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January 15, 2008

January New Products (North American Edition)

This Dye Injector Fits the Needs of Large Refrigeration Systems

The BigEZ (photo) is the only dye injector for large refrigeration systems, holding enough fluorescent dye to treat systems that contain up to 16 gal of lubricant. This multi-dose injector has a disposable dye cartridge that is calibrated in 1/8 oz increments, allowing technicians to add the desired amount of dye to a system in one connection without pouring or measuring. A disposable cartridge is pre-filled with four ounces of AR-GLO fluorescent leak detection dye, which is OEM approved by major compressor, refrigerant, lubricant, and air-conditioning and refrigerants equipment manufacturers. — Spectroline, Westbury, N.Y.

Nanosilica Improves the Physical Properties of This Epoxy

This nanosilica-filled, UV-curable epoxy (photo) was developed for coating, sealing and encapsulation applications. It operates in a temperature range from –50 to 150°C. After curing, the UV22 material enhances its temperature-resistance profile and improves its chemical resistance, and adding heat will give it a glass transition temperature of 275°C. Though UV22 has more than a 35% composition of nanoparticles, it retains high transparency and low viscosity without sedimentation thanks to the agglomerate-free colloidal dispersion of nanoparticles. This material features high abrasion resistance, optical clarity, low shrinkage, and high physical strength. — Master Bond Inc., Hackensack, N.J.

These Ball Bearings Are Designed for Universal Mounting

SKF single-row, angular-contact ball bearings (photo) are designed to meet high performance requirements of centrifugal pumps. They feature a steep contact angle of 40 deg. and are designed for universal mounting, including arrangements of face-to-face, back-to-back and tandem. The raceways in the inner and outer rings can accommodate combined radial and axial loads and provide high-thrust load capacity, low friction losses and reduced edge stresses. With a precision level of ISO P6, these SKF bearings allow for better control of their mounted clearance as well as less overall vibration. A heat-treating process stabilizes the rings and minimizes dimensional changes at temperatures of up to 125°C. — SKF USA, Inc., Norristown, Pa.

Use This Industrial Toggle Switch over a Range of Power Levels

The QPL-certified 12000X778 toggle switches (photo) feature a double-shell case that provides mechanical strength and electrical insulation. A pinned lever adds strength and ensures a strong electrical ground to the bushing. These switches can be used in both low-level (10 mA, 50 mV) and power-level (2 A, 250 Va.c. – 4 A, 125 Va.c.) applications. An electrical life of 20,000 to 150,000 cycles is typical. For low-visibility situations, a white fluorescent tip is available. — APEM Components, Inc., Haverhill, Mass.

Release Pure Compounds into Solution at a Steady Rate

Dynacal Permeation Tubes (photo) are small inert capsules that contain a pure chemical compound in equilibrium between its gas and liquid or solid phases. Concentrations range from levels of parts-per-billion to high parts-per-million. At a constant temperature, the tubes emit the compound at a constant rate through its permeable membrane. The purpose of a calibration gas is to establish a reference point for the verification of an analysis. If permeation-rate data is not available for a certain compound, the Permeation-Tube rate can be found simply by measuring the gravimetric weight loss of the capsule of a measured period of time at a known temperature. — VICI Metronics, Inc., Poulsbo, Wash.

Measure Temperatures up to 800°C from a Distance

Featuring broad infrared temperature measurement functionality, the Fluke 568 Thermometer (photo) offers both contact and non-contact temperature measurement. It offers a broad temperature range of –40 to 800°C with measurement accuracy within 1%. This handheld device has a user interface that allows for adjustable emissivity, alarms and data logging. Allowing users to take measurements of small objects from far away, the Fluke 568 features a distance-to-spot ratio of 50:1. Measurements can be viewed in realtime to troubleshoot via hands-free monitoring. For easy analysis, this unit can store up to 99 points of data to view on the thermometer itself or on a PC after downloading. — Fluke Corp., Everett, Wash.

These Rugged Sensors Can Be Used at Low Depths

The PT-500 submersible liquid level/pressure transmitters feature a vented, watertight cable and can be submerged up to 450 ft below the surface. The unit has a removable stainless steel cage that allows users to replace either the cage or sensor individually. Using a high-precision, 4 – 20-mA signal, the PT-500 transmitters deliver accuracy within 0.5%. They are IP68 protected and are temperature compensated to ensure long-term stability under extreme temperature variations. The unit is designed to mount to a surface, eliminating damage from shock and vibration, making it ideal for use in sewage lift stations, tank liquid-level measurement, water and wastewater, well depth measurement and environmental water depth measurement. — Automation Products Group, Inc., Logan, Utah

Take Full Advantage of Mathematica with New Add-ons

This firm offers an updated suite of add-ons for Mathematica 6, extending its functionality to specialized tasks. These packages allow users to take full advantage of Mathematica’s power without having to develop code of their own. Several applications are compatible with Mathematica, including multi-language, multi-environment numerical code generation (ACEGen), optimized C++ code conversion from Mathematica programs (MathCode C++), a model-based design for multiengineering systems (MathModelica System Designer Professional), a Mathematica link for Excel, and more. — Wolfram Research, Champaign, Ill.

