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November 1, 2006

November New Products (North American edition)



Disperse powders in a single pass

The Ytron inline powder disperser (photo) is specifically designed to disperse extremely difficult-to-wet powders such as polymers, into a liquid stream in a single pass. Powder incorporation is achieved by the presence of significant vacuum in the reactor housing generated by the liquid seal created between the rotor and stator. This vacuum ensures that powders from the hopper above are drawn into the reactor head, where the particles are subjected to intense mechanical shearing prior to hydration into the liquid stream. The result is homogeneous dispersion of hydrophilic powders without “fish-eyes.” Other benefits include batch-to-batch consistency, less air entrainment, reduced batch times and decreased cleaning times due to the elimination of powder buildup on tank walls and the mixer shaft. - Quadro Inc., Millburn, N.J.


A field-mountable videographic recorder is now available

The SM500F (photo) is a four-channel, videographic data recorder that offers users localized access to operational data wherever the process may be. This recorder can be installed into a panel, wall or pipe without the additional expense of costly enclosures that are normally required to field mount a traditional videographic recorder. Its fully sealed NEMA 4X and IP66 enclosure provides full protection against water, dirt and dust, making it perfect for hose-down and dirty applications in the field and at the process. The SM500F is available with a choice of either a color or monochrome display to present process data in a variety of display formats including chart, bargraph and digital-indicator views. On-screen historical logs provide operators access to alarm, totalizer and audit trail data in a Microsoft Windows environment. Process data and historical logs are archived to a removable common SD camera card with a capacity of up to 2 Gb. An onboard web-server provides operators with access to realtime data and an Ethernet communications link is built into the unit. Fully compliant with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) 21CFR Part 11 regulations concerning electronic process-data collection, the SM500F is ideal where local indication and recording of process conditions are needed. - ABB Instrumentation, Norwalk, Conn.


These lift trucks perform in demanding applications

With six different capacities ranging from 17,500 to 33,000 lb, the P175000-P33000 Series diesel lift trucks (photo) feature a new turbocharged engine, a hydraulic, fingertip control system and ergonomic styling. The turbocharged diesel engine is equipped with a common rail fuel-delivery system that assures even and high-pressure fuel delivery to all six cylinders, allowing for swift acceleration, low noise and reliable performance. Specifically designed with operator convenience in mind, no tools are required for quick and easy performance checks. The new, hydraulic fingertip control significantly reduces operator fatigue. The display panel allows pre-programmable maintenance intervals, which notify the operator of impending service and provide quick fault-history-folder access to the technician. - Cat Lift Trucks, Houston, Tex.


This keyboard withstands harsh environments

The QVP all-metal, fully sealed keyboard with integrated track ball (photo) is designed to withstand heavy public use, vandal abuse, harsh weather and environments where fluids are common. Sealed to IP65, the keyboard can be spray washed. Engraved key tops provide long key life and have a tactile feel. Key graphics can also be customized. This keyboard is designed to be either under-panel mounted or to sit on a desktop. With operating temperatures from -20°C to 60°C, the QVP is USB 2.0 or PS2 capable. The bezel color can be customized by powder coating it to whatever color is needed. - MGR Industries, Fort Collins, Colo.


These gloves combine grip with chemical resistance

These chemical-resistant gloves incorporate a grip technology that requires less force to grip oily or wet objects. AlphaTEC gloves (photo, p. 36D-1) integrate microscopic channels in a patented ultra-thin nitrile layer to direct fluids away from the grip surface, leaving a significant dry contact area that provides almost the same grip that is possible under fluid-free conditions. Offering a combination of grip, chemical resistance, flexibility and dexterity, the gloves are recommended for light assembly and handling operations in environments with potential chemical hazards, including the chemical industry, printing, mining, aerospace, agriculture, oilfield exploration and production. AlphaTEC gloves offer resistance to many chemicals and especially hydrocarbon-based chemicals, oils and solvents. The polymer coating does not penetrate into the liner during the manufacturing process, which results in consistent protection for the skin. The reduced need for exertion provided by an improved grip results in greater object control, comfort, safety and productivity and can contribute to preventing the onset of occupational injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and tendonitis. - Ansell, Red Bank, N.J.


