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May 15, 2008

May: New Products International

Windmöller & Hölscher
Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V.
Gneuß Kunststofftechnik

Free-Flowing Products are in the Bag with this Machine

At the Interpack Trade Fair (April 24 – 30; Düsseldorf, Germany), this firm presented its newly developed Rubin  for the bagging of free-flowing products. Achieving bagging speeds of 400 sacks per hour and incorporating features and modules that have been proven in hundreds of machines operating around the world, the Rubin is said to be an economical, reliable bagging line for applications requiring low-level performance. It offers filling plants the opportunity to shift from manual to automated bagging processes, and ensures efficient, continuous handling of small to medium order volumes. — Windmöller & Hölscher KG, Lengerich, Germany

Measure Polymer-Melt Viscosity, and More, with this System

The Online Viscometer is designed with an extremely compact housing for installation between flanges. The melt channel can be specified to match the existing melt channel diameter between 20 and 110 mm, and the unit is supplied with pump, pump drive, pressure transducers, temperature sensors and the control, evaluation and visualization system. The unit monitors and displays viscosity values, shear rate, melt temperatures and pressures. The device features a short residence time, has no dead spots and leaves no deposits in any of the melt channels. — Gneuß Kunststofftechnik GmbH, Oeynhausen, Germany

ATEX Approves of this Small Flowmeter

The Liqui-Flow Series mass meters and controllers are now available in compact, rugged design according to IP 65 (dust and waterproof) and ATEX approved for use in Category 3, Zone 2 hazardous areas. The liquid flowmeters and controllers cover flowrates from 0.25 g/h to 1 kg/h, and can be used in applications with pipeline pressures up to 100 bar. The stainless-steel sensor has negligible internal volume and no moving parts. The devices feature a fast (<2 s) response time and high (1% full scale, or better) accuracy. In addition to standard analog I/O signals with RS 232 interface, the units can be integrated with an interface board for DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, Modbus or Flow-Bus protocol. — Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V., Ruurlo, Netherlands

A Better Pump for Dosing Flocculants

The new DULCO flex DF4a peristaltic pump has been developed specifically for flocculent metering applications. Typical applications include water treatment in public and private swimming pools, where flocculant is required to make undesirable substances filterable. Depending on the version, the DF4a pump provides metering rates of 1.5, 6.0 or 12 L/h at an operating pressure of up to 4 bar. The metering range can be adjusted through a range from 0 to 100%. The pump’s quiet-running stepper motor is built into an enclosure with IP 65 protection, which prevents water from penetrating into the electronics. — ProMinent Dosiertechnik GmbH, Heidelberg, Germany

GEMÜ Gebrüder Müller Apparatebau

A Safety Valve that Activates Reliably at Low Pressure

Finding a reliable low-pressure safety valve has been a problem for operators of gas systems. Prior to this product launch, existing safety valves either failed to offer the required sensitivity or were incapable of upholding the opening pressure, says the manufacturer. The AV619 safety valve (photo, p. 40I-1) was developed to activate at low (5 – 500 mBar) pressures. The TÜV-tested and certified valve measures 52 x 70 mm, and can be used for nearly all technical gases. They are available in brass and stainless steel, with seals adjustable to the specific medium, and operate over the temperature range from – 40 to 300°C. — Witt-Gasetechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Witten, Germany

This Plastic Flowmeter Even Handles HF

The new PFA SonicLine ultrasonic flowmeter (photo) operates according to the phase differential method, which offers the capability to measure flow volume accurately without touching the medium. There are no moving parts in contact with the medium itself, minimizing pressure loss and eliminating particle contamination of the medium. The ultrafast detection speed of 250 values/s registers fast changes and fluctuations in the flow. The device provides a reproducibility of 0.5% and an accuracy of 1% of the measured value. All medium-wetted parts are made of high-purity fluoropolymer PFA-HP (perfluoralkoxy), and can be used for most chemicals, including hydrofluoric acid. — GEMÜ Gebrüder Müller Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG, Ingelfingen-Criesbach, Germany