This Cooler Provides Sufficient Power in a Low-profile Unit

The KUBE low profile evaporative coolers (photo), a series of industrial/commercial cooling and heating products, are just 48-in. in height. The FreshWater slinger-wheel technology distributes evaporative atomized water evenly across the air inlets for efficient cooling. KUBE coolers work from 3,000 to 30,000 ft3/min. with variable speed control. Heating is provided through an indirect heat exchanger at up to 400,000 Btu per unit. The units are network capable, and touch-screen controls allow up to 15 units to be controlled remotely. The units use a four-stage filtering process, including a final food-grade filter. Highly energy-efficient, the KUBE products consume up to 90% less electricity than conventional air conditioning. — Bessamaire, Cleveland, Ohio

This Control Monitor Offers Realtime Reports

The Westlock XR linear-rotary control monitor is the first stand-alone field device to create a dynamic baseline signature for pressure conditions of valve assemblies, according to this firm. It is designed to provide process managers with critical information quickly and in a wide range of formats, and is used in conjunction with the associated software package, the XRa. Features of the XR include an intelligent alarm-management system, a non-contact position sensor, a fully-encapsulated electronics module and integrated pressure sensors. — Tyco International, Cleveland, Ohio

Fluid Modeling Is Easier with Improved Software Capabilities

This company has recently released Version 8.1 of its Engineering Fluid Dynamics (EFD) software. The "Joule heating" functionality is a model that automatically determines the heat sources in conducting objects. To represent thermal characteristics of IC packages, the "compact" models use a two-resistor approach to provide realistic results. Other models and capabilities include fans, thermoelectric coolers, thermal interface materials, perforated plates and material properties for most solid materials used in electronic systems. EFD has the ability to detect fluid regions within a CAD solid model and mesh automatically, but with the updated Version 8.1, this improved capability also detects and closes any external gaps or openings in the solid model automatically. — Flomerics, Marlborough, Mass.

For Ultra Clarity, Choose This Resin

This company offers the WaterClear Ultra, a colorless stereolithography (SL) resin that is claimed to be the clearest resin on the market. The clearness test (photo) was performed using a colorimeter, an instrument that measures the amount of color and light able to pass through plastic. Compared to various plastic samples, including a competitive polycarbonate-like ASL resin as well as polycarbonate and acrylic, the WaterClear Ultra closely mirrored the behavior of the acrylic while proving to have a higher clarity than the commercial-grade polycarbonate sheet. Products that demand very clear material, like prototype lenses and packaging materials, would benefit from the WaterClear Ultra. — DSM Somos, Elgin, Ill.

This Thermal Imager Measures 19,200 Pixels in Realtime

The long distance model HSI3003 (photo) is the newest addition to the Heat Spy thermal imaging cameras. Its narrow angle 9.1 deg. by 6.8 deg. field-of-view optics enables detection and temperature measurement of small objects over a long distance. Intended for hand-held use, the HSI3003 is lightweight and compact, but also features a tripod mount for remote use. The imager features a 160- by 120-pixel array, providing temperature measurements of every pixel in a high-resolution realtime thermal image on a 3.5-in. color display. Sensing temperatures from 0 to 250°C, it has a Class II laser that identifies hot areas. Another useful feature is a system of two measurement cursors that provide temperature readings at each cursor location as well as realtime differential temperature measurements. — Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group, Asheville, N.C.

Take Advantage of Continuous Processing with This Reactor

First introduced as a prototype at Achema 2006 ( CE, June 2006, p. 13) the ART Plate Reactor (photo) is now commercially available. The reactor allows manufacturers to switch from batch to continuous processing, and is particularly suitable for the fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industries. ART is a continuous reactor with major benefits in economy, production safety and environmental impact. Compared to stirred-tank reactors (STRs), ART reactors allow faster scale up and improved yield, and provides better control of reactions. For example, reactions that require 6 to 8 h in a STR for 80 – 90% yield are performed in less than minute in the ART reactor with better than 99% conversion, says the firm. The reactor can operate over the temperature range of –40 to 200°C, handles pressures up to 20 bar, and is available in two sizes for flowrates of 0.25 to 250 L/h. One to ten plates can be stacked into a single unit. The plates are available in a variety of materials, including 316L stainless steel, PEEK and Hastelloy C22. — Alfa Laval AB, Lund, Sweden

Up to 32 Field Devices are Handled by This Transmitter

The TFZ Foundation-Fieldbus (FF) Temperature Transmitter (photo) can be installed on the same segment with all standard FF devices. The TFZ converts a temperature sensor input to a FF H1, two-way digital communication protocol that is ready for interface to a DCS, computer-based SCADA system or asset-management software. The TFZ saves wire and installation costs, says the firm, by allowing up to 32 field devices (126 with repeaters) to be networked onto one, low-cost FF H1 segment. It requires only 10.5 mA for normal operation. The bus-powered, two-wire device sets up from the control room over segment wiring using a standard FF configuration tool, to handle 14 RTD types, nine thermocouple types as well as direct millivolt and resistance/potentiometric inputs. — Moore Industries-International, Inc., North Hills, Calif.