A unique approach to powder containment

The MDL850 continuous duty vacuum cleaner (photo) uses a continuous bagging system to eliminate drum handling and give the operator better control over dust and disposal issues. The cleaner also comes equipped with a filter cleaning system that does not require compressed air. While the filters are being cleaned, the discharge valve opens and automatically discharges the collected product into the continuous bagging system. The filters can be cleaned without shutting the cleaner down. Other features of the MDL850 include a heavy-duty frame and compact size, allowing for up to three operators working in a 50-ft area. Filter area for this system is three times greater than previous models by the manufacturer. - Vac-U-Max Belleville, N.J.


Portable vessels meet DOT and ASME codes

Custom designed and manufactured to CFR49 for shipment of hazardous products, these vessels (photo) meet both DOT and ASME codes. Vessels are available in various material and weld finishes, from a 2B finish with welds “as is” to a No. 6 finish with welds ground smooth an ribbon polished for sanitary conditions. - Custom Metalcraft, Inc., Springfield, Mo.


Transport and weigh materials with this truck

With a 7,000 lb capacity and a 3.4-in. lowered-fork height, this truck is able to transport and weigh pallets and containers. The explosion-proof truck, model d-170S-XP/ASM (photo), features an intrinsically safe scale system that measures weights in 2 lb increments with a 0.1% accuracy. - Sichelschmidt, Wharton, N.J.


Versatile designs accommodate a variety of heat-exchange needs

The Thermo-T tubular heat exchanger is designed to recover energy from industrial processes at temperatures up to 2,000°F, with up to 80% effectiveness. Built to handle high temperatures and corrosive environments, Thermo-T can be constructed from a variety of materials, such as stainless steels and nickel alloys. The fully welded construction prevents cross contamination. Integral thermal-expansion joints allow the heat-exchanging tubes to expand in high-temperature applications, without causing excessive stress to the unit. The insulated, external case prevents expansion, allowing direct flange-to-flange installation with ductwork. Adjustable tube sizing and spacing, single-pass and multi-pass models, airflows from 3,000 to 30,000 scfm, and multiple airflow configurations make this heat exchanger adaptable to multiple industrial tasks. - Des Champs Technologies, Buena Vista, Va.


This epoxy is serviceable down to 4°K

EP51M is a fast, epoxy adhesive (photo) for general purpose bonding. Bonded parts can be safely handled within a half hour. Bonds produced have more than 2,000 psi in shear strength and they exhibit resistance to thermal cycling and chemicals including water, oil and most organic solvents over a temperature range of 4°K to 120°C. EP51M adheres to metals, glass, ceramics, wood, vulcanized rubber and many plastics. It is suggested that this epoxy be mixed in small quantities because of its fast gelling properties. Applications include electrical, computer, construction, metalworking and chemical industries. - Master Bond Inc., Hackensack, N.J.


Measure high temperatures at a distance

The IRtec P2000 (photo) is a portable, infrared thermometer for various applications. The temperature range is from 1,100°F to 3,630°F with a temperature stability of ±0.01% and an accuracy of ±0.5% of the reading in °F. The design incorporates a high quality lens to measure very small targets at a long distance. - E Instruments Group, Langhorne, Pa.


A valve for biofuels applications

The High Performance butterfly valve Series (photo. p. 36D-5) offers direct-mount actuator capabilities for actuation, while retaining a live-loaded packing adjustment. Materials of construction include carbon steel, stainless steel and alloys. Sizes range through 60 in. with ANSI 150, 300 and 600 lb specifications. Engineered specifically for the biofuels market, these valves come standard with 316-stainless-steel trim, polyester polyurethane body coatings and three seating configurations. As a standard practice, every valve is tested to 110% of its pressure rating. - Sure Seal Inc., Mineral Point, Mo.