Hans Turck
Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems

Reduce Water Demand with this Liquid-Ring Pump

Dolphin liquid-ring vacuum pumps (photo) are available as a single-stage version in block design (Dolphin LC) and in a base-plate design (Dolphin LB) in either single- or two-stage variant. Capacities of between 25 and 5,100 m 3 /h are covered by this new Series of pumps. The LA/LB Series are also available in an ATEX-certified version. Three modes of operation are possible: a through-flow system, where service water is fed continuously, and then discharged together with the extracted gas; open circuit, where service water is separated from the gas in a down-stream vessel, then fed back to the pump; and closed circuit, whereby service water is separated from the gas, then runs through a cooler before returning to the pump. The open circuit option is said to make savings on water service of up to 90% possible. The pumps achieve pressures of 33 mbar; when combined with a gas ejector, the ultimate pressure can be reduced to 8 mbar. — Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems GmbH, Maulburg, Germany

Residue, Dirt and Humidity can’t Fool this Sensor

The fully encapsulated BCF 10 Q20L60 capacitive sensor with protection to IP 67 (photo) offers intelligent background suppression which, in combination with electrode and compensation optimization, ensures reliable detection in harsh operating conditions. The device is suitable for level measurement of highly viscous fluids, such as cleaning agents in plastic containers. Residual sticking to walls, which causes measurement problems for conventional sensors, is not a problem for this device; a compensation probe generates a signal near the sensor surface, which counteracts the main signal. This feature allows an area to be produced in which targets, such as media residue, dirt and humidity, can be present without being detected. — Hans Turck GmbH & Co. KG, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany


An Online Database to Help Pick the Right Mill

This manufacturer of milling and sieving equipment offers free trials to find out which instrument is best suited for a particular application. An online application database, with more than 1,000 test reports (photo), are now available for download — free of charge — from the company’s web site. Documents dealing with a wide range of samples, such as algae, bones, tires or iron ore, and can help users make an initial selection of the mill that might be suitable for his or her application. The database can be searched by material, instrument, application field or feed size. — Retsch GmbH, Haan, Germany

A Vacuum Pump for Emerging Semiconductor Technology

The iXH Series of vacuum pumps are designed to meet the increasing demands of the emerging processes required for semiconductor manufacturing at 60 nm and smaller design rules. The iXH also helps to reduce tool cost of ownership, offers a smaller footprint than previous generastions and features a modular design that enables quick response to emerging process requirements. To manage the challenges of these new processes, the pump features improved thermal control and increased torque. It is also suitable for extreme powder processes with TEOS flows above 5 g/min, with larger exhaust stages and the innovatoive Gas Buster inlet purge to deal with process byproducts and minimize system maintenance, says the manufacturer. — Edwards, Crawley, U.K.


Here’s an Oven You can Walk Into

No. 986 is an electrically heated, 500°F vertical airflow walk-in oven (photo, p. 40I-6), which is currently being used for curing composite parts at a customer’s facility. The oven’s workspace dimensions measure 30 in. wide, 24-in. deep and 144-in tall. The unit is heated by 300 kW tubular elements that are sheathed in Iconoly, while a 3-h.p. recirculating blower provides 4,200 ft3 /min airflow to the workload. The oven features 4-in. thick insulated walls, aluminized-steel exterior and Type 304, 2B stainless-steel interior. All safety equipment required for handling flammable solvents, including explosion-venting door hardware, are included. — The Grieve Corp., Round Lake, Ill.

This Safety Valve is Fast Acting

The Type IVE mechanical-isolation valve guards against the passage of hot particles, glowing embers and flames through interconnecting piping, which may ignite a deflagration or a fire from one vessel to the next. The IVE valve remains open until receiving a signal from either a pressure responder or an optical sensor that detects hot particles, embers and flames. The valve responds by quickly closing in milliseconds, thereby preventing the passage of the hot entities from further passage through the pipeline. The Type IVE Valve is available in sizes from 4 to 16 in. nominal diameter. — BS&B Pressure Safety Systems, Tulsa, Okla.

