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September 1, 2006




This versatile pump is a compact contortionist


The E8 3/8-in. Mini-Matic pump (photo) weighs just 3 lb but can pump as much as 6.8 gal/min and deliver pressures up to 100 psi. It can be mounted upright, sideways, or inverted, thereby making the pump adaptable to uses in, for example, chemical batching and dosing, adhesive applications, ink and pigment dispensing, foaming applications, transfer from drums or pails, and OEM applications. The company’s patended Elima-Matic air valve system eliminates blow-by, and enables non-stalling, non-icing, lubefree operation. The pumps are available in polypropylene- and Kynar-wetted construction materials, with interiors in thermoplastic elastomers or polytetrafluoroethylene. — Versa-Matic Pump Co., Export, Pa.


Wide applicability for new pump family


The Mark 3 ANSI B73.1 pump line (photo) is claimed to offer performance and reliability for a broad range of chemical-process industries and related applications, among them the petrochemical, other chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp-and-paper, mining and primary metals industries, as well as seawater handling and water and wastewater treatment. The Mark 3 is available in a variety of configurations, including the mechanically sealed, dynamically sealed, low-flow, self-priming, vertical-sump and recessed-impeller versions. It handles flows of up to 7,400 gal/min, heads to 1,000 ft, pressures to 450 psi, and temperatures from –110 to 700°F. — Flowserve Corp., Dallas, Tex.


New line of premium mag-drive pumps


The DB Series of pumps (photo) operates at up to 70% efficiency with broad hydraulic coverage. High-working-pressure capabilities allow fluids with extreme specific gravities, such as 1.8, to be pumped safely. High hydraulic efficiency significantly reduces energy consumption. A heavy-duty metallic motor adapter maintains a secure connection between pump and motor. Superior run-dry ability maintains pump integrity during system failures, even for hours at a time. The pumps are molded from corrosion-resistant polypropylene or PVDF. Multiple motor adapters and drive magnet sets enable mounting to any NEMA or IEC motor, while NPT or BSP threaded, flanged or welded union connections provide installation flexibility. All models are CE rated. ATEX-certified versions are also available. The pumps are offered with a five-year warranty. — Finish Thompson Inc., Erie, Pa.


Even more ruggedness for well-established pumps


This firm’s CPK standardized pump (photo) now comes with stronger shafts and larger ball bearings as standard equipment. This revision ensures a longer service life and thus reduces life cycle costs. Various versons of the pump are available for special applications. With a proven track record of more than 200,000 units sold, the CPK line ensures transport of almost all fluids needed by process engineers for the production of chemicals, synthetics and pesticides. In order to reduce spare-parts inventories, many components of the new version are compatible with the previous model. Meanwhile, the company has also been showcasing a ceramic shroud for its magnetic-drive Magnochem Series. The shroud is non-conductive and non-magnetizable, so there are no heat losses that either require complex heat-dissipation measures or cause undesirable physical or chemical reactions in the fluid handled. It is designed for easy replacement of standard Hastelloy metal shrouds by plant operators. — KSB, Frankenthal, Germany


These pumps can be tailored to optimize their performance


Horizontal or vertical multistage centrifugal pumps that are described as robust and abrasionproof and with closed radial impellers make up this company’s new NMH/NMV Series (photo), a further development of its former MH/MV Series. The maximum capacity is 220 m3/h; maximum head is 400 m. The maximum, tolerable liquid temperature is 110°C for pumps with gland packing, or 140°C for an alternative version employing mechanical seals. A choice among different impeller diameters makes it possible for the customer to tailor a given pump for its optimal operation. The pumps are elastically coupled and driven by electric motors; the horizontal pumps can instead be driven by a turbine or a diesel engine. At present, the pumps are available in cast iron or bronze; however, versions in cast or stainless steel are in the planning stage. — OSNA-Pumpen GmbH, Osnabrueck, Germany


Dry vacuum pumps offer “advanced vapor management”


The Dryfast and Dryfast Ultra dry vacuum pumps, fabricated with solid PTFE heads, PTFE diaphragms and Kalrez valves, and fluorinated plastics on all wetted surfaces, are designed to meet such challenging laboratory needs as precise control over the distillation of organic solvents and the handling of aggressive vapors and gases. The six new models feature flows to 70 L/min, and ultimate vacuum levels down to 2 Torr. No cold traps are needed for operation. The stand-alone vacuum pumps are said to need very little maintenance. Among the applications for which they are certified are rotary and other evaporation, concentration, filtration, degassing, and use with vacuum ovens. — Welch Vacuum Technology, Skokie, Ill.


