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July 15, 2008

July: New Products (North American edition)

Kate Torzewski

This Valve Offers Water-Hammer Relief for Existing Installations

Designed to provide water-hammer relief and tight, non-return shutoff for existing flanged piping systems, the Stop-Silent Check Valve AS 54 Model (photo) can be implemented directly into a flanged pipe system without structural or housing alterations. This valve features a cone design that assures tight shut-off to prevent backflow of liquid or gaseous media. The valve has no moving mechanical parts and consists only of two components: a perforated stainless-steel cone and a rubber membrane. This design eliminates water hammer and associated problems of noise and wear, resulting in quiet, noise-free operation. Performance ranges include operating temperatures from – 20 to 180°C and pressures of up to 232 psi. The valve can handle fluid flowrates of up to 10 ft/sec and gas flows of up to 50 ft/sec. — Great Western Supply Co., Houston, Tex.

Carry Out a Range of Reactions with Contiuous-Flow Synthesis

Raising the reaction temperature achievable with the FlowSyn Continuous Flow Reactor (photo) has considerably widened the scope of reactions that can be performed, according to the manufacturer. Reactions can now be carried out at temperatures up to 260ºC and pressures up to 1,000 psi. High-activation-energy chemistries that may previously have required a catalyst or the use of a microwave reactor are now potential candidates for continuous flow synthesis, with its attendant benefits — better reproducibility and scalability, and fewer problems with unstable intermediates or unexpected exotherms. Other improvements include easier pump priming and refinements to the automated reaction control so that the user can control the amount of pre- and post-plug dispersion phases that are collected with their steady-state reaction product. — Uniqsis, Ltd., Cambridge, U.K.

These Operator Interfaces Come in a Variety of Sizes

An improved series of Operator Interfaces, the PowerView 8000 Series (photo) provides a greatly enhanced, easy to use, and intuitive development package, the ViewBuilder 8000. The Series provides four LCD sizes to fit different applications: 5.6-in. QVGA, 8.0-in. VGA, 10.4-in. VGA, and now 12.1-in.SVGA. All units have vibrant 65K color TFT (thin-film transistor) LCD displays with analog-resistive touchscreens. The PowerView 8000 Series addresses the growing demand for Ethernet and USB connectivity with three USB 2.0 ports, three configurable RS-232/485 ports, CompactFlash port, Audio, and 10/100 Ethernet port. The ViewBuilder 8000 software provides increased functionality, including: advanced object libraries, historical and realtime trending, alarm and recipe management, and more. — Nematron, Corp., Ann Arbor, Mich.

Perform Safe Field Calibration in Explosive Environments

This intrinsically safe (IS) calibrator is designed to be incapable of causing ignition in a surrounding environment, which may have flammable gases, mists, vapors or combustible dust present. The new ATEX and IECEx certified MC2-IS Multifunction Calibrator (photo) is designed for field calibration and testing in explosive environments. It has calibration capabilities for pressure, temperature and electrical signals, and it connects to almost 20 of the firm’s IS external pressure modules. The MC2-IS is a lightweight, portable calibrator with a large graphical display, multilingual interface and a complete numerical keyboard. — Beamex Oy Ab, Pietarsaari, Finland

More Data is Available to Networks with this Dual-Serial Port Gateway

The Model FS-B2510 Dual-Serial port gateway (photo) includes two serial ports and one Ethernet port for integration from serial-to-serial or serial-to-Ethernet applications. This newest addition to the firm’s gateway product line meets the needs of integrators seeking to interface a serial (RS-232 or RS-485) device to a serial or Ethernet network. Utilizing the firm’s extensive protocol library and the proven configuration capabilities, the FS-B2510 is a cost-effective solution to integrating more devices into the automation or process control network. With more data available to the network, the result is greater savings of energy and other resources. — FieldServer Technologies, Milpitas, Calif.

Obtain Accurate Differential Pressure and Vacuum Readings

The Type 226A and 228A Baratron Differential Capacitance Manometers (photo) provide accurate and repeatable differential pressure and vacuum readings from 0.027 to 133 kPa at ambient temperature. The direct linear signals are accurate for very small pressure drops and flow rates, and the measurements are not sensitive to gas composition, thereby eliminating any need for gas-specific correction factors. The Inconel nickel alloy capacitance sensor is highly corrosion resistant, permitting use in difficult chemical environments. The Baratron manometer operates on either ±15 V d.c. or +24 V d.c. input voltage, and offers four different analog output signals in either uni-directional or bi-directional calibrations, making them suitable for use in a wide variety of processing systems. — MKS Instruments, Inc., Andover, Mass.

