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Altris and Stora Enso in partnership to develop hard carbon anode material for sodium-ion batteries

| By Mary Bailey

Altris AB (Uppsala, Sweden), a developer and prototype manufacturer of sodium-ion batteries, and Stora Enso Oyj (Helsinki, Finland), a provider of renewable products in packaging, biomaterials and wooden construction, are proud to announce a partnership. Together, the two companies will drive the adaptation of Stora Enso’s hard carbon solution Lignode as an anode material in Altris’ sodium-ion battery cells.

Altris’ sodium-ion battery technology is made from abundant raw materials and is free from conflict minerals and toxic elements, such as lithium, nickel and cobalt. This while offering outstanding performance in terms of longer life, more flexible working temperatures and safety.

By combining Altris’ market-leading sodium-ion battery technology and its Prussian White cathode material with Stora Enso’s anode material Lignode, the two companies aim to further strengthen the development of sustainably sourced batteries without compromising on energy density, and to enhance a European battery supply chain.

Lignode by Stora Enso is a sustainable hard carbon material derived from lignin, a by-product from the manufacturing of pulp. It serves as a more sustainable alternative to current incumbent anode solutions. Lignin is made of trees that grow back, making it readily available and providing a stable and consistent raw material supply for anode manufacturing.

“At Altris, we strive to establish a local supply chain and leverage abundant and clean materials to develop sodium-ion batteries. Therefore, it’s exciting to team up with Stora Enso and take part in their establishment of a Europe-based tree-to-anode supply chain. We are looking forward to the partnership evolving over the coming years, with the aim to commercialise the world’s most sustainable battery.” says Björn Mårlid, CEO of Altris.

“Bio-based materials are key to improving the sustainability of battery cells. With Lignode® having the potential to become the most sustainable anode material in the world, this partnership with Altris aligns perfectly with our common commitment to support the ambition of more sustainable electrification”,says Juuso Konttinen, Senior Vice President & Head of Biomaterials Growth at Stora Enso

The partnership with Stora Enso is the latest of several announcements regarding Altris’ product development. In 2023, the company presented a commercial-sized sodium-ion battery cell with an energy density of 160 Wh/kg. An achievement made possible by its patented Prussian White cathode material with a capacity of more than 160 mAh/g, which is the highest capacity declared to date in a Prussian White cathode material made solely from abundant raw materials.