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October 1, 2006

October New Products (North American edition)



Tank vent dryers prevent damage from moisture condensation

This company offers a range of tank vent dryers and adsorbents (photo) that protect valuable fluids from harmful moisture contamination. They also prevent release of toxic vapors from the tank into the atmosphere. During filling and discharging from free-breathing tanks, the tank exchanges air with the atmosphere. Air changes also occur with heating and cooling. These changes can result in water condensation inside the storage tank. Tank Vent Dryers can be used for storage tanks with a capacity of up to 500,000 L. A sight window allows users to view a color change indicator that signals when the adsorbent is saturated and requires replacement or reactivations. Installation is simple, with a direct connection to an existing breather or vent pipe. - AGM Container Controls Inc., Tuscon, Ariz.


Extend the life of machinery with dry and clean compressed air

The Refrigerated Air Dryers Series IDFB*E (photo) provide dry and clean compressed air to extend the life of machinery and reduce downtime and maintenance costs. These refrigerated dryers are built with stainless-steel heat exchangers that provide low-pressure drops and are UL listed up to sizes covering 160-scfm flows. The Series IDFB*E dryers use environmentally friendly R134a/R407C refrigerant to provide a dew point of 37°C. To complement these dryers, the company also provides main-line filters to remove oil, water and dirt particles in the compressed air. Filtration grades range from 0.01 to 0.3 mm. - SMC Corp. of America, Indianapolis, Ind.


Separate solids and liquids with this centrifuge

This 33 ft3 filtering batch centrifuge (photo) separates solids and liquids with up to 1,000 gravities of force generated by high-speed rotation. Batch integrity is assured through fast loading, efficient washing, controlled rotation speed and complete cake discharge. All functions are controlled and monitored by an onboard PLC. Loading rates and levels are monitored by an ultrasonic level probe, which provides continuous cake-depth measurement. Materials of construction for contact surfaces are stainless steel, Hastelloy, Inconel and other alloys. - The Western States Machine Co., Hamilton, Ohio


Seamless construction for corrosive chemicals

This 560 gal, polyethylene conical-bottom tank and stand (photo) is suitable as a mixing vessel for chemicals, such as sulfuric and hydrochloric acids. The conical tank is a complete polyethylene unit and is available in seamless, molded one-piece units. Both the tank and stand are corrosion resistant, making the unit maintenance free with no need to repaint or replace a steel stand. This tank features molded-in fitting placement flats on the tank roof, molded-in forklift access for easy tank placement and four anchor points molded into the stand for stability. - Assmann Corp., Garrett, Ind.


Portable hot-air station dries on a conveyor

This fully portable, conveyorized hot-air station (photo) can be custom configured to dry and cure products using various blowers, nozzles, and accessories. The Portable Hot Air Station can be set up with air blowers that range from 2,000 to 5,400 W and reach up to 1,472°F with air flows to 38 ft3/min. Featuring a variable-speed conveyor with a rugged anodized-aluminum frame and locking casters, this station can be equipped with one or more heat guns, which can be mounted up to 18 in. over the conveyor and can be supplied with various nozzles and brackets to reach the top and both sides of a product simultaneously. This self-contained unit is 3 X 4 ft and can operate at speeds up to 49 ft/min. - Malcom Hot Air Systems, Portsmouth, R.I.


Handle problematic solids with this plow blender

This cylindrical plow blender (photo) can handle materials that are extremely fibrous, interlocking, dense, abrasive or moist and oily. Consisting of a cylindrical vessel and a horizontally oriented mixing shaft that rotates about four times faster than that of trough-style blenders, this unit fills the entire mixing vessel with fluidized material thereby maximizing transfer rates while minimizing impact and degradation. The blender can be equipped with spray nozzles to coat or agglomerate particles, often with less liquid than would be required with trough-style horizontal units. Configurations can include: single or multiple charging ports located on the top of the vessel; contoured access doors on the side; double-lip, lantern-ring or gas/liquid shaft seals; and a paddle-gate, knife-gate plug-gate or universal flange at the discharge. It can also be jacketed for heating and cooling applications, and is available with high-speed intensifiers to increase product dispersion and shear. - Munson Machinery Co., Utica, N.Y.


...and for gentle blending needs, this vertical unit is offered

This vertical blender (photo) is ideal for blending easily degradable solids. The mixing screw rotates around the periphery of the cone, and simultaneously lifts materials from the bottom to the top of the blender. This dual action results in short cycle times, usually less than half that of conventional horizontal designs. Vertical blenders are also suited for use in blending high-density powders, as less power is required than when using horizontal blenders. The unit also discharges fully and is easily cleaned. Designs are available from 1 through over 500 ft3. Amongst the options are choppers for size reduction, spray nozzles for minor liquid addition, cleanout doors, numerous materials of construction, and sanitary designs. - Charles Ross and Son Co., Hauppauge, N.Y.


