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November 1, 2010
Aerzen Maschinenfabrik GmbH (Aerzen, Germany; has commercialized the first rotary lobe compressor, the Delta Hybrid, which combines the technologies of both a rotary lobe blower and a screw compressor. This union reduces the energy consumption by up to 15% compared to conventional compressors, says the company. Whereas the Roots principle of isochoric compression is most suitable for...
June 30, 2009
Atlas Copco’s (Antwerp, Belgium; Oil-free Air division has announced that the company’s ZR series of water-cooled oil-free air compressors with built-in energy recovery systems is the first in the world to be TÜV certified for ‘net zero energy consumption’ at specific design conditions. It has been proven that 100% of the electrical power input could be...
June 3, 2009
Effective June 1, the Hoerbiger Group (Zug, Switzerland, acquired the compressor business of Gala Precision Technology Private Ltd. (Thane, India), as part of a share deal. Gala Precision Technology Private Ltd., India is a leading manufacturer of valves and systems for reciprocating compressors in hermetic and semi-hermetic applications. The company has an extraordinarily strong...
June 1, 2009
Compressing carbon dioxide captured from power plants to 1,500–2,200 psia for pipeline transmission or underground injection is a challenge that requires eight stages or more, using conventional compressors. A compressor that promises to do the job in two stages, for 50–60% of the installed cost, is being developed by Ramgen Power Systems, Inc. (Bellevue, Wash.; Ramgen has been...
November 1, 2008
  Training and Parts Aid in Compressed-Air System Maintenance This company is offering a free interactive Air System Maintenance CD that details common maintenance functions for rotary screw compressors, refrigerated and desiccant dryers, filters and drains. Using instructional video, voice over and graphics, this CD illustrates the steps necessary for routine maintenance and keeping air systems in...
October 15, 2008
Webinar: Heat Transfer Optimum Performance in Thermal Fluid Heating Systems: The importance of heat flux and film temperature Date: November 6, 2008 | Time: 11am EST In circulating thermal-fluid heating systems, the rate of heat transfer is typically controlled to maintain a desired outlet-temperature setpoint of the fluid. However, it is the temperature of the fluid film in contact with the heater walls...
September 17, 2008
Norgren Inc. (Chicago, Ill.) and Pneu-Logic Corp. (Portland, Org.) today announced a joint initiative to provide what they say is the chemical process industries' (CPI) first intelligent compressed air management program offering plant-wide analysis, realtime process control and pneumatic system design in a single integrated solution. Based upon Norgren's 80 years of experience in pneumatics and powered by...
September 15, 2008
Each compressed air system is typically composed of one or more compressors with a power source, control system, intake air filter, after cooler and separator, air receiver, air dryer, interconnecting piping and a distribution system to deliver air to points of application. Because the air leaving the compressor is generally saturated, any reduction in temperature will cause water to begin condensing...
June 15, 2008
Compressed air is often referred to as the fourth utility, and yet for an upstart business or process there is no commercial infrastructure that provides a core supply as exists with gas, electricity and water. When a need for compressed air is identified in planning and feasibility studies, it is necessary for the owners of the process or business to develop and maintain their own systems. Often the...
June 15, 2008
Compressed air is your most expensive utility. This is a fact that has been documented time and time again. It takes 7 to 8 hp of electricity to produce 1 hp in an airtool. In many plants, the compressed air system is the largest user of electricity. Yet, despite rising utility rates, compressed-air-system efficiency is frequently misunderstood or too often overlooked. Every plant or processing facility...
September 1, 2007
    Move lots of potentially corrosive gas with this blower   Rotron CP regenerative blowers (photo) offer extremely high resistance to corrosion and chemicals encountered in chemical processing applications, such as vent-header offgassing, spot source, biogas or landfill gas, and scrubber applications. The CP blowers benefit from the Chem-Tough finishing process, which converts their...
June 1, 2006
Custom-built blower packages address specific needs This company’s blower packages (photo) are custom built to address specific requirements for elevation, temperature, noise reduction and application. Two models are available: intermediate pressure (15 psig) and low pressure (8 psig). The intermediate-pressure blower packages are designed for semi-dense phase, vacuum loading/pressure conveying and...
June 1, 2006
With funding from the U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE; Washington, D.C.), Ramgen Power Systems (Bellevue, Wash.; is developing a compact supersonic compressor that combines aspects of the shock-compression systems used in supersonic flight inlets with proven turbomachinery design practices that are used in today’s conventional axial and centrifugal compressors. “The physics...
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