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May 1, 2006

May New Products (North American Edition)

Dorothy Lozowski

Handle viscous materials with this double planetary mixer

The new HV Blades on this DPM Model (photo, right upper middle) enable the mixing of ultra-high viscosity (up to 8,000,000 cP) formulations. Additional advantages of these teflon-coated blades are that they: clean the walls and vessel bottom during mixing; eliminate climbing of viscous materials; and produce a continuous, balanced mixing action that eliminates amperage spikes. The DPM Model is available in working-capacity sizes from 0.5 pint through 750 gal. Optional features include sanitary designs, special benches, and vacuum and pressure sealing. — Charles Ross and Son Co., Hauppauge, N.Y.


Use these transmitters in dusty environments

Designed as an alternative to tube-style mechanical gauges, these pressure transmitters (photo, left top) feature a large, ceramic diaphragm that is durable and will not clog. Both differential and static configurations are available in ranges to as low as 0–10 in. w.c. A 4–20-mA output is provided. — FilterSense, Beverly, Mass.


This seal is an alternative to packing glands

Originally conceived for high-temperature and high-speed applications, this single-face seal design operates without a purge or flush system. The Outside Face Seal (OFS) (photo, right bottom) is particularly suited to top-entry agitators, where long, cantilevered shafts can exhibit high runout and angular misalignment. The OFS will permit significant axial motion, making it suitable for applications where there is shaft float and thermal expansion. The seal is available unsplit or fully split and in a wide variety of materials for chemical compatibility. — Woodex Bearing Co., Meco Seals Div., Georgetown, Maine


Low-profile conveyors provide versatility

The 250 Series of conveyors (photo, right lower middle) combines a center drive and very-low profile (1.89 in.) that allow these units to be used in tight spaces where conventional conveyors would not fit. With a load-carrying capacity of 630 lb and speeds up to 360 ft/min, the 250 Series can be used in manufacturing plants as well as distribution centers, packaging lines and more. Belt widths of 2 to 4 in. are available, in lengths from 4 to 28 ft. — QC Industries, Cincinnati, Ohio


Handle potent compounds safely in a containment system

Protecting workers from exposure to hazardous compounds poses an increasing challenge, particularly to pharmaceutical manufacturers, who process potent, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). The GBK Containment System (photo, p.33D-1, left bottom) is an all-in-one contained glove bag/housing system for filter change-outs. Operators can access replacement filters from zippered feed-in sleeves and then remove spent filters through a feed-out sleeve using nitrile gloves. Sealed sleeves are also available for more critical applications where additional protection is needed. GBK glove bags are made of antistatic polyurethane with a built-in HEPA filter to prevent condensation. Independent tests show that this system could be used to provide a containment level to 1 mg/m3. — Pall Corp., East Hills, N.Y.


This Coriolis meter offers high-flowrate capability

This Coriolis mass flowmeter combines large-line service, high-flowrate capability and measurement accuracy in a standard product. The Model CMU (photo, p.33D-1, right top) is designed for line sizes from 0.25 to 12 in. and measures flowrates from 2.2 to 80,800 lb/hr. In addition to true mass flow, the CMU measures fluid temperature, density and volumetric flow. The meter’s “U” tube flow-sensor design features a lightweight tube, minimal welding and vibration-dampening technology. For applications where density measurement is needed, the CMU is available with optional density calibrations. Selections include a 3-point or 5-point density calibration. — Fluid Components International (FCI), San Marcos, Calif.


Analyze particle shape and image with this instrument

The new QICPIC analyzer (photo) gathers details on particles such as length, sphericity and aspect ratio. The data are classified and sorted on a PC and allow an operator to rapidly see “offending” particles. Suitable for use on either wet or dry powders, fibers and granulations, the QICPIC can handle particle sizes from 1 to 10,000 mm. — Sympatec Inc., Lawrenceville, N.J.


Get pulseless low-flow fluid delivery with this system

This programmable dispensing system is controlled by precision stepper motors and can deliver flowrates as low as 5 ml/min without pulsation. The Smooth-flo Fluid Delivery System uses three separate, valveless pumpheads that are timed to eliminate pulsation. A second stepper motor allows fine adjustments to be made by changing the stroke length. The Smooth-flo can be programmed for a variety of functions on a touch-screen interface, which can control up to 16 systems on a single bus. — Fluid Metering, Inc., Syosset, N.Y.


A two-piece valve control module has been released

This two-piece valve control module is now being included with this manufacturer’s W-Series single- and double-seat valves. The two-piece module has an easy screw-on acrylic top, stainless-steel base and upgraded features that include: a lift-off design with no disassembly or electrical disconnection required for removal, up to three solenoids, and the ability to accommodate all current switch options. A seat-wear option is available for single-seat valves. — SPX Process Equipment, Delavan, Wis.


Sample from multiple streams with a single valve module

The SSV Series Stream Selector System (photo, p.33D-4, left) delivers a representative sample from multiple sample streams to a single analyzer. These modular assemblies are ANSI/ISA 76.00.02 compatible and accommodate multiple process streams in a limited amount of space. Each stream is controlled by a double-block-and-bleed module to eliminate cross contamination and maintain sample integrity. — Swagelok Co., Solon, Ohio


This station moves to make filling easier

The new Material Master Powerfill (photo) features a horizontal pivoting and rotating bag-fill carriage. The bag support carriage and fill head lower to a programmed operator height, extend towards the operator, and then rotate for a “reach-free” bag-strap and bag-spout connection. The unit includes touch-screen controls. — Material Transfer & Storage, Inc., Allegan, Mich.


Concurrent batching and blending cuts cycle times

In this pneumatic batching system (photo, right), bulk-bag dischargers are mounted on load cells to allow loss-of-weight batching from either or both bulk bags. Minor, pre-weighed ingredients are added at the manual dumping station, where a high-velocity vacuum fan draws dust away from the operator onto two cartridge filters. A filter receiver, at the end of the vacuum-conveyor line, accumulates the batch. The material is then discharged through a slide-gate valve into a ribbon blender, allowing concurrent batching and blending of materials. — Flexicon Corp., Bethlehem, Pa.


Use these filters for demanding refinery processes

HyPulse LSI filters are designed for applications that include high-temperature operation (up to 650°F), high-efficiency liquid/solids separations, backwashability and continuous operation. They can be used in processes such as removal of FCC catalyst fines from slurry oil. The LSI filter will remove suspended solids down to 50 ppm and lower. Particle retention size can be down to 0.1 mm, depending on the porous metal-media grade. A wide selection of filter media are available, ranging from standard 316L stainless steel to corrosive-resistant nickel and Hastelloy. — Mott Corp., Farmington, Conn. 

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