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June 15, 2008

June: New Products International

A Quick-Connect Dip Tube for Steel Containers

This firm has added an ISO G2 x 11.5 (2-in. NPS) thread option to its popular DrumQuik PRO (photo), a quick connect, dip-tube closure for "jerry" cans, drums and IBCs. The new option is a response to demand from chemical packagers and their customers who have been using the DrumQuik PRO with plastic drums and desired the same benefits for steel-drum users. The system minimizes chemical exposure and facilitates the delivery of liquids from bulk transfer containers to end-use applications. The coupler is reusable and the dip tube closure is suited to cost-sensitive, single-use container applications. — Colder Products Co., St. Paul, Minn.

Use Thermal Pictures to Keep Machines Running

The RayCAm C.A 1884 thermographic camera (photo) is suitable for preventive and predictive maintenance. It can be used for all the measurements required to draw up a comprehensive maintenance reports, and is also suitable for R&D and production applications. The pistol-shaped makes it easy to handle and direct access to the functions means it can be operated with one hand. Inspection areas can be quickly and precisely targeted with a laser sight. The device can record up to 1,000 radiometric images, and can measure from as close as 10 cm away. The unit’s microbolometer detector provides a thermal accuracy of 0.1°C and a spatial resolution of 2.2 microrad. — Chauvin Arnoux, Paris, France

A 12-Channel Junction Box for FF and Profibus-PA

This firm has added a 12-channel junction box (photo) to its JRBS Series that previously consisted of 4-, 6- and 8-channel versions. The IP20 junction boxes that can be fitted vertically and horizontally on the top-hat rail are also available with removable screw terminals instead of the usual cage-clamp terminals. The boxes can be used in Zone 2 and Zone 1 for the connection of Foundation Fieldbus (FF) and Profibus-PA field devices. A coded rotary switch allows users to set the short-circuit current as required. — Hans Turck GmbH & Co. KG, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany

For Measuring Low Flowrates, Consider this Device

The mini CORI-Flow Series (photo) is a compact and cost-effective Coriolis mass flowmeter and controller for accurate measurement and control of very low flowrates from 100 mg/h up to 30 kg/h. The Coriolis sensor is said to feature superior response time and high accuracy, regardless of changing operating conditions (pressure, temperature, density, conductivity and viscosity). Suitable for both liquid- and gas-flow applications and capable of bi-directional measurement, the devices are equipped with IP 65 weatherproof housing and are available with approvals for use in hazardous areas (ATEX Cat. 3, Zone 2). — Bronkhorst Cori-Tech B.V., Ruurlo, The Netherlands

Slash Energy Consumption with this New Vacuum Pump

The PentaLine rotary vane vacuum pumps (photo) have been developed for applications in the low- to medium-vacuum range of down to 10 – 3 mbar. The new pumps cover pumping speeds of up to 35 m 3 /h, and handle analytical and R&D applications as well as critical industrial and coating processes. The optimized drive system in these pumps leads to a reduction in power consumption of approximately 50% compared to conventional rotary vane pumps, says the manufacturer. The pumps are hermetically sealed, so no oil leaks can occur. — Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH, Asslar, Germany

This Hybrid Pressure Gauge is Smart

The INTELLigauge range of pressure-measuring devices (photo) closes the gap between mechanical and electronic sensors. The combination of a pressure gauge and electrical output signal is said to be a solution that is cost effective and reliable. No external power supply is required, so operators will know the process value even in the event of a power failure. Information is transmitted, via an electrical signal from a transmitter or pressure switch, and can be displayed on a control panel or processed through a PLC. Hybrid instruments are available with all established electrical signals, and the non-contact sensors are wear-free and without backlash. — WIKA Alexander Wiegand GmbH & Co. KG, Klingenberg, Germany

Advanced Laser-Based Gas Analyzer Can Improve Process Control

By accurately and instantly pinpointing the presence of moisture, HCl, H 2 S and other impurities, the tunable diode laser (TDL) based gas analyzer (photo) is able to provide significant benefits, including the prevention of foreshortened lifespan of costly catalysts, enhanced assurance or product quality, reduced turnaround recovery times and avoidance of unscheduled shutdowns. TDLs emit in the near infrared at wavelengths that can be absorbed by the gas being measured. For H 2 S analysis, for example, the TDL-based analyzer measures sour gas headed for processing and sweetened gas coming out. Because it is faster than conventional techniques, process control is improved by instantly letting operators know how much processing is needed. Each unit is preset at the factory, so it is truly "plug and play" and requires little training, says the firm. — SpectraSensors, Inc., Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.

Metallic Objects Do Not Hinder this RFID Tag

RFID Components Harsh-Tag-80 (photo) provides a reliable solution in UHF band radio-frequency identification fields. Its design allows high reading performance, even over metallic objects. Typical applications include reusable plastic containers, wood or metal cages, pallets and unit-loading devices, vehicles and trailers. The plastic enclosure complies with IP68 (Polyamid PA6) and is UL94 V-0 flame resistant. The tag inside is fully EPC Gen 2 compatible, with 96 bits of free memory for user data. — Premo Corp. S.L., Campanillas, Malaga, Spain

A New Version of this Technical-Plotting Software is Available

PSI-Plot Version 8.8 for Windows adds 30 new features to the previous Version. These new features include: new simplex and Powell methods for nonlinear fitting, dose-response analysis, Weibull analysis, Kaplan-Meier survival estimates, over 100 new predefined fitting models, and many others. A new plot wizard will create user-desired graphs in a more convenient and intuitive way, and several new plot types and axis scales have also been added. — Poly Software International, Pearl River, N.Y.

