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A larger-capacity, multi-stage centrifugal pump

| By Mary Page Bailey

With the introduction of a third size in the Hilge Contra range, this company expands the performance spectrum of its centrifugal pumps up to flowrates of 100 m3/h. The new G Hilge Contra III meets the general requirements of the dairy, beverage and food industries. It is particularly well-suited for demanding pharmaceutical applications in which sterile, no-cast materials in clean-in-place (CIP)and  steam-in-place (SIP) capable specialized pumps are a critical factor in the manufacture of life science products. Service-friendly patented Adapta design of the Contra III allows the pump to remain in the pipeline in the event of a motor change. The system does not need to be revalidated for pharmaceutical applications, thus minimizing maintenance requirements. Total drainage is ensured through eccentric discharge port and inclined surfaces. If the pumps are installed vertically (photo), this can be achieved even without the need for a drain valve. — GEA Group AG, Düsseldorf, Germany