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November 15, 2007
The globalization of the economy is making the world a smaller place and leading businesses — the chemical process industries (CPI) included — to source, produce and sell material in foreign lands. Politics aside, the trend has the potential to wreak havoc on the supply chain, logistics and transportation operations of chemical corporations unless strategies that increase collaboration and...
November 15, 2007
Make a leak-free seal, even for irregular flanges The proprietary Multi-Swell gasket material (photo) is said to be the world’s first self-loading, general-service gasket. The material creates its own load when it comes into contact with oil or water, which virtually eliminates the most common cause of gasket failure — insufficient load. The material performs equally well in water or oil, does...
April 1, 2007
It's a simple matter of fact: a chemical process plant operates by the products and services of numerous - and, unavoidably, competing - vendors. Since the resulting compatibility issues only hamper productivity, vendors, EPC firms and owner/operators alike tried to put their differences aside to address interoperability, at this year's DaratechPlant (Houston; January 29-31; Standardization...
March 1, 2007
Until now, creating a set of "as-built" plant drawings meant either laser-scanning the outline of an entire piping system, or measuring all the components manually. By paring Leica Geosystem's in-field-to-model laser technology with Coade's CADWorx Plant Design Suite, Coade, Inc. (Houston, Tex.; has reduced the time required by more than 50%, says Vornel Walker, Coade's manager...
January 1, 2007
    A wake-up call for plant maintenance The new Simatic Teleservice Adaptor IE (photo) facilitates cost-effective remote maintenance of machinery and plants. In acute service cases or emergencies, an email can be sent via the device. The engineer then scans the plant status via remote connection and carries out modifications. A new version of the adapter with Industrial-Ethernet interface has...
January 1, 2007
An expansion of Invensys’s (Foxboro, Mass.; recent InFusion launch (CE, May 2006, p. 13), the InFusion Condition Manager provides a new capability for effectively balancing asset availability and utilization to align overall...
August 1, 2006
At ARC's 14th annual forum (June 26-28; Boston, Mass.), OPC Foundation (Scottsdale, Ariz.; released its latest interoperability solution, OLE for Process Control Unified Architecture (OPC-UA)...
May 1, 2006
Last month, Invensys Process Systems (Foxboro, Mass.; launched InFusion (, claimed to be the world’s first enterprise-control system (ECS). InFusion (diagram) is designed to help industrial enterprises more effectively align plant operations and maintenance departments with the business to optimize overall asset-performance management. Historically...
May 1, 2006
    After years of investment in enterprise business systems and plant floor automation, the manufacturing community has finally turned its full attention to connecting these two distinctly different, yet intimately related aspects of the manufacturing enterprise, says Kevin Roach, VP of Rockwell Software (Milwaukee, Wis.). Roach is chairman of manufacturing systems vendor association MESA...
April 1, 2006
The EDDL (electronic-device-description language) Cooperation Team (ECT; Karlsruhe, Germany; has released Phase 1 EDDL enhancement specifications. The enhancements on the existing EDDL include new capabilities, such as graphs, charts and images, the possibilities for archive data, and an EDD guideline for...
March 1, 2006
Axxom Software AG (Munich, Germany; has introduced a new technological approach that, for the first time, allows an end-to-end supply chain optimization of very large, multi-stage networks. Based on the so-called cost-scaling algorithms (CS-A), production companies can now plan very complex...
February 1, 2006
Last month, Aspen Technology, Inc. (Cambridge, Mass.; launched its new generation of applications for the design, rating and simulation of heat exchangers: Aspen Tasc+, for shell-and-tube heat...
January 1, 2006
Asset management means different things to different people, but in the chemical process industries (CPI) it’s all to do with making the most of expensive equipment. Asset management is frequently used as another term for maintenance, especially of the proactive kind where sensors and control systems are used to monitor the health of machinery. However, asset management also covers business processes...
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