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A new spray nozzle for thick or particulate-laden media

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

This company’s new HollowStream liquid atomizing spray nozzle (photo) provides a hollow-cone spray pattern, and features a tangential flow design. The design is vaneless, with wide-open internal features, to resist clogging while producing a uniform distribution in a ring pattern with medium to large droplets to solve cooling, cleaning, foam breaking, rinsing and dust-suppression application. With HollowStream nozzles, the liquid is supplied into the body of the nozzle, creating a swirling action within a vortex chamber. This vortex produces the spray pattern when the machined nozzle breaks the liquid surface tension as it exits the orifice and into a controlled spray angle. The open, right-angle design is compact and appropriate for applications involving liquids that are thick, or containing particulate matter. The nozzles’ stainless-steel construction adds to their durability and corrosion resistance. — Exair LLC, Cincinnati, Ohio