Automated Sample Preparation for Analytical Analysis

The 815 Robotic Flexible Soliprep (photo) homogenizes, filters and dilutes solid samples to be filled into sealed vials. The rack accommodates up to 10 samples, to which aqueous solvent can be added via a built-in membrane pump. An additional Dosino can be used for dosing organic solvents. Particle-size reduction is carried out with the Polytron 1300D, whose cutting tool is available with or without protruding cutters. Insoluble components are aspirated with the 772 pump unit. After homogenization, a sample aliquot is aspirated at another workstation by a syringe and filtered into 11-mL vials for transport to analytical instruments. — Deutsche Metrohm GmbH & Co. KG, Filderstadt, Germany

Collaboration Leads to Improved Liquid-liquid Extraction

As of February 1, this firm and Kühni AG (Allschwil, Switzerland) will work closely together to develop comprehensive solutions for the complex task of packed liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) columns (photo). The co-operation takes advantage of the complimentary strengths of the two companies, including Kühni’s experience in the field of stirred-extraction columns and pilot techniques, and Sulzer Chemtech’s know-how in the area of structured packings. Customers can now be provided with new, extensive possibilities for solutions for their technical separation tasks with packed extraction columns. The designed plants are based on the results of pilot tests as well as data from existing large-scale applications. Through this collaboration, both technically and economically optimized designs for all LLE tasks are now available. — Sulzer Chemtech Ltd., Winterthur, Switzerland

BS&B Pressure Safety Systems

A Lightweight Alternative to Traditional Fillers

A new line of metal-coated-ceramic microspheres are now available from this producer. Covering a range of sizes and coatings, the microspheres are hollow, enabling engineers to manufacture high-strength, light-weight parts with improve buoyancy and thermal and acoustical insulation. The coated spheres can be used as alternatives to traditional fillers, such as silica, talc and calcium carbonate. Standard coatings include aluminum, magnesium and nickel; iron and tungsten coatings can also be produced. — Accumet Materials, Co., Ossining, N.Y.

Licensing Fees for DTM Technology Dropped

As a sign of appreciation to loyal customers who have been using FDT/DTM technology (field-device tools/device-type managers) for years and contributing to the wide acceptance of the technology, this firm has decided to discontinue charging any license fee for a range of DTMs. Eliminating the corresponding licensing procedure allows setting up DTM projects faster than ever, says the firm. DTM technology has become a worldwide standard to allow fast and easy configuration of complex field devices; the advanced configuration technology has been applied for commissioning and operation of Fieldbus, HART-multiplexer, interface, remote I/O and corrosion- and level-detection devices. — Pepperl + Fuchs GmbH, Mannheim, Germany


When Operating Two Pumps, Use this Control Panel

The PE Duplex 3Z electronic control panel for two pumps is suitable for well pumps, pressure-booster sets, irrigation, sewage-sump and oil-transfer pumps. The controllers enable automatic pump rotation and include a main isolator switch, input fuses, pump control PCB, electronic over-current protection (for the motors) and low-voltage transformer for supplying the pressure or float switches. The controller is rated to IP 55 protection. — Pump Engineering Ltd., Littlehampton, U.K.

Protect Workers from Airborn Microbes with this UV System

Germreduc is a continuous airflow cleaner that destroys airborne microorganisms. The design ensures worker safety, as there is no direct exposure to the ultraviolet light. The unit operates on the principle of closed-cycle ventilation: air is drawn into the module; a prefilter stops large particles; a UV lamps destroy germs; and purified air is returned to the environment. Versions are available for placement on walls or floors. — International Pbi S.p.A., Milan, Italy

Approved Detonation Arrestors for Acetylene and EO Service

The inline detonation arresters type Protego DA-SB-AC and DA-SB-EO were recently approved as the world’s first flame arresters for the entire concentration range of acetylene and ethylene oxide (EO). By complex testing conducted together with the Institute for Safety Equipment (IBExU), devices up to a nominal diameter of DN 200 were certified for atmospheric conditions. Both acetylene and EO are highly flammable gases; they have a tendancy for exothermic, explosive decomposition if energy is supplied. — Braunschweiger Flammenfilter GmbH, Braunschweig, Germany

Speed Valve-commissioning Times with DTM Software

This firm recently launched a device-type manager (DTM) for its Limitorque MX actuator. The new Profibus DP-V1/PA DMT V 1.0 software is said to significantly reduce commissioning times, maintenance and related operating costs. The DTM improves productivity by enabling direct interaction between user and the valve actuator using FDT-DTM technology. The software component contains device-specific application information. The DTM can be integrated into engineering and field-device-tool (FDT) frame applications, such as stand-alone commissioning tools or asset management systems that are equipped with FDT interfaces. The Limitorque MX DTM is certified by the FDT group per specification 1.2, and a free download is available at the company’s web sitedlinks. — Flowserve Corp., Dallas, Tex.

