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Combustible Dust

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Principles of Agglomeration: Pelletizing Processes

Pelletizing, a tumble-growth agglomeration process, offers many potential benefits to processors handling bulk solid materials. This article provides an overview of how agglomerate pelletizing works and the important elements that must be considered Pelletizing, a form of agglomeration (particle size…

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Improving Bulk-Solids Conveyor Maintenance

Designing easier access to mechanical components in solids-conveying systems reduces maintenance costs and improves safety Virtually every vehicle on the road today is designed with an engine hood that can be easily opened for access to the engine, so mechanics…

FAQs: Solutions for Minimizing Dust Explosion Risks

Prevent Everything from Coal Dust to Sugar Dust Explosions Pneumatic conveying offers solutions that remove critical elements of the combustible dust explosion pentagon, helping ensure your facility can prevent combustible dust explosions¬†and meet NFPA 654 standards. 1. ¬†How do combustible…