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Environmental, Health & Safety
Install these rupture discs where atmospheric discharge occurs
A new decanter series for sludge dewatering
These MBR membranes are self-healing
Focus on Safety Equipment
Capture dust from large airflows with this system
This waterproof flashlight is for hazardous areas
IFAT 2014 Show Preview
Software helps turn sewage into profit
A UV disinfection system with longer lamp life
The launch of the first mobile membrane degasser
Plant & Personnel Safety

Making security a priority

It seems that more and more, security concerns — both physical and cyber — have become part of our daily lives both off and on the job. The all-too-frequent news stories on the topic as well as repetitive prompts, such as the “if you see something, say something” slogan, remind us to keep up our vigilance. This past year, security has been the subject of more than one Executive... More
Environmental Management

Modern Water-Treatment Challenges

Water and wastewater treatment are extremely important at liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities and other industries that are blossoming due to the shale-gas boom. Engineering concerns are similar to those of other industrial water-treatment and power-generation systems, but with the added issue of adequate treatment for entrained hydrocarbons. With proper system design and operation, plant personnel can... More
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Siemens to supply wet-air-oxidation system to Qatar

Siemens Energy ( will supply a wet-air-oxidation treatment system to handle ethylene spent caustic as part of... More
All Environmental, Health & Safety Topics

Get the message across about workplace hazards

Providing information to, and communicating with, staff and colleagues in the workplace is essential, particularly when hazards, incidents or near-misses occur that may impact on others. An... More

A Safety Checklist For Laboratories

Laboratories, such as those used for quality control in a production environment and those in research and development, are an integral part of the chemical process industries (CPI). Everyday demands of business can easily overtake safety when it comes to setting priorities in the laboratory. Deadlines must be met. Samples must be analyzed. Questions must be answered — and quickly. But even for the most experienced chemists and laboratory workers... More

Cooling Towers: Managing Tighter Water-Discharge Regulations

Historically, many large industrial facilities, including power plants, have relied on once-through cooling, in which the entire cooling water volume flows through the plant heat exchangers and then is discharged to the original source. However, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA; Washington, D.C.) has, for over a decade, been developing regulations to protect aquatic life from impingement and entrapment at once-through cooling intakes. This... More
Popular Series
Water scarcity is one of the most serious global challenges of our time. Desalination and water reuse are effective and reliable means...
Technical & Practical
Dust in the chemical processing industries (CPI) is present in numerous operations, including powder processing; the transport of...
Facts At Your Fingertips
Many industrial gases are transported, stored and used in liquid form, a situation that poses significant health and safety risks...
Post Scripts & Corrections
Although plant safety should be a top priority every day, there are certain times when extra vigilance is needed to make sure that...

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