Trap Foreign Matter in Pipelines with these Y-Strainers

The Class 125 Cast Bronze Y-strainers (photo) are used in commercial applications to trap foreign matter in steam, water, oil or gas pipelines. The bronze strainer line includes Class 125 solder ½ – 2-in. and threaded ¼ – 3-in. rated 125 SWP and 200 CWP. They are available with the options of threaded or solder-end connections, solid cap or tapped cap with plug, and stainless steel 20 mesh or perforated stainless-steel screen. Other important features include a dezincification-resistant cast bronze body and cap, as well as machined seats in body and cap to ensure proper screen alignment. — Nibco, Inc., Elkhart, Ind.

Pump Gas and Liquid in Hazardous Locations

These corrosion-resistant process pumps with explosion-proof a.c. motors (photo) offer safe solutions for gas and liquid handling in potentially hazardous locations. These pumps are compliant with Class 1, Division 1, Groups C & D and ATEX hazardous locations. They offer high performance and long service life during continuous, heavy-duty operation, according to the manufacturer. Explosion-proof process pumps are typically specified to evacuate, transfer, compress or recirculate air, gases or vapors in demanding applications. In a series of several units. these compact pumps in can achieve flowrates up to 220 L/min and vacuums up to 29.86 in. Hg, depending on the model. All are designed to minimize power requirements and reduce costs; perform oil-free to eliminate media contamination and lubrication-related maintenance; run without wear-prone sliding seals; and incorporate quality precision ball bearings for optimized reliability. — KNF Neuberger, Inc., Trenton, N.J.

An Enhanced in-can Preservative Protects Products from Contamination

A broad-spectrum biocide that does not contain or release formaldehyde, Canguard Ultra BIT 20 DPG is useful for the protection of industrial water-based products against bacteria, yeasts and fungi. It offers a number of benefits, including improved color, lower viscosity at low temperatures, and a slightly higher active percentage than the legacy product, Canguard BIT 20 DPG. It is a high-purity glycolic solution of benzisothiazolinone (BIT) that can be used in a broad range of pH and temperature conditions and in very alkaline conditions, where other preservatives are often ineffective. Used for the preservation of polymer latexes and emulsion systems, water-based paints, coatings, adhesives and oil-in-water emulsions, Canguard Ultra BIT 20 DPG is compatible with most dispersants, and provides outstanding chemical stability and good compatibility with most formulations. — Dow Biocides, Buffalo Grove, Ill.

These Multistage Centrifugal Surface Pumping Systems are Suitable for High Pressure Applications

Building on downhole electric submersible-pump technology, the SPS (Surface Pumping System; photo, p. 32D-4) is a low-maintenance, cost-effective alternative to plunger (triplex, quintiplex), split-case centrifugal, high-speed centrifugal and canned vertical turbine pumps in a variety of industrial surface-fluid-movement applications. The SPS systems feature a directly-coupled, multistage centrifugal design ideally suited for most high-pressure, low- to medium-volume, and environmentally sensitive applications. System design engineers frequently specify SPS units because of their low maintenance requirements, the reliability of their single low-pressure mechanical seal, their lower whole-life-cost, and the ability to easily repair or replace the units as needed, says the firm. — Wood Group ESP, Inc., Houston, Tex.

For Anchoring Solid-Base Materials into Concrete, Use this Epoxy

This high-strength, two-component structural epoxy anchoring system meets the new, more stringent International Building Code (IBC) for strength design (Cracked Concrete). The PE1000+ pure epoxy (photo) features a 3:1 ratio holding power and is designed for use in anchoring threaded rod, bolts, reinforcing bars and smooth dowels into concrete and other solid base materials. The system also can be used to anchor into hollow masonry materials using threaded rod and screen tubes. PE1000+ is packaged in 13-oz cartridges and is dispensed with either a manual or pneumatically operated injection tool. The adhesive can be installed in both long- and short-term loading applications, and is listed as a Category 1 product for uncracked concrete dry holes. — Powers Fasteners, Brewster, N.Y.

Replace Existing Motors with this Custom a.c.-induction Motor Program

This firm has started a program for ordering custom-designed, a.c.-induction motors for a wide range of horsepower, voltage and speed ratings. Customization can include special shafts, special sealing or ventilation, special insulation requirements, and other factors, allowing an industrial user to replace a motor used in an existing machine or facility. The custom-motor program will enable users to exactly replace or even upgrade an existing motor within the physical limits of their machinery or process. In general, the motors are delivered to a customer 30 weeks. — WEG Electric Motors Corp., Altanta, Ga.

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