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October 1, 2011
In most process control applications, larger valves tend to be fitted with pneumatic actuators that provide significant positioning forces. In these situations, the positioner is used to precisely position the valve by...
October 1, 2011
The 8681 control head was developed for decentral automation of hygienic seat valves, butterfly valves and ball valves. It supplements the company’s Element Series of control heads, digital positioners and process controllers for diaphragm, angle seat and...
October 1, 2011
Designed specifically for rugged applications and processing of harsh and abrasive materials, the CI Series of rotary feeder valves provides bulk-material processing operations with continuous performance, reduced maintenance and...
September 14, 2011
Large-volume polypropylene and polyethylene storage tanks from this company are available in capacities from 100 to 50,000 gal. The ready-for-installation tanks are made by extruding polypropylene or polyethylene around...
September 1, 2011
Dilute-phase conveying systems generally use centrifugal fans and positive displacement blowers for supplying conveying air to the conveying system. However, for some conveying systems, compressed air from a central compressor station is also used. The two important criteria required for pneumatic conveying are air flow and air delivery pressure. Different air movers have different characteristics in the...
September 1, 2011
This company’s Field Station Module (FSM) is installed to reduce process-gas pressure before transporting to an analyzer. The FSM helps improve analyzer response times, reduce condensation...
September 1, 2011
The latest C Mag-P 3M pumps available from this firm are competitively priced, horizontal sealless pumps with a permanent magnet drive, which makes them suited for transferring corrosive acids and plating solutions in surface treatment and...
September 1, 2011
A new pump model DB5.5 (photo) has been added to the range of Finish Thompson DP Series of plastic magnetic-drive, sealless centrifugal pumps. This new model DP pump covers flowrates up to...
September 1, 2011
This company has extended its series of dry-running Mink claw vacuum pumps, with a module designed to achieve suction capacities of up to 900 m3/h and more. These Mink MP vacuum...
September 1, 2011
The SFT-10 Liquid Carbon Dioxide pump features advanced thermoelectric technology that allows the generation of high pressure without the need for an external cooling bath. The SFT-10 can pressurize carbon dioxide up to...
September 1, 2011
The chemical process industries (CPI), like many others, increasingly employ non-metallic piping systems for fluid transfer — including polyvinyl chloride (PVC), chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) and fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) — instead of exotic metal piping. While non-metallic piping systems have benefits, such as lighter weight and easier installation, they pose a challenge with...
September 1, 2011
Metcar mechanical seal rings and seal faces are manufactured using highly engineered carbon-graphite materials for demanding high-speed or high-load applications. The seal rings are ideal for sealing liquids, such as water, hot water, acids...
September 1, 2011
Steam-assisted, gravity-drainage (SAGD) operations employ large tanks that vent flammable and sometimes toxic gases. Safety and environmental concerns often require engineers to design vapor-recovery units (VRUs) to collect these gases and redirect them to a useful location — frequently for use as a fuel gas in a steam-generation system. When choosing a VRU setup for an SAGD facility, the two most...
September 1, 2011
This article presents equations that allow the user to calculate liquid volume as a function of liquid depth, in both vertically and horizontally oriented tanks with dished heads. The equations accommodate all tank heads that can be described by two radii of curvature (torispherical heads). Examples include: ASME flanged & dished (F&D) heads, ASME 80/10 F&D heads, ASME 80/6 F&D heads...
September 1, 2011
This new automatic valve performs multiple functions in a piping system, including pressure relief, backpressure control, pump bypass and anti-siphon protection. The...
September 1, 2011
A new range of lift check valves from this company uses a clamp-in-place seat design that allows easy inline maintenance and helps avoid plant downtime. New valve models are constructed using cast iron...
September 1, 2011
This company’s Type 57IL Isolator Lug butterfly valve features a unique design in which the 316 stainless-steel lugs are inserted into the valve body during the injection-molding...
September 1, 2011
High-shear mixers from this company are ideal for challenging mixing operations, such as dispersing gums and thickeners to disintegrate any...
August 1, 2011
This company has developed a modular, valve body concept based on its proven valve types 2000 INOX, Element and Classic. The multifunctional block 2000 INOX enables implementation of complex solutions using diameter DN10...
August 1, 2011
The scalable Pump Health Monitoring system can detect several conditions, including cavitation, excessive temperature, vibration, process leakage, seal pot level and differential...
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