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March 1, 2014
Polymers like polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and polyester have become ubiquitous in manufacturing. The properties of polymer-based materials that make them so desirable — they are generally cheap to produce and boast high chemical and thermal stability — also make them abundant, disposable and, in many cases, non-degradable. As landfill space decreases, and with some European...
May 1, 2013
   Polypropylene (PP) is one of the world’s most widely used polymers, second only to polyethylene in terms of global demand. The global market for polypropylene is over 60 million metric tons per year, and it is utilized in a broad and diverse range of end-uses — from injection-molding applications to films and sheets, as well as synthetic raffia and other fibers, among others...
February 1, 2013
Basoplast 450 P is a new and highly cost-efficient polymeric surface-sizing agent (PSA) for the packaging sector. The product is suited for linerboard grades and complements the...
December 1, 2012
Proxitane WW-12 Peracetic Acid (PAA) is an environmentally compatible microbiocide that is used for biological control in municipal wastewaters. This U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered wastewater disinfectant is an alternative to halogenated...
November 1, 2012
Throughout the chemical process industries (CPI), various chemicals must be injected into process streams to serve a variety of purposes. Chemical-injection systems can be arbitrarily defined as those systems that are used to inject chemicals at a flowrate that is less than 1 to 5% of the main process stream. Table 1 shows a non-inclusive list of chemicals that are typically added into process streams via...
November 1, 2012
The new high-performance ultraviolet (UV) absorber Hostavin 3330 disp. XP enhances the durability and UV protection of waterborne coatings, enabling them to reach the performance of conventional...
October 1, 2012
Inorganic acids play a major role in the chemical process industries (CPI). They are used as raw materials, catalysts or finishing and pH control agents in the manufacture of a wide range of chemical products, from fertilizers to detergents, and even foods. Given their widespread use, a major issue in the CPI is the proper and safe handling of the acids, the adequate materials selection for the pieces of...
August 1, 2012
The Flexstream Gas Standards Generating System dynamically blends calibration gas standards for trace sulfur compounds in food-grade carbon dioxide. Specially designed permeation tubes add low-parts-per-billion (ppb) concentrations of typical sulfur species...
April 1, 2012
Music is nature’s gift to humans. Irrespective of nationality, we all like to hum melodies, tap rhythms and sway to pleasing tunes. Even children just learning to stand enjoy wiggling to good music. In all cultures, the notes that comprise musical scales are used in varying sequences and different combinations to compose music. These notes can be thought of as the the physical properties of music...
March 1, 2012
Loctite Nordbak 7255 Sprayable Ceramic Coating is a two-part ceramic coating designed to protect metal surfaces of industrial equipment from wear, abrasion and corrosion. The product is packaged in a convenient, reusable, dual-cartridge...
February 1, 2012
HinderRust is a new rust-inhibiting lubricant for machinery that is non-aerosol-based, and free of solvents and odor. The multi-use product is designed for machinery and tools, and can extend...
January 1, 2012
Solstice Liquid Blowing Agent can be used in a variety of insulation applications, including spray foam, foam insulating panels and refrigerator insulation. The manufacturer says use of the new material can make refrigerators up to 10–12% more...
January 1, 2012
Efka 2010 is a new, silicone-free defoamer for industrial coatings applications, and is suited for use in a wide range of...
July 1, 2011
For years, clay has been the go-to product for spill containment simply because it was cheap and did the job. While clay, also referred to as diatomaceous earth, sand or kitty litter, will always have a place in in spill containment, if it’s the only product being used to clean up hazardous and other spills, it could be costing your facility more than you realize. With more modern options available...
May 19, 2011
The Ultra-Serv Solid chemical-delivery system eliminates the hazards and concerns associated with transporting liquid chemicals within commercial, institutional and industrial facilities where workers must contend with potential exposure...
May 1, 2011
The new generation of this company’s Embreak emulsion breakers employs new chemistry designed for light- and medium-density...
March 28, 2011
A broad-spectrum biocide that does not contain or release formaldehyde, Canguard Ultra BIT 20 DPG is useful for the protection of industrial water-based products against bacteria, yeasts and fungi. It offers a number of benefits, including improved...
March 28, 2011
UCON Advanta Hydrolube Concentrate is a new, patent-pending water glycol hydraulic-fluid technology that enables the production of formulations with "outstanding" shear stability when compared with...
March 28, 2011
To free seized or corroded assemblies, Loctite Freeze and Release, a low-viscosity, spray-on lubricant, is designed to shock-freeze metal parts, allowing lubricating oils to penetrate into rust...
March 28, 2011
Precision-V cleaners (photo, p. 32D-3) for vapor degreasing are powerful, leave no residue, evaporate quickly and are non-flammable with no flash-point. They are designed for the removal of oils, greases, silicones and other common industrial...
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