Eliminate condensation threats in TOC analyzers

Rapid oxidation of gas samples for total organic carbon (TOC) measurement can produce condensation that interferes with accurate readings. The MD-Series and MDH-Series dryers remove excess water vapor to keep TOC analyzers free from damage and inaccurate results. Using a patented membrane technology, these dryers selectively remove only water vapor from gas samples, leaving the carbon dioxide concentration intact for TOC measurement. With this one-step drying solution there is no need for a drip leg, peltier cooler or desiccant canister. Without moving parts, the dryers require no routine maintenance. Available in stainless steel, fluorocarbon or polypropylene, the MD-Series dryers come in a range of sizes to accommodate a variety of applications with flowrates of up to 4 L/min. MDH-Series dryers are designed for gas flows of up to 1 L/min with as much as 30% water by volume. Either model can be incorporated into analyzer cabinets or used as a stand-alone device. - PermaPure LLC, Toms River, N.J.


This pH sensor's design protects it from drying out

This inline sensor features a patented chamber design, which prolongs probe life and efficiency for monitoring the pH of water-based inks and other solutions. The In-Line pH Sensor installs directly in a fluid line to monitor pH and incorporates a transmitter which converts it's mV signal to 4-20 mA for transmission to a controller. Featuring a flat-tip probe with a glass insert, this sensor has a patented integral reservoir, which traps fluid to keep the probe tip wet during job changes and prevent drying out - a problem that often reduces or destroys the effectiveness of conventional sensors. - Norcross Corp., Newton, Mass.


Lift tables feature travel up to 12 feet

This line of lifts features 40 models of multi-stage lift tables with travels from 3 to 12 ft. Capacities range from 2,000 to 12,000 lb with platform sizes up to 66 in. by 98 in. Electric hydraulic power units are internal 2 hp or external 5 hp. The units have lifetime-lubricated bearings at all pivot points to eliminate the need for greasing or oiling, chrome-plated axles and shafts to inhibit rusting and centering pads to extend equipment life. These lift models are ideal for applications where a high lift is needed, but there isn't space for a single scissors assembly, which requires a much longer platform than the multi-stage platforms. - Advance Lifts, Inc., St. Charles, Ill.


This new filtration media offers increased permeability

This containment pallet features a removable deck with four-way forklift entry. The deck can be easily lifted from the sump by a forklift to transport drums to specific plant locations. Rugged, polyethylene construction features a 6,500 lb static-load capacity. Steel drums can be double-stacked on top of one Ultra-SpillKing (photo) containment sump to optimize floor space. The 85 gal sump capacity exceeds U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Uniform Fire Code spill containment regulations. -

UltraTech International, Inc., Jacksonville, Fla.


This steam-trap station line features a new configuration

This company has added a left-hand configuration to its universal steam-trap station line. Designed as a complete steam main-drip or tracer steam-trap station, the USTS II is engineered for the chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries. The compact unit is designed to have a minimal amount of surface area to reduce heat loss and save energy. It will support all standardized universal type steam traps and is also suitable for forged-steel and fabricated condensate-collection manifolds. The steam-trap station is rated for use at a maximum temperature of 750°F and a pressure of 650 psig. Constructed of stainless steel, the USTS II is made up of one main casting with no welding or threaded piping connection between components. Standard features include two isolation valves, one integral strainer with blowdown, one trap-test valve, NPT or socket -weld connections, 0.5- or 0.75-in. sizes and left-to-right or right-to-left configurations. Lock-out or tag-out boxes are also available. - Spirax Sarco Inc., Blythewood, S.C.


Optimize chemical reactions with this modular system

With the new experimental system called FRX (photo), chemical reactions are performed under laminar-flow conditions, improving reaction speed, optimization and control, says the firm. The modular system allows chemists to incorporate just those components that are required. Four FRX systems are available: the basic 100, designed for initial flow chemistry work using a larger-volume tubular reactor; the 200, with a microreactor and solid-phase column; and the more complex 300 and 400 versions, which incorporate an FRX flow liquid-liquid extraction (FLLEX) module. FLLEX facilitates compound purification and post-reaction separation; once separated the product can be passed on for analysis, collection or further reaction. - Syrris Ltd., Royston, U.K.


