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January 1, 2006

New Products For January

A solution is offered for venting samples from process analyzers

This product offers a way to vent samples from process analyzers into a plant’s flare-disposal or return system, thereby reducing or eliminating emissions associated with venting analyzer samples to the atmosphere. Designated Vent Master (photo, top left), the product creates a constant-pressure environment in the vent header to keep process analyzers operating at their maximum accuracy, says the manufacturer. The system can handle maximum flowrates up to 18 std L/min and flare-header back pressures up to 20 psig. Vent Master is an all-mechanical, pressure-control system, which uses regulators, gauges, a rotometer and other controls that are assembled in a 12 X 15 in. enclosure. — Parker Instrumentation Products Division, Huntsville, Ala.


PUR hose for clean, and not-so-clean applications

Made from premium ether polyurethane (Pre-PUR) and available in diameters from 80 to 600 mm, the special hose PUR 335 (photo, center left) fills most of the needs for applications that require high quality, flexibility, and load-carrying ability. The hose is abrasion-proof and vibration resistant, which makes it especially suited for vibrating and tumbler screening machines. Because of its high-tensile strength and tear resistance, the hose can also be used as a bellows or compensator. The 355 MHF variant is available for handling food and pharmaceutical products. — Norres Schlauchtechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Gelsenkirchen, Germany


A purge system is now available for this level gauge

The optional purge system for the Optiwave radar level gauge (photo, lower left) can be used to keep the antenna from fouling, such as may occur in applications where products tend to stick or cake. Purging of the impedance transformer, the waveguide, and the antenna occurs tangentially, and ensures that the entire antenna system is reliably cleaned. The gauge can be purged with gases or liquids that are compatible with the process. The purge system is available for the extended-antenna versions of Optiwave in DN 40, 50 and 80. — Krohne Messtechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Duisburg Germany


Protect workers with this personal gas monitor

Pac 7000 (photo, center right) is a single-gas detector for personal monitoring at the workplace. Depending on which sensors are fitted, the unit can reliably warn of the presence of harmful concentrations of carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide or oxygen. The instrument features an impact-proof housing and is resistant to corrosive chemicals. The Pac 7000 also has a data logger that stores concentrations and events, along with the corresponding date and time. — Dräger Safety AG & Co. KGaA, Lübeck, Germany


Analyze solid samples with this spectrophotometer

The Evolution 600 UV-vis spectrophotometer (photo, lower right) is capable of analyzing materials such as optical components, thin films, glass and plastics regardless of shape, size or composition. A variety of accessories are available for analyzing solid samples. The analyzer is equipped with VISIONpro software, which has been improved to suit the analytical needs of material and life sciences. — Thermo Electron Corp.,

Waltham, Mass.

(Continues on p. 24D-2)

Repair worn metal in process equipment with this putty

Ceramic Repair Putty is an alumina-filled epoxy compound that is engineered to form a long-lasting barrier against abrasion, corrosion, cavitation and chemical attack. The putty can be applied with a trowel to fill voids and protect equipment from further damage. With a 100% solids formulation, Ceramic Repair Putty produces no volatile-organic-compound (VOC) emissions. One pound covers 66 in.2 at a thickness of 0.25 in. A functional cure is attained in 16 h at room temperature. When cured, the putty withstands service temperatures up to 150°F wet and 350°F dry. — Devcon, Danvers, Mass.


Use this rotary-lobe pump for clean, gentle pumping

TopWing rotary lobe pumps (photo, left) have been designed to meet the requirements of good manufacturing practices (GMP), as confirmed by accreditations including the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG), Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and ASME BPE 2002. The TopWing range consists of eight pumps, with connections from 25 to 100 mm, and provides flowrates up to 156 m3/h at a maximum working pressure of 15 bar. The pumps incorporate a Bi-wing rotor, which promotes smooth flow, low pulsation and high volumetric efficiency. The rotor design also results in small clearances, which ensures less backslip and gentler treatment of shear-sensitive liquids and soft particles. — JP Pumps Ltd., Crawley, U.K.

These food-grade screw feeders measure weights accurately

These loss-in-weight feeders provide accuracies to ± 0.25% in gravimetric mode. The AccuFeed (photo, right) is available in screw diameters from 1–6 in. and with capacities from 2.8 to over 600 ft3/h. The units are constructed of food-grade polyethylene. These feeders can be easily cleaned between material changes and offer versatility in hopper selection. — Vibra Screw, Inc., Totowa, N.J.


Measure bubbles in

gas-liquid mixtures

The knowledge of bubble-size distribution and the volume fraction of gas in liquid are important for a wide variety of two-phase applications, such as specialty fluids based on gas-liquid mixtures and aeration processes. These parameters can be measured by the ABS Acoustic Bubble Spectrometer (photo, left), which uses the property that bubbles strongly affect acoustic wave propagation. Unlike optical techniques, there is no requirement for liquid or container transparency. A pair of hydrophones or transducers transmits and receives a series of short monochromatic bursts of varying frequencies from which the attenuation and phase speed in the bubbly liquid are determined. These signals are analyzed to obtain the bubble-size distribution and void fraction. The ABS is built around a PC Windows platform and includes cards for signal generation and data acquisition. The analyzed results are displayed graphically in real time and can also be stored or printed. — Dynaflow, Inc., Jessup, Md.


A new dense-phase conveying system for powders

Fluidsplit (photo, right) is a new bypass conveying system for handling dense-phase conveying of powders. The system stabilizes the flow of product by injecting secondary air with separately adjustable functions: for fluidizing and for plug splitting. The system makes it possible to convey both fluidizable powders with poor air-retention capacity, as well as coarser, nonfluidizable powders. The bypass conveying system can be used with conveying lengths up to 400 m, conveying pipes up to DN 250 nominal diameter, and conveying rates of approximately 25 m.t./h. — Coperion Waeschle GmbH & Co. KG,

Weingarten, Germany


Discharge this centrifuge with an automatic piston

The ADP centrifuge incorporates an automatic piston to discharge the solid phase from the centrifuge bowl as a dry paste. Available for reactor volumes from 10-10,000 L, these separation units offer validated CIP/SIP systems, thermal control, full-vacuum operation and PLS controls. — Celeros, Inc., Novi, Mich.

Dorothy Lozowski and Gerald Ondrey



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