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June 1, 2014
In the ten years since its first isolation by a pair of Russian physicists, the single-atom-thick carbon allotrope known as graphene has been extolled as a “miracle material” for everything from television screens to tennis rackets to superabsorbent fabrics. What excites scientists so much about graphene is its myriad of impressive physical properties, some of which are illustrated in Figure 1...
February 16, 2012
The intermediary report on "10 Years of Research: Risk Assessment, Human and Environmental Toxicology of Nanomaterials" by the joint Dechema/VCI Working Group "Responsible Production and Use of Nanomaterials" is now available in English. Experts from industry and research institutions have compiled 60 pages with the current status of safety research and give an overview on national and...
November 1, 2011
With the newly-developed S-Jet system, it is possible to achieve particle sizes in the nanometer range, which were previously achievable only with wet grinding, says this company. S-Jet (for steam and superfine) uses superheated steam...
November 1, 2010
One of the biggest factors hindering widespread adoption of polymer exchange membrane fuel-cells (PEMFCs) is the high price of the platinum metal needed to catalyze the reduction-oxidation chemistry in the fuel cell. In a step toward reducing platinum content, a Florida State University (FSU; Tallahassee, Fla.; researcher has demonstrated...
August 10, 2009
Lanxess AG (Leverkusen, Germany; has developed a polymer additive for plastics and rubber that is now available for industrial application. These microgels, which consist of nanoscale organic particles, can be used to improve the material properties of elastomer and thermoplastic materials. In the course of the product’s many years of development, the Lanxess Technical Rubber...
February 1, 2009
This brief introduction to nanotechnology provides a basic understanding to those new to the field Most chemical engineers and chemists are aware of the recent excitement generated by nanotechnology, but many may wonder what all the fuss is about. Nanotechnology deals with small, nanometer-scale objects, which chemical engineers and chemists deal with everyday, at least in the form of atoms and molecules...
January 1, 2009
Researchers at the Nanotube Research Center of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST; Tokyo; have developed a process for making organic nanotubes of metal complexes (photo, left). The scientists have produced organic nanotubes with metal ions (Zn+2, Cu+2, Co+2, Ni+2, Fe+2 and Mg+2) complexed at the inner and outer surfaces of organic nanotubes (diagram...
December 19, 2008
Bayer MaterialScience (BMS; Leverkusen, Germany; has received regulatory approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA; Washington, D.C.) for Baytubes, BMS’ multi-wall carbon nanotubes (CE, December 2005, p. 16). This enables the company to sell Baytubes...
November 1, 2008
NanoEthics: The Ethical and Social Implications of Nanotechnology. Edited by Fritz Allhoff, Patrick Lin, James Moor, John Weckert. John Wiley and Sons, Inc. 111 River St., Hoboken, NJ 07030. 2007. 385 pages, $39.95, paperback. Reviewed by Christopher M. Kelty, Department of History of Science, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. This book is a collection of essays covering a very wide range of issues...
November 1, 2008
A new pilot reactor — claimed to be the world’s first, complete two-step supersonic reactor — for producing nanoparticles has started operation at the Technology Service Center of the Wolfgang Industrial Park (IPW) GmbH, a subsidiary of Evonik Industries AG (Essen, Germany; Designed by Evonik’s Process Technology & Engineering Service Unit, in collaboration with...
September 15, 2008
Handbook of Chemical Technology and Pollution Control. Third Edition. By Martin B. Hocking. 30 Corporate Drive, Suite 400, Burlington, MA 01803. Web: 2006. 830 pages, $95.95. Reviewed by V. N. Lad, S. V. National Institute of Technology, Gujarat, India Sustainable development that incorporates energy efficient production practices and environmentally friendly process design are responsibilities...
September 15, 2008
A new grinder that combines large-bead (0.3 – 0.5 mm) milling and ultrasound to produce nanodispersions with relatively high concentrations has been developed by Inoue Manufacturing Inc. (Isehara;, in cooperation with the National Institute of Materials Science (NIMS; Tsukuba, both Japan). Conventional mills typically use small (0.015 to 0.05 mm) beads for making nanodispersions...
August 15, 2008
Market demand for water purification is driving reverse osmosis forward Increasingly, water has become one of the hottest topics of the decade. Estimates indicate that water usage has increased tenfold in the last ten years. A recent United Nations report noted that one third of the world’s population lives in areas suffering from water shortages. Furthermore, industrial demands for water are...
August 15, 2008
Researchers at the University of Surrey (U.K., have discovered a method to make ultra-small, pure crystals of buckminsterfullerene (C60). Lozenge-shaped crystals...
July 15, 2008
Researchers at the U.S. Dept.of Energy’s Ames Laboratory (Iowa; have developed a new method for synthesizing various magnetic nanoparticles by mimicking bacteria that produce nano-scale magnetite (Fe3O4) naturally. Despite commercial applications ranging from localized...
July 15, 2008
Scientists at Rice University (Houston, Tex.; have shown how baton-shaped nanoparticles of metal and carbon can trap oil droplets in water by spontaneously assembling into tiny sacs. The particles — composed of hollow carbon nanotubes (hydrophobic) with a short segment of gold (hydrophyllic) attached to...
June 15, 2008
Soy-oil-based hydrogels developed by the U.S. Agricultural Research Service (ARS) show promise as biodegradable encapsulants for drug delivery. Scientists at ARS’ National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research (Peoria, Ill.; have collaborated with researchers at the University of Toronto to encapsulate the breast-cancer drug doxorubicin in hydrogel nanoparticles. In...
June 15, 2008
Researchers at the Faculty of Engineering, Lund University (Sweden; have used nanotechnology to develop a transistor that is said to be 50 times more energy efficient that...
April 15, 2008
Of all known materials, carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have the highest thermal conductivity and mechanical strength as well as the ability to withstand the highest electric-current density, making them an attractive material for electric wiring, heat dissipation, field electron emission, and other applications. And graphene — a two-dimensional hexagonal lattice of carbon atoms — has become attractive...
April 15, 2008
In cooperation with several universities, Clariant International Ltd. (Muttenz, Switzerland; has developed a process to manufacture high-quality nano-sized zeolite L (Linde Type L) in technical quantities. This new range of nano-scale aluminosilicates, tradenamed Lucidot, open up a new range of possibilities in biochemical processes, including molecular sieves, ion...
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