Measure thermal images with one hand

The LAND Guide M3 thermal imager (photo) enables plant engineers to operate more efficiently and productively in their day-to-day preventive maintenance duties. The palm-held design offers finger-tip controls, high-quality thermal images (with provision for voice annotation), on-board image processing, a 100-image memory capacity and USB connectivity. With a temperature-measurement range of -20 to 250°C and a sensitivity of 0.12°C, the device detects extremely small temperature differences and displays them as high-resolution, 8-bit thermal images. - Land Instruments International, Dronfield, England


Valve automation with redundancy over long distances

This firm has developed an integrated solution to automate valves using electrical actuators with loop redundancy. If the fieldbus is interrupted at one position, the data exchange between all actuators and the master can still be maintained. By applying this concept, redundancy is achieved without installing a second fieldbus cable, says the firm. The system uses conventional copper fieldbus cables. Theoretically, 127 actuators can be installed at a distance of 1,200 m, resulting in a loop circumference of 153.6 km. - AUMA Riester GmbH & Co. KG, Müllheim, Germany


These pH sensors can take the heat

The new Rosemount Analytical Model 3300HT and 3400HT high temperature pH sensors (photo) have been designed to operate longer at temperatures up to 145°C. The two sensors are the first releases of the company's PERph-X line, a new sensor platform with many specialized design features, including AccuGlass pH glass formulations. These resist cracking and maintain near theoretical response, even at extreme pH values and after exposure to high temperatures. As a result, sensors using this glass formulation require less frequent calibration and have a longer lifetime. Another new feature is an improved double-junction reference that can be refilled for extreme application that may deplete reference electrolyte. - Emerson Process Management, Bredbury, Stockport, U.K.


Analyze metals from the palm of your hand

iSort is a battery-powered, hand-held spectrometer for onsite analysis of metals. The device uses electric-arc excitation, thus requires neither argon nor a radioactive source, and can be used to identify and analyze aluminum, copper, nickel and titanium alloys without manual operator intervention. A scrubbing system enables the device to analyze for carbon in iron. The instrument can be used for applications such as incoming quality control, material testing in production, component identification in production plants, material-failure and weld-seal analysis, and the rapid determination of metal grades for buying and selling scrap metal. - Spectro Analytical Instruments GmbH & Co. KG, Kleve, Germany


A workstation for hydrogenation process development

The new Atlantis parallel hydrogenation workstation offers from one to six independent reactors in two volume ranges of 100 mL and 1 L. Heterogeneous or homogeneous reactions can be run in parallel at pressures up to 34 bar and temperatures up to 200°C. Each reaction module has independent stirring, temperature and pressure control. - Biotage AB, Uppsala, Sweden


A smart positioner gets smarter

The Logix 3400IQ Foundation Fieldbus digital valve positioner (photo) features new FISCO-compliant user interface board, improved potentiometer, piezoelectric technology, and host interoperability to provide operating versatility and fast, easy and accurate calibration. Compatible with HART or FOUNDATION distributed-control system, the Logix 3400IQ controls the position of both single and double-acting valve actuators with linear or rotary mountings. - Flowserve, Dallas, Tex.


H2 doesn't interfere with this personal gas detector

The Gasbadge Pro single-gas monitor (photo) has been enhanced to offer a low hydrogen interference carbon monoxide sensor option. The option is suitable for applications where the presence of H2 in the atmosphere normally produces inaccurate readings and false alarms. The device is designed to detect CO in the range of 0-1,500 ppm; with a simple calibration to a common standard CO gas, the unit will produce accurate readings even in atmospheres containing H2 concentrations in excess of 750 ppm. - Industrial Scientific Corp., Pittsburgh, Pa.


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