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December 1, 2008

December: New Products (North American edition)

Kate Torzewski

Push-to-connect in-line filters introduced

This new line of in-line filters (photo) can be easily connected and disconnected for service on tubing applications. Designed with John Guest push-to-connect style fittings integrated into the Celcon plastic filter housing, this unique in-line filter product line offers versatility and customization for a variety of applications. Available in sizes ranging from 20 to 250 microns and end connections in any one of three standard tubing O.D. sizes: ¼, 5/16 and 3/8 in., the product can be easily tailored to meet specific performance requirements for air, vacuum, and some fluid applications. — Industrial Specialties Mfg., Inc., Englewood, Colo.

Monitor malfunctions with this new vibration switch

These vibration switches and monitors minimize production shutdown and time and repair costs by measuring the total accelerated force (shock) present on a machine. Acceleration measurements show the total destructive force acting on a machine. The new cast iron EURO366G Vibraswitch Malfunction Detector (photo) is explosion-proof and weather-tight. This version is more corrosion resistant than the standard aluminum-housing model and is specially designed for high-saline atmospheres. A space heater is also available to keep the interior moisture free. — Robertshaw Industrial Products, an Invensys Controls company, Maryville, Tenn.

Pneumatic wrenches offer new gearbox design and extended torque

A new gearbox design joins this company’s family of Pneutorque pneumatic torque wrenches. Models in the new Series are faster, lighter, smaller and easier to handle than other units of similar capacities, according to the manufacturer. New torque ranges for the PTM-92 models (photo) are 398 – 1,992 ft-lb and 516 – 2,582 ft-lb. The larger PTM-92 model is half the weight and 60% faster than the nearest equivalent from the company’s traditional range. — Norbar Torque Tools, Inc., Willoughby, Ohio

Powerful, high-flow filtration in a compact footprint

The AFR Series Tubular Backwash Filter System (photo) is designed for continuous, high-flow filtration (single-system flowrates up to 2,000 gal/min and 454 m 3 /h). The system is designed to replace a much larger eight-station tubular multiplex system in a compact, 1-m 2 footprint. A single, rotating flow diverter replaces multiple valves, actuators, linkages, and seals required by other systems, minimizing the number of moving parts for low cost operation and long service life. The AFR uses cleanable media in a wide selection of filter media materials and retention rates to eliminate labor and disposal costs as well as lost productivity associated with replaceable bags and cartridges. Isolated top-to-bottom backwash flow provides operator-free service and ensures complete and efficient media cleaning while continuing to deliver filtered product downstream. — Eaton Corp., Cleveland, Ohio

Convey lime to neutralization at any angle with this feeder

The Lime Feeder (photo) simultaneously meters and conveys lime to pH neutralization tanks and pools from silos, bulk bags, 50 lb bags or other sources. Equipped with a.c. or d.c. variable speed drives, it conveys lime vertically, horizontally or at any angle; over short or long distances; and over, under or around obstructions. The rugged flexible screw is the only moving part contacting lime, thus minimizing maintenance. It is available integrated with this firm’s bulk bag unloaders, bag dump stations, silos, or other lime-storage containers or vessels, and is reportedly inexpensive to purchase and operate. Other lime-handling equipment for wastewater applications offered by the company includes bulk bag unloaders, bulk bag conditioners, bag dump stations and plant-wide bulk handling systems. — Flexicon Corp., Bethlehem, Pa.

Reduce hydrocarbon contamination up to 95% in a single pass

The Carbflex OAC-20BB Oil Absorbing Filter Cartridge (photo) is an efficient, high-capacity solution for reducing hydrocarbon contamination and other pollutants. The OAC-20BB filter cartridge is constructed from modified cellulose-based filter media for exceptional absorption, delivering high flowrates and low pressure drop. This design allows the filter media to chemically bond with hydrocarbons instantaneously — absorbing up to 95% of the total hydrocarbons in a single pass. The OAC-20BB filter cartridge can also be used in conjunction with additional Carbflex Series cartridges connected in series to provide lower hydrocarbon outlet levels. The high-capacity filter media ensures the cartridge can reliably contain 250 – 300% of its own weight in removed hydrocarbons, reducing time and costs associated with filter change-outs. — Pentair Industrial, Sheboygan, Mich.