Siemens Water Technology

Underwater Mixers Offer Reduced Energy Consumption

The latest generations of direct-drive submersible mixers will be presented this month at IFAT 2008 (May 5 – 9; Munich, Germany). The Amamix propeller hydraulics have been optimized to achieve maximum efficiencies and "excellent" running properties when handling viscous media, says the manufacturer. Redesigned propellers ensure efficient thrust generation in the tank, thereby reducing energy consumption. Available with nominal diameters from 200 to 600 mm, the stainless-steel propellers have two or three blades, depending on the power input, and "throw off" fibrous, stringy substances entrained by the flow; this prevents the mixer from clogging. A dynamic sealing system consisting of two mechanical seals and a lip seal enables the mixer to run up to 16,000 h without oil change. — KSB AG, Frankenthal. Germany

Select the Right Feeder with this Online Program

A new program for automatic selection of the optimum gravimetric or volumetric bulk ingredient metering feeder has now been published on this firm’s Web site. The FeederScout determines the optimum metering feeder best suited for a particular requirement, taking into account both technical appropriateness and cost efficiency. Upon request, the FeederScout also submits a quotation along with its feeder proposal. The program incorporates the firm’s extensive database of more than 15,000 feeding trials with thousands of bulk ingredients. — Brabender Technologie KG, Duisburg, Germany

When Conventional Capacitative Sensors are Too Large

This firm continues to develop and manufacture a wide range of capacitative sensors with small dimensions. The capacitative sensors in cylindrical housings with M 30 x 1.5 or M 32 X 1.5 thread are now available with a body length of only 50 mm. This Series also includes PTFE body versions that are suitable for use in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. — Rechner Industrie-Elektronik GmbH, Lampertheim, Germany

Allison Engineering

PC-Control Now Becomes much Faster

XFC (eXtreme Fast Control) technology is based on an optimized control and communication architecture that combines an advanced Industrial PC, ultra-fast I/O terminals, the EtherCAT high-speed Ethernet system and TwinCAT automation software. Using XFC, PC control technology is said to be 10 – 20 times faster that previous solutions. Fast PC-based control drastically reduced cycle times, enables users to improve the quality of their process and ultimately saves material costs and decisively increases energy efficiency, says the firm. — Beckhoff Automation GmbH, Verl, Germany

Water Hammer Avoided with this Ball-valve Actuator

With travel-dependent, adjustable-positioning time, this firm’s actuator technology is said to meet the challenges of water-hammer prevention. The actuator technology generates a linear flow through the ball valve, enabling fine-tuning of operating speeds through ten different positions to prevent water hammer. COM-SPIOS commissioning, diagnostic and visualization software allows interaction between an external device, such as a laptop, and the actuator. — Sipos Aktorik GmbH, Altdorf, Germany

No Wires Requires to Connect this PH Transmitter

The Rosemount Analytical Model 6081-P wireless pH transmitter (photo) is the latest addition to this firm’s Smart Wireless plant solutions. The new field device — said to be industry’s first wireless pH/ORP transmitter — measures both pH and ORP and is compatible with most Rosemount Analytical pH and ORP sensors. The transmitter installs easily and joins the wireless network quickly, enabling analytical measurements that were previously impossible due to physical or economic constraints, or in movable applications. Installation savings are as much as 90% as compared with traditional wired service. — Emerson Process Management, Bredbury, Stockport, U.K.