These dryers are virtually maintenance free

The SDF 40 (photo) and SDF 70 are high-performance dryers for the processing of thermoplastic granules and regrind, and are made of stainless-steel and aluminum construction. For easy maneuverability, the SDF 40 models are cart-mounted. SDF 70 models are free-standing, and can also be made available as a portable system if needed. SDF Series dryers operate on the principle of absorption. Moisture is absorbed and removed from the drying hopper without heating the air to provide extremely low, residual-moisture levels. A dual bed provides continuous operation to maintain a dew-point level of up to -76°F. With constant airflow, a zero temperature change is maintained during the drying process. The SDF 40 models offer an operating voltage of 230/1/60 and provide a drying capacity of 24 ft3/min. Other standard features include a safety temperature limiter for all heaters, integrated hopper heating and a hinged lid on the drying hopper. SDF 70 models offer an operating voltage of 460/3/60 and provide a drying capacity of 41 ft3/min. - Sterling, New Berlin, Wis.


These compressed-air dryers reduce energy consumption

Built for continuous operation, these refrigeration dryers are available for airflow volumes from 0.6 to 90 m3/min. Each model has a low-pressure differential, which enables the maximum working pressure of compressors connected to the air system to be reduced accordingly. Lower working pressure means less energy demand and therefore reduced costs. For example, a pressure reduction of only 0.5 bar lowers energy consumption for compressor drive power by approximately 3%. Dryers in the 0.6 to 22 m3/min airflow range feature this company's "Secotec" cycling control. The heart of the system comprises a thermal mass that allows the dryer's refrigerant compressor to operate at partial load, which enables savings of up to 90% compared with conventional cycle-control dryers. Systems designed for airflow capacities above 24 m3/min are equipped with an advanced refrigerant compressor that features a variable compression chamber. This system requires approximately 60% less energy than conventional dryers and enables the dryer to optimize power consumption at partial load to suit the specific volume of compressed air that is to be dried. High-performance condensate separation systems further ensure that the required compressed-air quality is maintained at all times. - Kaeser Compressors, Inc., Fredericksburg, Va.


This new filtration media offers increased permeability

Hyperflo Porostar sintered mesh laminate (photo) is a filtration media that offers up to 50% increased permeability versus traditional mesh laminates. As a result, pressure differentials are significantly reduced. Offering both durability and rigidity, this material can be custom fabricated for applications requiring micron ratings of 40 and larger. The stainless-steel construction provides extended filtration media life, with simple cleanup. - W.S. Tyler, Mentor, Ohio


Clear solids from pipes with this unit

The Pipeline Delumper is a powerful inline processor that crushes, disperses and suspends tough solids in fully enclosed pipe systems. Suitable for wet, dry, pressure or gravity systems, this fluid-tight, pressure-rated unit has the full throughput capacity of the pipe to which it is connected. The Delumper's working principle employs impeller teeth passing through a heavy bar grating to reduce the size of the product. These teeth clear the slots of the bar grating and at the same time, clean the entire pipe cross section. A choice of packing or mechanical seals is provided in a cartridge housing. The machine is fabricated in carbon and stainless steels in 3- to 30-in. pipe sizes. This unit will be featured at Weftec in booth 4327. - Franklin Miller, Inc., Livingston, N.J.


These proximity switches are easy to clean

The IGVU Series of inductive proximity switches (photo) is suitable for industrial environments where regular cleaning processes are necessary. The stainless steel sensors are made from one piece, and are protected against the ingress of water, enabling them to be cleaned with high-pressure water jets and thus fulfilling the requirements for IP68 and IP69K protection. The sensor has a seamless front construction, and is resistant to aggressive detergents, cooling lubricants, acids and bases. The sensors are connected via an FEP fixed cable, or an M12 plug connection. - EGE-Elektronik Spezial-Sensoren GmbH, Gettorf, Germany


Use a patented pleat design to filter dust

The new HemiPleat HE (high-efficiency) filter offers twice the service life and half the pressure drop of standard dust-collector cartridge filters, claims the firm. The filter combines the HemiPleat technology with an HE synthetic fine fiber media that achieves filtration efficiencies of 99.999% for particles of 0.5 micron or larger. A patent-pending design holds the pleats of the filter open, making virtually all the media surface available for filtration. The wide, uniform spacing results in lower pressure drop for more efficient performance. The design allows dust to eject readily from deep within the pleats during pulse cleaning. - Farr Air Pollution Control, Jonesboro, Ark.


