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September 1, 2014
By means of high-pressure water, various incrustations can be removed inside of autoclaves, reactors, spray towers and vessels. The pump unit discharges high-pressure water (up to 1,600 bars) through the...
June 1, 2014
The 86-SS below-the-hook drum lifter (photo) is made from 304 stainless steel and provides lifting services for a wide range of industries, including construction, marine...
June 1, 2014
This 110-gallon heavy-duty industrial vacuum (photo) is designed to move material with little wear to the equipment. Engineered to filter contaminants to high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) requirements, the vacuum is...
January 1, 2014
Pressure vessels are common in the chemical process industries (CPI) and they range widely in size and complexity. Process engineers may be tasked with inspecting a new pressure vessel or with witnessing hydrostatic testing of a vessel. In addition, engineers could be asked to witness repairs or alterations to a pressure vessel already in service, during day-to-day process and maintenance operations...
July 1, 2013
The HydroWhirl Poseidon range of PTFE tank cleaners (photo) has recently been enhanced with additional models and flowrates, as well as improvements in the overall design. The PTFE material of construction ensures that the...
June 1, 2013
Calculating the volume of a liquid in a vessel of a complex shape is a common task for chemical engineers. However, there are several difficulties associated with accurately carrying out this calculation. In my own experience as a chemical engineer, I have become familiar with the complexities of calculations related to determining the volume of a liquid contained in a vessel with an irregular shape...
November 1, 2012
This company has unveiled an innovative, flush-batten-aluminum geodesic dome design, which may be considered a new paradigm in engineered cover technology. OptiDome features a double web I-Beam for...
November 1, 2012
The Advanced Cylinder Management (ACM) system is an all-in-one solution for tracking and managing this gas supplier’s entire fleet of gas cylinders. Using specially designed tracking barcodes placed...
August 1, 2012
Asymmetrical offset cone-shape drum cones from this company are designed to facilitate lifting, tilting and dispensing dry contents from 55-gal steel or fiber drums. Cones are...
June 1, 2012
Throughout the chemical process industries (CPI), the need to drain a tank or process vessel arises. In batch-type plants, it is a regular occurrence and is one factor that affects the total cycle time per batch and ultimately the entire production capacity of the plant itself.  Figure 1. In a vertical cylindrical, flat-bottom tank, liquid is flowing into the outlet nozzle (point 1) located at x...
April 1, 2012
The HydroWhirl S tank washing nozzle range has been expanded to include ATEX-certified versions for use in atmospheres that are potentially...
February 1, 2012
Level measurement and control in process vessels can be one of the most challenging applications in which to obtain consistently safe and reliable results. Part of this difficulty may be due to the fact that the sizing of the vessel and selection and installation of the level instruments are frequently performed by different people at different times, rather than evaluated holistically as a system. Level...
February 1, 2012
Mixing and melting kettles from this company are rated for full vacuum and for temperatures of 250˚F. The 185-gal, hemispherical vessels are jacketed for 15-psi steam. A submerged steam calandria is also...
January 1, 2012
Pressure relief valves and rupture disks are critical safety devices for protecting personnel and processing equipment from overpressurization situations. Presented here are several engineering practices that can help to identify and address common problems with the pressure relief systems of chemical process industries (CPI) facilities. Common causes of overpressurization Overpressure situations can have...
December 1, 2011
Protecting process systems from overpressurization is a critical task in the chemical process industries (CPI), and rupture disks and safety relief valves are routinely used for this purpose. In certain situations, using rupture disks in combination with safety relief valves offers advantages that can increase safety and lower costs. The advantages include a significant lengthening of the service life of...
December 1, 2011
The interior surfaces of your storage tanks are constantly at risk. You undoubtedly walk past a tank and do not give thought to what is happening on the inside, but that is because you trust the interior coating to protect not only the storage vessel, but also the product being stored from corrosion that might occur on the tank. Without a doubt, corrosion is the principal enemy of a storage vessel. It...
September 14, 2011
Large-volume polypropylene and polyethylene storage tanks from this company are available in capacities from 100 to 50,000 gal. The ready-for-installation tanks are made by extruding polypropylene or polyethylene around...
September 1, 2011
Steam-assisted, gravity-drainage (SAGD) operations employ large tanks that vent flammable and sometimes toxic gases. Safety and environmental concerns often require engineers to design vapor-recovery units (VRUs) to collect these gases and redirect them to a useful location — frequently for use as a fuel gas in a steam-generation system. When choosing a VRU setup for an SAGD facility, the two most...
September 1, 2011
This article presents equations that allow the user to calculate liquid volume as a function of liquid depth, in both vertically and horizontally oriented tanks with dished heads. The equations accommodate all tank heads that can be described by two radii of curvature (torispherical heads). Examples include: ASME flanged & dished (F&D) heads, ASME 80/10 F&D heads, ASME 80/6 F&D heads...
August 1, 2011
This new tank-washing nozzle made from PTFE delivers a slow-moving, high-impact spray action against internal surfaces of tanks and vessels for effective removal of scum...
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