Emerson Process Management
Mettler Toledo

This Pump Handles a Wide Viscosity Range

The sealless, leak-free TopGear MAG internal gear pumps are specifically designed for handling low or high-viscosity hazardous or toxic liquids, or for liquids that are problematic to seal off. The pumps provide a maximum capacity of 80 m3 /h, a maximum differential pressure of 16 bar and can operate with liquids with a maximum temperature of 250°C.On important feature of the pump is the gap between the inner magnet and can, which minimizes friction losses when pumping viscous media, thereby ensuring low heat generation and long life operation. The pumps are available with silicone carbide bearings, and a built in safety system prevents both the inner and outer magnetic rotors from running against the can in case of bearing failure. — JP Pumps Ltd., Crawley, U.K.


These Laser-based Units Monitor Volumetric Flow of Bulk Solids

The KTEK range of laser-based instruments (photo, p. 40I-10) has been expanded with the addition of a new 2D volume flow scanner and a 3D laser-belt scanner. The LM080 laser-belt scanner provides a continuous, non-contact volumetric flow measurement (m3 /h) of bulk solids lying on belts and conveyors, while simultaneously monitoring the belt speed. The result is a 2D cross-sectional area of bulk material, while the belt speed provides a 4 – 20-mA output that is scaled in cubic meters per minute. Unlike alternative volumetric measurement technology, such as gravimetric weighing, the KTEK scanner is unaffected by vibrations. The LM050 is a moving 3D laser scanner that provides continuous, non-contact mapping of entire stockpiles. Each laser uses a large number of measurement points to accurately profile and measure volume to an accuracy of ±0.5%. — Allison Engineering, Basildon, U.K.

Use this Conductivity Probe to Control Chemical Concentrations

Tight concentration control in chemical processes can be achieved using inductive conductivity sensors, which have the sensitivity to detect very small changes in conductivity. This firm offers the InPro 7250 Series inductive conductivity sensor, which features a PEEK, or for highest chemical resistance, a PFA coating. The sensor can be coupled to the Cond Ind 7100 e conductivity transmitter (photo, p. 40I-12), with a unique user interface and continuous transmitter and sensor diagnostics. — Mettler Toledo AG, Urdorf, Switzerland

Now there’s a Continuous Fluidized Bed System For R&D

The miniconti (photo) is a small-scale fluidized-bed system for product development. The system allows for developing products continuously at the laboratory scale and transferring the results to production scale without any risk, which otherwise may occur when going from batch to continuous processes. The system is designed for R&D applications with a throughput from approximately 500 g/h up to 10 kg/h. The mobile continuous system offers functions and characteristics similar to batch laboratory systems: its easy to clean; GMP demands are met; processes can be validated; and corresponding process documentation is included. The unit is equipped with a fully automatic SPS control, and is operates by means of a touch screen. — Heinen Drying GmbH, Varel, Germany

Intelligent Control for PH-Sensitive Chemical Reactions

The Atlas pH Monitoring and Control System (photo, p. 40I-13) offers chemists a simple and reliable tool for chemical synthesis. Intelligent, PC-free control allows efficient maintenance of pH via realtime detection, display and adjustment, with automated addition of acid or base using the Atlas Syringe Pump. The unit was developed for the accurate control of pH throughout the most sensitive of reactions, says the manufacturer. Temperature and pH probes connect to the Atlas base, where parameters such as temperature, stirrer speed and quantity of acid or base can be accurately and consistently controlled. — Syrris Ltd., Royston, U.K.

Heinen Drying

A Skid-Mounted Makeup System for Water Plants

The Vantage Quick Systems line of water-treatment equipment is a comprehensive system to meet the demands for make-up high-purity water requirements up to 10 gal/min. The Make-Up Series (photo, p. 40I-8) consists of a water softener and optional carbon pretreatment units, and a reverse osmosis system, all fully assembled on a steel skid. The Make-Up Series also comes with additional features that make it cost-effective to install and operate, says the manufacturer. — Siemens Water Technology, Warrendale, Pa.

