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Best Practices in Capital Equipment Commissioning

Ensuring that real-world commissioning tests are properly executed can benefit both equipment end users and suppliers Every capital equipment project comes to a point when operations teams expect payback to begin on the investment. How soon those benefits are realized…

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Commissioning and Startup: Increase Certainty Through Advanced Planning

Taking commissioning and startup into consideration during the early design phase can result in more predictable project schedules and more robust equipment designs Historically, new capital projects and facility upgrades in the chemical process industries (CPI) were designed with a…

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Get the Most Out of an Owner-Contractor Alliance

This article provides guidance for setting up a robust alliance between plant owners and EPC contractors to minimize risk and maximize synergies during complex, capital-intensive projects The most meaningful collaboration pathway among plant owners and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC)…

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Outsourcing and Offshoring Engineering and Fabrication Activities

Follow these tips to get the most out of these high-risk, high-reward, third-party arrangements Outsourcing is the subcontracting of a business function to an outside entity. The concept of outsourcing was first articulated by David Ricardo, an English economist in…

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Practical Solutions to Modular Project Execution

Follow this guidance to improve results on capital projects The opportunities for modularizing industrial and chemical projects are growing at an amazing pace. Once considered a mitigation strategy only for projects in remote areas with harsh climatic conditions or a…

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The CPI Construction Boom: Project Delivery in a New Landscape

Companies need more creative ways to deal with complex and ever-changing market and technical challenges   Low natural gas prices and high global demand for hydrocarbon-based chemicals have resulted in resurgence in the construction of new and existing chemical process…