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November 1, 2006
  A promising method for producing hydrogen involves the gasification of biomass with steam. To enhance the concentration of Hâ‚‚ in the ensuing mixture of combustible gases, a carbon dioxide sorbent can be used in situ; calcium oxide is commonly used. A research team from the Laboratory for Sustainable Technology, at the University of Sydney’s School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering...
November 1, 2006
Last month, China’s third largest oil company, CNOOC, and Choren Industries GmbH (Freiberg, Germany; launched a new joint venture — Choren-CNOOC Beijing Gasification...
November 1, 2006
Over the last three years, DuPont (Wilmington, Del.; has been developing technology to break down the complex sugar matrix of corn stover as a means for making ethanol from cellulose in high yield. Although there is more research to be completed, the company is ready to take the next step to bring cellulosic ethanol to market...
October 1, 2006
      Biomass has come center stage in the pursuit of reduced dependence on finite - not to mention geopolitically sensitive - quantities of fossil fuels such as petroleum, coal and natural gas. And while ethanol produced from corn is one promising path for biomass, it is by no means the only one. The number of known viable raw materials is vast, and the assortment of feasible downstream...
October 1, 2006
Researchers at Kanagawa University (Yokohama, Japan; have developed a three-phase emulsification technology for making stable emulsions of diesel-fuel oil in water. Tests with the emulsion (involving a 30-ton truck) show that fuel-combustion efficiency is increased by 10-15% compared to conventional diesel fuel, and the emissions of dust and nitrogen oxides are reduced by 95 and...
September 1, 2006
Brown coal accounts for about half the world’s coal reserves. Although it contains less ash and sulfur than bituminous, brown coal contains more water, which reduces its heating value. To take advantage of this “greener” source of fuel, Kobe Steel Ltd. (Tokyo; has developed the upgraded brown coal (UBC) process, which increases the heat value of standard brown...
September 1, 2006
QuestAir Technologies Inc. (Vancouver, B.C.; has received a CDN$2.2-million order from ExxonMobil (Houston, Tex.) for the construction of a prototype H-6200 hydrogen purifier to be demonstrated at an ExxonMobil petroleum refinery. The H-6200 is based on QuestAir’s proprietary Rapid-Cycle, pressure-swing-adsorption (PSA)...
September 1, 2006
Lurgi AG (Frankfurt; and the Karlsruhe Research Center (both Germany; have signed a cooperation contract to construct a pilot plant for producing liquid fuels from biomass. As the first of three steps, Lurgi will build a €3.76-million pyrolysis plant that makes bio-crude oil — an intermediate for making biofuels...
September 1, 2006
This fall, Asahi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (Tokyo;, plans to start up a 70,000-m.t./yr plant for producing acrylonitrile (AN) at its 100% subsidiary Tongsuh Petrochemical Corporation Ltd., (Ulsan, South Korea). The plant will be a renovation of an existing facility, which made AN using the conventional propylene-based (ammoxidation) process, into one that uses...
September 1, 2006
Last month, DynaMotive Energy Systems Corp. (Vancouver, B.C., Canada; announced the successful completion of an industrial-scale test burn of its BioOil as a replacement for...
August 1, 2006
This month, New Energy & Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO; Kawasaki, Japan;, together with two companies from China, began testing a coal-liquefaction process in a 100-kg/d pilot facility at the Coal Research Center (Beijing, China). The two Chinese firms plan to build a 3,000-m.t./d plant in China in 2010. NEDO recently completed tests of its so-called...
August 1, 2006
JGC Corp. (Yokohama, Japan; has finalized a Principal Agreement for the process design, development and further collaboration with Arkenol, Inc. (Orange, Calif.; for a plant to produce bioethanol from cellulose. The plant, to be located in Orange...
August 1, 2006
Last month, Expander Energy Inc. (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; licensed the Carbo-V process from Choren Industries GmbH (Freiberg, Germany...
June 1, 2006
Last month, Clyvia Technology GmbH (Wegberg, Germany;, a fully owned subsidiary of Clyvia Inc. (Las Vegas, Nev.), was granted a German...
May 1, 2006
Researchers at Penn State University’s (University Park, Pa.; Energy Institute are developing a jet fuel that is composed of at least 50% bituminous coal. The fuel, provisionally...
May 1, 2006
Over the next four years, EnvoSmart Technologies B.V. (Roosendaal, Netherlands; plans to install 31 ThermoFuel systems throughout Europe for converting plastic waste into low-sulfur diesel fuel. The first six systems are to be located near Berlin, Germany, where they will produce 38 million L/yr of diesel from 42,000 m.t./yr of plastic when started up in mid 2007. Subsequent...
April 1, 2006
    Typical process utilities include electricity, process steam, refrigerants, compressed air, cooling water, heated water, hot oil, process water, demineralized water, municipal water, and river, lake, or ocean water. For preliminary cost estimates, waste disposal cost can also be treated like a utility expense. Unlike capital, labor, and other expenses, utility prices do not correlate simply...
April 1, 2006
    It’s not a question of whether the world supply of fossil is going to run out; its just a question of when, says professor Colin Webb, head of the chemical engineering department at the University of Manchester (England), who was addressing several hundred delegates at a Thursday-afternoon colloquium on biorefineries last month at Dechema e.V (Frankfurt, Germany). That’s why most...
March 1, 2006
    Fuel costs rose sharply in 2005 because of hurricane damage to U.S. interests in the Gulf of Mexico, and international developments in the oil supply market. Competing fuels — coal and natural gas — rose in price in lockstep. Natural gas has risen in cost, and has been reported to be as much as $17/MM Btu in December 2005 for industrial use in the northeastern U.S. As operating...
March 1, 2006
BP (London; and Edison Mission Group, a subsidiary of Edison International (Rosemead, Calif.;, are planning a $1-billion, hydrogen-fueled power plant — said to be the first-of-a-kind — for generating electricity...
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