Remove Contaminants from an Air System while Conserving Energy

Automatic Magnetic Drains (AMDs) remove condensate and other contaminates from air systems, thereby protecting valuable equipment. The AMD 1550 drain trap has working pressures to 230 psig and a discharge capacity of 53 gal/h. Designed for use with coolers, refrigerated dryers, separators, filters and liquid separators, the AMD 1550 maintains a liquid seal that prevents the loss of compressed air to save energy. The rugged and corrosion-resistant metal housing allows for a long lifetime of service, and operating mechanisms are isolated from condensate so that no fouling or sticking occurs, thus minimizing maintenance. — Kaeser Compressors Inc., Fredericksburg, Va.

This Butterfly Valve Features a Double Eccentric Design

Available in sizes up to 12 in., this corrosion-resistant valve incorporates a double eccentric operating principle that provides improved wear and easier operation. The off-center shaft allows the disc to completely disengage from the disc seal, even when partially open. This reduces seal friction and improves seal wear characteristics, resulting in longer service life, minimal maintenance and better protection against pressure surges. Typical applications include: industrial water treatment; potable water treatment; swimming pools; water parks; and wastewater systems in such industries as chemical, chemical distribution, electroplating and power generation. — GF Piping Systems, Tustin, Calif.

Promote a Unified Operating Environment with this Control System

Centum VP is the new integrated production control system that will become the flagship platform for the VigilantPlant Operational Excellence Initiative. This initiative eliminates unplanned downtime, improves asset utilization, and allows businesses to adapt to shifting market conditions quickly and efficiently. Centum VP redefines the role of a production control system, the DCS, by integrating plant information management, asset management, and operation support functions to achieve a unified operating environment. — Yokogawa, Newnan, Ga.

This Anti-wear Additive is Compatible with Many Materials

This firm offers the Naugalube 810, the next generation of non-phosphorous, non-sulfur and sulfated ash-free anti-wear additives, with a friction-reducing benefit. It offers excellent anti-wear performance while being highly compatible with other materials. It is suitable for a broad range of base stocks, is non-corrosive to copper and lead, is non-metallic, compatible with other additive components and is non-deposit forming on thermal degradation. — Chemtura, Middlebury, Conn.

Maintain 24 V D.C. Power Supplies with Electronic Circuit Protection

The ESX10-T electronic circuit protector is a compact device that combines purely electronic trip characteristics and active current limitation to allow selective disconnection of loads connected to 24VDC power supplies. Selective-load protection prevents complete shutdown of the system by quickly disconnecting the faulty path when an overload or short circuit occurs. It limits the highest possible current to 1.3 – 1.8 times the rated capacity and is capable of switching on capacitive load up to 20,000 µF, with disconnection only in the even of an overload or short circuit. Upon a need for disconnect, the power-MOSFET switching output of the ESX10-T interrupts the current flow at 1.1 times rated current after three seconds. — E-T-A Circuit Breakers, Mt. Prospect, Ill.

Combine Point Level Measurement and Communication

The Gladiator smart admittance level switch is designed to detect the level of liquid, slurry or powder in a tank or vessel. The unit measures the capacitance or admittance between a probe and the wall of the container. As the level of the product rises to the level of the probe or drops below the level, the capacitance measured at the probe changes. When the Gladiator detects these changes, it produces an output. It can monitor materials with a wide range of dielectric constants, so the system is applicable to a large variety of liquids, slurries and powders. — Hawk Measurement, Middleton, Mass.

An Efficient New Pump for Oil Extraction

A high-efficiency, energy-saving, tower-type oil pump has been developed that is driven by permanent magnetic linear motors. According to the manufacturer, it is the world’s first vertical oil pump to adopt a large-thrust cylindrical synchronous linear motor. In addition to producing measurable energy savings, the pump offers automatic and reversing speeds, as well as reduced operational maintenance expenses. The patented system gauges the tension needed to mechanically lift liquid out of the wellhead and makes adjustments to the power needed in real time. The firm promises more than 20 – 30% of energy conserved when compared to traditional oil pumps. The units, which are certified by Heilongjiang Science and Technology Bureau (HSTB), a branch of the Ministry of Science and Technology of P.R. China, and China National Petroleum Corporation Daqing Petroleum, are expected to sell at an average price of $52,000. — Harbin Electric, Inc., Harbin, China

Gerald Ondrey, with Kate Torzewski

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