This Material Has the Benefits of Liquid Silicone and Fluorosilicone

Composed of 100% Fluoro Liquid Silicone Rubber (F-LSR), the Silastic elastomer is designed to meet stringent automotive engine requirements regarding temperature, fuel and oil specifications. F-LSR combines the ease of processing of liquid silicone rubber with the temperature and fuel resistance of fluorosilicone rubber. Silastic withstands harsh fuel, lubricant and oil environments with temperature resistance within the range of –60 to 220°C. This material, well suited for co-molding on thin, high precision and intricate parts, improves manufacturing efficiency and part performance. — Dow Corning, Midland, Mich.

Sunlight Does Not Impede the Accuracy of This Transmitter

The new version of the Mobrey MSP900 ultrasonic level transmitter has been optimized for use in open-channel flow measurements. The MSP900FH (photo), which features a pre-wired remote temperature sensor, is ideal for helping water and industrial processing sites to comply with MCERTS legislation. Used in the open air, conventional U.S. level transmitters are prone to suffer from inaccuracies caused by "solar gain" whenthe sun shines directly on them. The MSP900FH has been designed to overcome this problem by using a remote temperature sensor wired directly into the transmitter. The sensor is hardwired into the transmitter with a two-meter cable, so there is no additional cabling or setup required, and only a single connection to the controller. Both analog 4 – 20 mA communication and digital HART options are built in. — Emerson Process Management, St. Louis, Mo.

The Latest in RFIS Antennas

This company claims to be the first in the world to integrate three single RFID antennas in one, monolithic component several years ago. Since the device was patented in 2001, the firm has introduced a new RFID antenna (photo) that is said to offer the maximum sensitivity in the smallest space. It is recommended for RKES and RFID access systems that integrate 3D identification. The antenna is suitable for SMD mounting, offering a flat surface for "pick and place." Antennas are available for 20 and 125-kHz applications. — Premo Corp. S.L., Campanillas, Malaga, Spain

Track Equipment Health without Wires

In collaboration with SKF, this firm has introduced OneWireless Equipment Health Monitoring (EHM), the latest addition to its portfolio of industrial wireless solutions. OneWireless EHM will wirelessly transmit complete spectral information — including vibration amplitude and operating-parameter information — from the field to the plant control room, helping reduce equipment failures and improve business performance through lower maintenance costs, says the firm. OneWireless is a compact, eight-channel (4 X vibration, 4 X 420 mA) monitoring device that communicates over the firm’s OneWireless industrial mesh network. It collects acceleration, velocity, temperature and bearing-condition data and delivers it to process operators and maintenance personnel to alert them of any equipment problems. — Honeywell Process Solutions, Phoenix, Ariz.

An RFID System Alerts against Pallet Tampering

Together with Pliant Corp. (Schaumburg, Ill), this firm has successfully demonstrated a solution for tamper-proofing pallets with RFID-enabled stretch film (shrink wrap). Pliant’s electrically conductive stretch film combined with this firm’s PowerG labels for tracking freight and high-value pallets provides a viable solution by overcoming the limitations of barcode technologies, the limited performance of standard passive RFID, and the high cost of active RFID readers, claims the manufacturer. Electrically connected to the film wrapped around the pallet, the PowerG label is readable by RFID readers when the film is intact and the electrical circuit is closed. However, when the stretch film is tampered with, the circuit is broken, rendering the label unreadable and thereby alerting a supply-chain manager to possible tampering. — PowerID Ltd., Petah Tikva, Israel

This Turbopump Is Suitable for Processing Electronics Chemicals

The new iXA Series of magnetic-bearing turbomolecular vacuum pumps exhaust process gases from physical and vapor deposition, etching, or ion-implant equipment in semiconductor, flat-panel display, solar energy and industrial-glass-coating applications. The pumps feature power-supply and control modules that can be mounted in various configurations directly on the pump, or remotely, thereby eliminating cables and accessory racks. The first pump in the iXA family is rated at 2,200 L/s — larger sizes are planned for future development. The pump’s five-axis magnetic-bearing system and new motor and drive system ensure long life and low operating cost with maintenance intervals as long as five years, says the firm. All pumps include RS 232/485 (Profibus) serial-communication interfaces. — Edwards, Wilmington, Mass.

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