No chance of contamination with this retractable fitting

SensoGate (photo) is a pneumatically operated sensor lock-gate. While the lock-gate is moving into or out of the process, the elastomer sealing rings are rinsed, thereby protecting them from mechanical, thermal and chemical wear caused by the process media. There is no connection between the drain opening of the rinse chamber and the process at any time, not even during the stroke movement. The point of separation between the stroke cylinder and the calibrating chamber is double sealed and ventilated. The unit features a multiplug all-in-one connector, which carries the connections for all media, limit-position switches and stop valves via a single central connection. - Knick Elektronische Messgeräte GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin, Germany


Link process automation to business objectives

Business Flex 200 is an updated version of this company's manufacturing execution-system (MES) software package that helps industrial facilities synchronize their production schedules with business objectives while reducing operating costs. This latest version includes enhancements such as multi-language support for international locations, enhanced security features and the ability to work with third-party historian systems. Improvements also include: support for the Instrumentation System and Automation (ISA) Society's ISA S95 standard, which enables communication between the plant and corporate systems using industry standard, open XML communication services; a suite of tools for operations and production management in the oil and gas industry and the release of blending instructions, which control blend startup and shutdown, monitor for equipment malfunctions and process upsets to make necessary adjustments. - Honeywell International, Morris Township, N.J.


A nano flowmeter for high-pressure applications

Flowmeters from the enhanced SLG1430 Series (photo) for flowrates in the nano and microliter range are pressure tested at 400 bar after assembly, and have a recommended maximum operating pressure of 350 bar. The CMOSens-technology-based devices are suitable for liquid chromatography applications and leakage testing systems, and are capable of detecting flowrates in the range from a few microliters to nanoliters per minute. The fully digital, calibrated liquid flowmeters have a repeatability of better than 0.8% of the measured value and a response time of less than 50 ms. A resolution of better than 0.5 nL/min. is possible. - Sensirion AG, Zurich, Switzerland


This flowmeter has a port for self purging

The insertion-style GF90 Mass Flow Meter features a self-cleaning purge port, which is said to minimize maintenance requirements and costs in dirty applications. By connection to the unit's purge port to compressed-air, inert-gas or solvent-purge lines, process contaminants can be removed regularly and without having to remove the flow sensor element from the pipe. The GF90 utilizes a thermal-mass-gas flow sensing element designed with 316 stainless steel and nickel-braze construction. Corrosion-resistant alloys can also be specified. The device can operate over the fluid temperature range from -73 to 450°C, and pressure to 69 bar. - Fluid Components International, San Marcos, Calif.


This flowmeter has gotten even smarter

The Innova-Flo Volumetric Vortex flowmeter now features a redesigned electronics package that includes HART communications protocol, which allows the meters to be configured remotely or programmed and commissioned locally through the keypad. The Innova-Flo monitors gases, liquids and steam using the company's patented vortex-sensing technology. Both the Model 220 and insertion Model 221 have smart electronics that use proprietary digital-signal-processing to better differentiate the signal-to-noise ratio. The meter calculates the Reynolds number in realtime, then corrects it for nonlinearity, thereby extending the operating range beyond that of conventional vortex meters, says the firm. - Sierra Instruments, Inc., Monterrey, Calif.


Look on this map to find the cause of batch-process upsets

PlantTriage Performance Supervision Software now includes a simple color-coded interaction map, on which users can quickly identify the most important process interactions. Process-interaction mapping (PIM) displays the extent of interaction between one process variable and every other process variable in the plant. Both periodic upsets and steady-state upsets can be seen. From a simple Web-browser interface, users can narrow their search based on any number of criteria, such as unit operation, type of measurement, economic value, oscillation or over 80 other criteria. PIM also displays lead and lag data, making it easier to find the root-cause of process upsets. - ExperTune Inc., Hartland, Wisc.


Keep food and beverages free of iron with this filter

The Neoflux filter magnet (photo) has a high magnetic flux density (12,000 Gauss) and is designed to retain small ferrous particles from foodstuffs (juices, tomato pastes and powders), even under high pressure (10 bar). The magnetic bars are enclosed in a casing or extractor that the operator can easily pull apart. When the magnetic field is removed, the iron fractions can easily be flushed away. The magnetic filter can be used in tubes or pipelines in the foodstuff sector. - Goudsmit Magnetic Systems B.V., Aalst-Waalre, Netherlands


No power required for this flow control valve

These low-cost Flow Control Valves (photo) are used to maintain a constant, predetermined flow in piping systems. Flowrates from 0.25 to 120 gal/min. can be maintained to within 10% accuracy with varying pressures from 15 to 120 psi. Made of polypropylene, polyvinylchloride and other thermoplastics, the valves are suitable for corrosive or ultrapure liquids. The valves are pre-set and tamper proof, and require no electrical connection or electrical control. - Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc., Cedar Grove, N.J.


A new resin for insulated concrete

EPS 35MB-ICF is an enhanced expandable polystyrene resin for insulating-concrete-form (ICF) applications. ICFs are lightweight, high-strength permanent concrete forms with insulation built in. ICFs made with these new resins enable "significant" improvements in molding-cycle time and provide "outstanding" strength in construction projects. The new resin has been trialed in ICF applications in a wide range of climate conditions, and is now available in North and Latin America. - Nova Chemicals Corp., Pittsburgh, Pa.

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