Maintain steady gas pressures at trace amounts of reactive gases

The 491M-PB Module (photo) is used with 491M Modular Gas Standards Generators to maintain steady gas pressures within the unit and balance the vent backpressure to the delivery system pressure. By using a continuous flow of mixture at controlled temperature and steady pressure, equilibration of the concentration on transport system surfaces is allowed to minimize the adsorption effect of trace concentrations of reactive gases. The 491M-PB eliminates concentration fluctuations by providing a stable reference pressure for all of the mixture flow paths. This reference pressure is balanced to the system operating pressure to ensure stable delivery concentration even during operating mode changes in the 491M Standards Generator or the analytical system under test. — Kin-Tek Laboratories, Inc., La Marque, Tex.

This software allows engineers to do more with less

The release of aspenONE V7 software enables process industry companies to achieve the seven best practices of engineering excellence. Building upon previous innovations from this firm, aspenONE V7 includes several new process engineering components. An integrated conceptual engineering workflow via a single user interface tightly integrates simulation, equipment design and economic analysis, and enables simultaneous rather than sequential engineering. A patented master data model (MDM) enables process manufacturers to effectively manage assets across the entire lifecycle — from design through operations. It also includes the industry’s most comprehensive physical property database incorporating over 23,000 components, developed in collaboration with the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST), supporting complex process modelling and optimization requirements. — Aspen Technology, Inc., Burlington, Mass.

These customizable first-aid kits are designed for use in the CPI

A full line of first aid products (photo) tailored to the rigorous requirements of the CPI has been launched. The Magid First Aid line comprises a choice of thousands of first aid items, including kits, treatments, over-the-counter medications and accessories. First aid kits are a particular strength of the this company’s line, available in a wide array of configurations, and can be easily customized to meet the needs of any application. Also, the components of each kit can be ordered individually for easy replenishment, and, unlike most suppliers, Magid does not hold customers to a case order minimum requirement. — Magid Glove & Safety Manufacturing Company LLC, Chicago, Ill.

Free software predicts control valve package performance

Nelprof control valve selection software Version 5.0 facilitates selection of the best control valve package quickly and accurately. It is used prior to installation to predict the performance of the control valve package as a part of the system. Version 5.0 includes technical features that enhance control valve package selection from a flow and control point of view. Control performance criteria, such as installed flow characteristics, cavitation and noise, are the basis for selection. Other important features of Nelprof Version 5.0 include: flexible import/export; editing and calculation of multiple sizings with one command; product database and project updates via the web; and an enhanced IEC 60534-8-4 noise prediction method for liquids. — Metso Automation, Northborough, Mass.

New in-place field test instruments check magmeter performance

The CalMaster 2 Suite of electromagnetic flowmeter test instruments for water and wastewater markets comprises two standalone electronic test instruments: the CalMaster 2 (photo) verification tool and the CheckMaster validation tool. Eligible meters for testing include the MagMaster and AquaMaster flowmeters as well as AquaProbe insertion flowmeters, whether a.c. outlet or battery powered. The CalMaster 2 tool verifies calibration to within ±1% while the magmeter remains in operation. It compares test parameters to the meter’s original "fingerprint," first determined at the factory. The 15-min test covers the primary sensor, transmitter, and connected shielded cable, offering traceability to NIST calibration with a printed certificate. With no available fingerprint, the unit checks meter calibration to within ±2% accuracy. — ABB, Warminster, Penn.

Go paperless in minutes with this electronic laboratory notebook

The latest release of Nexxis ELN, an electronic laboratory notebook for routine analyses, features the introduction of ReDI (Rapid eForm Development and Implementation), a revolutionary technology that creates electronic forms from paper documents in minutes. ReDI transforms existing paper worksheets or documents into electronic forms with online scheduling, review and approval capabilities. Other features of the Nexxis ELN include: improved Advanced Process Editor for creating highly controlled and automated forms for use in regulated industries, the addition of a new Administration Dashboard that displays status information on system use and activity, plus consolidation of the Nexxis ELN modules into a single web application. — Labtronics, Inc., Guelph, Ontario, Canada

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