduces health...
February 1, 2012
The Bio aseptic transfer valve is said to set new standards for the safe and clean transfer of sensitive product from process to process. The Bio overcomes issues with traditional methods of transfer where there is a brief time period prior to docking the device...
January 1, 2012
      Lubricants in rotating machines reduce friction and wear, dissipate heat, protect surfaces, keep out foreign contaminants and remove wear particles. Commonly used liquid lubricants fall into two main categories: mineral (petroleum-based) oils and synthetic oils. Mineral oils are produced by refining crude petroleum. They usually contain trace amounts of some unwanted substances. By...
January 1, 2012
The EB 291 C and EB 421 C turn-key rotary blowers are supplied connection-ready with integrated mains power supply equipment and monitoring. With drive powers from 18 to 75 kW, they cover...
January 1, 2012
The SC950 wireless vacuum pump system combines fast and precise vacuum regulation with a flowrate of up to 50 L/min, with the benefit of total remote control. A wireless...
January 1, 2012
Pressure relief valves and rupture disks are critical safety devices for protecting personnel and processing equipment from overpressurization situations. Presented here are several engineering practices that can help to identify and address common problems with the pressure relief systems of chemical process industries (CPI) facilities. Common causes of overpressurization Overpressure situations can have...
January 1, 2012
Consisting of an integrated automation unit and actuator, Unique Control (photo) is a new way to control and operate a valve. Quick and easy to install, it eliminates the need for separate automation units. Unique...
January 1, 2012
The Robolux multiport valve integrates two independently operated valves beneath a single membrane. This patented design saves volume and dead space, and therefore makes it possible to design more compact layouts, even for complex...
January 1, 2012
Expanding demand for the use of fiber optics (FO) as a field data-transfer solution has led to this company’s introduction of a single-mode FO interface (photo) capable of supporting automation solutions with a...
December 1, 2011
The patented Earthing Bridge is now complimented with a new model — the Universal Earthing Bridge. The new version replaces...
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