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August 1, 2011
The new Condition Monitoring System (CMS) has been introduced to continuously monitors the operating condition of vacuum pumps and vacuum gages. In special applications, data transfer can be affected by fiber optics in order to bridge...
August 1, 2011
This new tank-washing nozzle made from PTFE delivers a slow-moving, high-impact spray action against internal surfaces of tanks and vessels for effective removal of scum...
August 1, 2011
This company now offers a new valve design derived from it’s traditional V-port segment valve series. The new two-way-tight, single-seat design is...
August 1, 2011
The CSF Steam Water Mixer reliably and safely delivers hot water at the required temperature for cleaning or wash-down applications, especially those in the food and...
August 1, 2011
The mixing-drying reactor can process substances of widely differing consistencies. The machine, which dries in a fine vacuum, is also very flexible with regard to the filling level. It is suitable for both homogenization of a mixture and also for more intensive...
August 1, 2011
A new Gas Addition Module has been introduced for this company’s FlowSys and other continuous flow reactors. The new module enables fast, controllable pre-saturation of liquid reagents with a wide range of gases and so promotes efficient gas-dependent...
July 1, 2011
This new line of “top-loading” compressed air filters are designed to make element change-out faster and easier — even in the most...
July 1, 2011
Chemfluoro Convoflex WCSR Multipurpose Chemical Transfer Hose is designed for bulk-chemical transfers where corrosive chemicals, such as acids, may damage the stainless-steel braid commonly used as a cover on...
July 1, 2011
The ASM 380 is this companys latest helium leak detector. The transportable unit is suited to testing high-volume vacuum vessels in production plants for semiconductors, solar modules and flat...
July 1, 2011
In the emerging and ever-expanding areas of bioprocessing, where maintaining hygienic designs and practices is of paramount importance, and semiconductor manufacturing, which has its own stringent purity requirements, there is a need to standardize the essential codes and standards that are available. The goal is to consistently achieve process systems that meet the highly refined cleanliness and...
July 1, 2011
This company has launched new pipe transition fittings made of plastic with internal and external threads of metal. The transition fitting is sealed with an EPDM O-ring, which also protects against distortion and damage to...
July 1, 2011
Pump Wisdom: Problem Solving for Operators and Specialists By Heinz P. Bloch. John Wiley & Sons Inc., 111 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030. Web: 2011. 224 pages. $49.95. Reviewed by Stanley S. Grossel, Process safety and design consultant, Clifton, N.J. Despite their ubiquity in the chemical process industries (CPI), process pumps fail catastrophically each year in large numbers. The author..."Pump-Wisdom"-book-reviewed-by-consultant-Grossel_8154.html
July 1, 2011
A PTFE diaphragm permits compact construction of this diaphragm pump, and offers cost savings for high-pressure applications. A patented pressure-supported diaphragm-fixation system...
July 1, 2011
Developed for installation in confined spaces, the ready-to-connect pressure booster systems Hya-Solo D FL Compact (photo) and Hya-Duo D FL Compact systems...
July 1, 2011
Modular valve construction allows for custom solutions The Entech DRV-BN non-slam nozzle check valve (photo) has a modularity that allows for customized solutions, as well as in-field reconfiguration and a consistent spring force mechanism for quick and easy maintenance. The DRV-BN is a large-bore addition to this company’s line of check valves for preventing backflow. The DRV-BN is suitable for...
July 1, 2011
This new range of high-pressure check valves is constructed of corrosion-resistant materials that are compliant with the National Assn. of Corrosion Engineers (NACE)...
July 1, 2011
Gas-liquid reactors in the chemical process industries (CPI) have increasingly been designed to handle larger manufacturing scales. Since gas-liquid reactors can represent substantial capital and operating costs for the user, optimizing mixing and maximizing productivity are critical. The need for efficiency at larger scales places more importance on understanding the physical phenomena of mixing and more...
June 1, 2011
Reciprocating pumps are often used in the chemical process industries (CPI) because of their ability to generate high pressures at low velocities. A subcategory of positive-displacement pumps, reciprocating pumps act through the recipricating motion of a piston, plunger or diaphragm. Such pumps work by way of a connecting-rod-and-crank mechanism with a piston. By nature, reciprocating pumps generate...
May 25, 2011
Last March, KSB AG (Frankenthal, Germany;, received a pump order in the double-digit, million-euro range. The pump units are intended for one of the biggest seawater-cooling plants in the world, which is situated in the industrial city of Ras Laffan in Qatar on the...
May 24, 2011
The Thermiculite family of products for seals and gaskets offers a cost-effective alternative to industrial seals where resistance to high heat is critical. Thermiculite...
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