A Sound Way to Mix, Even At Industrial Scale

This firm has recently launched the RAM 5 (photo), a production-scale mixer based on the proprietary ResonantAcoustic Mixing (RAM) technology ( CE, December 2007, p. 13). RAM technology uses low-frequency, high-intensity acoustic energy to produce a consistent shear field throughout the mixing vessel, causing rapid fluidization and dispersion of material. The RAM 5 mixes without impellers, and is capable of mixing from 1 to 80 lb of material, including gases, liquids, solids, powders, viscous liquids and pastes. The unit is said to be the only non-invasive mixer capable of processing materials with viscosities greater than 100 million cP. — Resodyn Acoustic Mixers, Inc., Butte, Mont.

Secure Asset Management Now Available For Tofino Security Users

This firm has released a new loadable security module (LSM) for its Tofino Industrial Security Solution that discovers and identifies what devices are on the network and creates the firewall rules to control the traffic flowing between them — all without risk to the industrial process. This latest LSM, known as the Tofino Secure Asset Management module, locates devices and generates rules simply by analyzing the traffic on the network. Designed specifically for industrial control operations in critical industries, such as oil and gas, manufacturing, utilities and power generation, the Tofino never probes the control devices. Instead, it quietly listens for traffic and then uses special characterization techniques to determine the types of control devices on the network. — MTL Instruments, a Div. of Cooper Crouse-Hinds, Luton, U.K.

Alarm Management Simplified with this Annunciator

This firm has received cUL Certification for its 90A Annunciator (photo), making it possible for the device to be used in applications that require compliance to the Canadian safety requirements. The 90A performs many new functions, consolidating the amount of control-room equipment previously required. In addition to standard visual alarm display functions, the 90A Annunciator timestamps alarms to determine the sequence of events, identifying the order in which alarms occur to establish the cause of a failure. The device reduces installation costs by connecting alarms to other equipment with the Modbus and DNP communications using either serial or Ethernet interfaces. The 90A is easily configured through a software tool that places access to all features and functions a mouse click away. — Ametek Power Instruments, Rochester, N.Y.

Control Laboratory Reactions with this Remote Unit

The Atlas Remote Mount module (photo) adds functionality to the Atlas family of modular synthesis products. Designed for chemists performing reactions in jacketed reactors, the Remote Mount offers a fast and easy-to-use vessel-clamping system with quick "click" action. A vessel assembly can be located away from the Atlas Base, while an umbilical connection provides communication for remote control, allowing the system to retain all the benefits and functionality of the Atlas system. Working volumes are maximized to 5 L. — Syrris Ltd., Royston, U.K.

Coded Labeling Improves Product Safety, Combats Counterfeiting

Labeling and especially wrong labeling has become a major reason for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) complaints and recalls. One way to approach this challenge is to put a code onto each and every container, and to verify the codes between different steps of the value chain. Together with Frewitt Printing, this firm offers a unique laser-coding and code-verification system. A DataMatrix code is engraved directly on the barrel of a pre-filled glass syringe with a low-energy laser. Then, this code is verified by a high-performance vision system. The company sees this as another step to improve product safety and combat counterfeiting. — Seidenader Vision GmbH, Markt Schwaben, Germany

Save Energy with this Hybrid Compressed-Air Dryer

Up to now, the combination of energy-saving functionality of refrigeration dryers with the exceptional low-pressure dew points of desiccant dryers has only been cost effective for applications requiring large to very large volumes of treated compressed air. The new Hybritec compressed air dryer range (photo) is now available for free-air deliveries from 20 m3 /min. A refrigeration dryer at the input side ensures a consistent pressure dewpoint of 3°C with minimal energy consumption. After passing through the refrigeration dryer, the air flows into a desiccant dryer. Less energy is required for this second treatment stage in order to dry the compressed air to a pressure dew point of below – 40°C. — Kaeser Kompressoren GmbH, Coburg, Germany

Automated Condensate Sampler Eliminates Personnel Hazards

In order to monitor pure steam quality in sterile plants in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries, samples are regularly taken from the steam ring mains and analyzed for contamination in the laboratory. This firm has developed a completely new automatic system for sterile sampling of pure-steam condensate (photo, p. 32I-8), which totally isolates the samples and reduces operator involvement and the potential for injury. The complete system consists of a sampling multiport valve with pneumatic actuators, a stainless steel sampling bottle and a compact control unit, which is either mounted ready-to-connect on a movable stand, or as a static version. Only power (230 V, 50/60 Hz) and compressed air (10 bar maximum) are required to supply the system. — GEMÜ Gebr. Müller Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG, Ingelfingen-Criesbach, Germany

An Upgraded Valve Boasts Improved Safety

This firm has upgraded its Valtek rotary eccentric-plug control valve design to provide increased safety. The upgraded Valtek MaxFlo 3 provides robust shaft blow-out protection in compliance with ASME standards developed to prevent the stem from being removed or ejected while the valve is under pressure. This feature, stipulated by ASME B16.34 section 6.5.1, comes standard with this valve. The valve is available in both a standard length (ISA-75.08.02) and globe valve length face-to-face body (ISA-75.08.01 or DIN 3202 F1). The new valve length option makes it easier for customers to transition from globe-style valves to eccentric rotary plug design when conditions permit. — Flowserve Corp., Dallas, Tex.

An Updated Interface Improves Productivity

Service Pack 4 (SP4) for InduSoft Web Studio promises to improve productivity, increase flexibility and enhance the operator-machine interface. SP4 enables a "vastly superior" interface for connecting to SQL databases and ERP systems, claims the firm. Operators and engineers can now execute any SQL statement from a Windows CE Client or an InduSoft Web Thin Client. Users can now create tables, insert records and commit data using the standard InduSoft Web Studio interface within the limits of the applied security configuration. This latest update also inclidews an enhanced interface for producing alarms, trends and reports in PDF-file format. — InduSoft, Austin, Tex.

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