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A mobile conveying system for explosive environments

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

The ATEX-certified Inert Explosion-proof (INEX) pneumatic vacuum-conveying system (photo) features an optional mobility package. Setting the entire conveying system on a self-contained, rolling platform, the mobile INEX system enables processors to safely convey dry and wet powders in hazardous environments where explosive vapors may be present, then easily move the entire conveying system to other production or processing lines without concern for risk of explosion. Ideal for loading metal powders and other self-ignitable materials into reactors and vessels amid flammable or explosive gases, and for transferring hybrid materials mixed with solvents, the mobile INEX pneumatic vacuum conveyor fluidizes the material with nitrogen or other inert gas to create an inert atmosphere throughout the entire conveying process. The patented approach ensures explosion-proof operation in ATEX Zone 0 areas where an explosive mixture is continuously present or present for long periods of time. — Volkmann USA, Inc., Bristol, Pa.