Coal/oil slurries meet their match with this pump


Cost-effective handling of highly viscous coal/oil-slurry mixtures at industrial and power generation facilities is the service for which the the Moyno 2000 progressing-cavity pump is intended. Featuring a crowned-gear, universal-joint drive-train configuration that provides exceptional torque and thrust control, the pump can handle abrasive materials with a high percentage of solids, flowrates to 4,500 gal/min and pressures up to 1,500 psi. Patented joint seals protect the gear joints from pumpage contamination. The location of the rear gear joint reduces the radial load on the drive shaft and bearings and requires minimal pump disassembly to service. The pump’s proprietary Ultra-Shield rotor coatings have outperformed other coating types in abrasive environments, both in the laboratory and in the field; and the firm’s Ultra-Flex stator elastomers also provide long life in handling abrasive fluids such as in coal/oil slurries. — Moyno, Inc., Springfield, Ohio


Peristaltic pump handles corrosive and abrasive fluids


An advanced surface-protection method makes the SPX DuCoNite peristaltic pump “ultra-resistant” to chemical attack, while the device handles harsh materials such as sodium hypochlorite, titanium dioxide, calcium hydroxide, catalytic agents, sulfuric acid, lime slurry, acidic liquors, and solvents and resins dependably over a long period of time. Like the firm’s other hose pumps, it is virtually maintenance-free, with no seals to replace, check valves to clog, nor rotors and stators to wear out. It stands up well against substances that are also abrasive nature. A self-loading design makes for quick, easy hose replacement. — Watson-Marlow Bredel, Wilmington, Mass.


New bearings enhance several of this firm’s pumps


A diamondlike coating that is said to be unique is a key feature of Dry Guard 153 bearings, designed to significantly reduce the coefficient of friction in magnetic-drive pumps, enabling longer periods of safe operation under dry running conditions (which can inadvertently occur when a source tank empties or a valve is shut off upstream from the pump). The bearing is available in three of this firm’s pump lines: The 3296 EZMAG 153, an ANSI metal process pump with a simple sealless design, is said to be adept at handling problem-liquids such as corrosives, toxics, pollutants and liquids that are ultrapure or hard to seal; the ICM model, the ISO version of the 3296 EZMAG, includes the same features for tough applications worldwide; and the 3298 Series pumps, which feature a thick ETFE lining and come in frame-mounted, close-coupled, inline and self-priming models, handle moderate to severe corrosives economically. — Goulds Pumps, Seneca Falls, N.Y.


Miniature pump fulfils electronics-niche needs


Although it is not directly destined for chemical process applications, the Guardian 3000 electronics cooling pump (photo) is noteworthy for its small size. Measuring about 90 mm (3.54 in) in length and 36-mm (1.42 in) in dia., the pump has been designed for use in the cooling of computer processors and graphics chips in high-end consumer personal computers. With its impeller diameter of less than an inch, the device would require nearly three minutes to fill a kitchen sink. An overhung centrifugal, nonmetallic, magnetic-drive, sealless pump, the Guardian offers the small form factor needed to fit microcomputer and other electronic package applications. It is powered by an integral brushless 12-V d.c. motor, and is designed for a minimum five-year maintenance-free operating life.— Flowserve Corp., Dallas, Tex.


Great versatility is a forte of this pump


Designed for highly viscous, abrasive or corrosive applications, the Moyno PowerFlow pump is said to outperform alternative positive-displacement pumps when handling adhesives and sealants, paints and coatings, paper starch, asphalts, polymers, resins, plastics, food products, pharmaceuticals and petroleum, as well as chemical and industrial waste. A key to its good performance is its usage of hardened tool-steel or hardened 17-4 PH stainless-steel pumping elements. Also, proprietary new manufacturing capabilities ensure higher stator profile tolerances that enable the Moyno PowerFlow pump to effectively handle thin, water-like liquids, as well. Fluids with temperatures up to 500°F can be accommodated, while significant fluctuations in fluid temperature pose no problem. Differential pressure of up to 1,500 psi is easily achievable, and the flowrates are up to 400 gal/min. — Moyno Inc., Springfield,, Ohio.

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