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May 1, 2013
Occasionally, direct fired heaters that have operated satisfactorily for long periods of time subsequent to startup develop operating problems that do not allow for operation at design conditions, as specified in the manufacturers API data sheets for the heater. Performance that may be guaranteed, or otherwise specified by the supplier would include the type and characteristics of the feedstock processed...
April 1, 2013
Larson Electronics The recently launched WALBL-2 x 1000WMH Boiler Light is a telescoping light tower with a folding boom that is designed to allow versatile deployment and high-output illumination. The light features a...
April 1, 2013
Many chemical manufacturing processes require large amounts of energy, and chemical companies are faced with the constant challenge of determining how to use that energy as sustainably as possible. More and more chemical companies are prioritizing a range of energy efficiency measures aimed at decreasing energy use and costs while reducing environmental impact. One of the most promising energy-efficiency...
April 1, 2013
The continuing development of natural gas extraction from shale deposits, known simply as shale gas, is fueling the growth of simple- and combined-cycle power plants. Much coal-fired power is being replaced by these technologies. In addition, though, simple- and combined-cycle units are well suited for power and steam production at industrial facilities.   The combustion turbine Back in the heyday of...
March 1, 2013
The CS10 Clean Steam Separator with enhanced surface finish has been engineered to overcome problems associated with wet steam and ensures the correct quality of steam is supplied to the point of use...
March 1, 2013
The HVF-Freezer (high-velocity freezer) is said to be an improved freezer concept based on existing impingement-freezer technology. The new HVF uses high-velocity air jets to quickly reduce the outer layer...
March 1, 2013
Changing out used heat-transfer fluid is critical to the efficiency of a heat-transfer fluid system. A well-operated heat-transfer-fluid system can enable efficient production, fewer shut-downs, less maintenance time and lower costs. In order to maintain a sound heat-transfer system, it is critical that the fluid is well cared for and, when the fluid reaches the end of its life, that it is efficiently...
March 1, 2013
The carbon-fiber pilot line consists of an oxidation furnace, carbonization furnace and a graphitization furnace, The four-zone oxidation furnace...
February 1, 2013
Supplying steam that meets process needs while protecting steam-system components, such as boilers and steam turbines (Figure 1), against scale, fouling and corrosion, requires purified feedwater (condensate plus makeup water). Depending on the steam pressure required, the specific approach of the water treatment may be shifted to account for a variety of issues. For example, caustic corrosion and...
February 1, 2013
 Figure 1. A handful of ceramic proppants is shown here Carbo Ceramics This article covers permitting and directly related design issues associated with thermal processes using drying and calcining for the production of both proppant sand and ceramic proppants (Figure 1) as an illustrative example (see sidebar, "What are proppants"). The permitting issues vary significantly with air-quality...
January 1, 2013
Waste heat recovery (WHR) is essential for increasing energy efficiency in the chemical process industries (CPI). Presently, there are many WHR methods and technologies at various stages of implementation in petroleum refineries, petrochemical, chemical and other industry sectors. Increasing energy costs and environmental concerns provide strong motivation for implementing more and newer methods and...
January 1, 2013
The ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (ASME BPVC), which is administered by ASME (New York, N.Y.;; founded as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers), is a well-established standard for the design and fabrication of boilers and pressure vessels. ASME code-symbol stamps show compliance with the requirements of the standard, but code stamping of steam systems in ethylene and other large...
December 1, 2012
This company is introducing two new rotary tube furnaces that are suitable for heat treatment; calcination of powders, granules and fibers; pyrolysis; and the recycling...°C_10018.html
November 1, 2012
For oil-and-gas and power-generation applications, the RB211 gas-turbine systems have already proven themselves, with more than 700 units now recording over 30 million...
October 1, 2012
Today’s chemical processors must cope with rising labor costs, increasing global competition, escalating fuel costs and more-stringent safety and environmental regulations. To improve productivity and reduce costs in today’s competitive environment, many facilities are operating leaner than even before. And, downsizing strategies have seen the reduction of maintenance staff, which often results...
October 1, 2012
The RediHeat instantaneous water heater can produce hot water instrantly within ±4F of the set temperature under widely varying demands. Designed with a unique feed-forward...
October 1, 2012
The Pluto mini-desublimator is used to separate substances in applications such as for tank breathing, thereby reducing emissions to the environment, for recovering raw materials or for protection of downstream vacuum generators. Gas comes in contact...
September 1, 2012
The new GEMÜ 505 (hand-operated; photo) and 555 (pneumatic) angle seat valves were developed for pure steam shutoff valves, and are available in nominal sizes from DN 8 to DN 80. The valves provide an alternative to the...
September 1, 2012
Corrections: From the October 2012 Letters page: This original article, which appeared in the print edition of Chemical Engineering (September 2012), had two errors: Equation (19) should read D = log (TH)-0.4, and Table 2 was missing decimal points in all numbers on both the x- and y-axes. The corrections are shown here. Recirculating cooling-water systems are essential parts of many facilities throughout...
September 1, 2012
Compared with the use of hotplate stirrers or heating mantles, the Stem RS, Stem Omni and Stem Integrity Reaction Stations can reduce energy costs by as much as 90%, says the manufacturer. Equipped for parallel...
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