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November 1, 2014
Fabricated metal-wire mesh is one of the major categories of filter media. Woven metal cloths are often used to support a filter aid coating or a bed of granular or porous material. Proper selection of wire cloth can have a large impact on the cost and efficiency of the system. This column provides information on the options available for wire meshes in industrial filtration applications. Key questions for...
October 1, 2014
Many applications in the chemical process industries (CPI) require filtration — from cleaning the air of dust, to corrosion prevention, to cleaning up incoming process water, to recovering proteins downstream. No matter the application, filtration providers are working to improve technology for their chemical processing customers because better filtration leads to a higher-quality product, less...
July 1, 2014
The further developed CF Series candle filters are particularly suitable for purifying industrial wastewater with low solids content. They have been specially developed for the filtration of liquids with solid concentration of less than 1% — an...
June 1, 2014
Purair SKY ceiling-mounted filtration units (photo) provide personnel protection in areas where hazardous substances are handled. Outfitted with a dynamic filtration chamber and a sliding filter clamp that...
December 1, 2013
Testing in filtration processes is critical for determining the properties of solids being filtered and the ease or difficulty of the filtration. In addition, laboratory testing is important in specifying filter media, filter aids, filter area, cake space needed and cake discharge techniques. Experimental data gathered in the laboratory help in the design of the full filtration system needed for...
September 1, 2013
The Farr Gold Series dust collection system is now available in a simplified skid package. The high-efficiency cartridge dust collectors and all associated equipment are incorporated onto...
July 1, 2013
SJV Hose Jet Filters remove dust from air flowrates from 10,000–500,000 m3/h and are suitable for use in the non-metallic industry, wood and plastic processing, blast-furnace operations, and other...
May 1, 2013
At AchemAsia, this engineering company presented its range of filters and filtration plants for the chemical, food, biotechnology and environmental industries. For example, the Hi-Bar range of continuous pressure filters is said to offer new solutions for filtration, washing and...
March 1, 2013
The HemiPleat eXtreme nano-fiber filter offers higher filtration efficiencies, greater durability and better resistance to pulse cleaning than competitive products, the company says. The standard HemiPleat filter delivers MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value)...
February 1, 2013
The newly launched Sartoguard NF prefilter series feature a unique combination of high-performance polyethersulfone (PES) membranes and nanofleece technology. This is said to be the first time that PES nanofleece material...
December 1, 2012
This new range of flange-mount, Hi-Bar Safety Screens made of MP35N nickel-cobalt-based alloy is compliant with NACE MR017/ISO 15156, and are designed to offer exceptional corrosion resistance and...
December 1, 2012
The SF1 is a stainless-steel separator-filter that is designed to remove condensate and particulate matter, such as dirt and scale, from steam or inert gas. The SF1 is ideal for situations...
October 1, 2012
Installed into Viledon sinTexx filter cartridges, this new corrugated polyester medium with nanofiber lining is said to achieve optimum performance when dealing with fine and difficult-to-handle dust and...
September 1, 2012
This company has equipped several plants for the production of blown film with continuous screen changers of the type K-SWE. The screen changers were equipped with a separate control to...
March 1, 2012
Sterilizing-grade filters from this company have all-metal construction, and can perform filtration that meets the requirements of ASTM standard F838-05 for bacterial retention. The sintered, porous-metal filter...
March 1, 2012
Introduced to the Spanish market last month, the Targa II hollow-fiber ultrafiltration cartridge is suitable for a wide range of ultrafiltration applications, including industrial water...
February 1, 2012
The Larox VPF (vertical pressure filter) is used for the pregnant liquor polishing stage in the alumina process, producing both a high-quality product and a high throughput. Low impurity in pregnant...
February 1, 2012
The GFD (glass filter dryer) FilterBox containment system is a small-scale solution to this company’s larger FilterBox products. The FilterBox consists of an agitated nutsche filter dryer (ANFD) or GFD completely integrated within a PSL...
December 1, 2011
This weighing and feeding specialist has extended its range of equipment with the introduction of the MCF filter system, which is suitable for applications in the animal feed, processed foods...
November 1, 2011
One of the biggest issues related to dust collection is compliance with U.S. Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations regarding combustible dusts and air quality. And as both agencies up the ante with tighter regulations and more scrutinizing inspections, it is imperative that processors make sure their facilities are meeting the standards...
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