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Total inaugurates lubricants plant in Russia
Total S.A. (Paris, France; has inaugurated its new lubricants oil blending plant, strategically located in the Kaluga region of the Russian Federation. The grand opening ceremony took place October 15th, in the presence of Anatoly Artamonov, Governor of the Kaluga Region, and Patrick Pouyanné, Chairman and CEO of Total. »
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Common Causes and Costs of Fluid System Leaks

Do you know what’s causing leaks in your plant’s fluid systems – or what those leaks could be costing you? The latest blog post on Swagelok Reference Point features expert guidance to help you understand how and why leaks occur, how to detect them, and how to address and reduce leaks plantwide. Start reading “Common Causes and Costs of Fluid System Leaks” now.

Cabot to develop low-cobalt cathodes for DOE's lithium-ion battery research project
Cabot Corp. (Boston, Mass.; has been selected by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to participate in an $80-million investment in advanced vehicle technologies research. Cabot will leverage its novel process technology to contribute to the research and development of low-cobalt active cathode formulations for next-generation lithium-ion batteries. »
EuroChem opens fertilizers plant in Lithuania
EuroChem Group AG (Zug, Switzerland; announced the formal opening of a new production plant for water-soluble fertilizers at its Lifosa subsidiary in Lithuania. The €14 million ($16 million) facility will produce 25,000 metric tons per year (m.t./yr) of crystalline urea phosphate, adding to the range of fertilizers currently manufactured at Lifosa. »
Celanese to acquire engineering thermoplastics compounder in India
Celanese Corp. (Dallas, Tex.; announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire India-based Next Polymers Ltd., one of the country’s largest domestic engineering thermoplastics (ETP) compounders. Next Polymers specializes in custom compounding of various ETP materials and is headquartered in Mumbai, India. »
Covestro to invest €1.5 billion in new, world-scale MDI plant in Baytown
Covestro AG (Leverkusen, Germany; has accelerated its investment activities to capitalize on the strong methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI) market growth. The Supervisory Board of Covestro has approved an investment of around €1.5 billion to build a new world-scale MDI plant in Baytown, Texas. »
Non-phthalate plasticizer capacity to be added in 2019, Perstorp says
Perstorp (Malmö, Sweden; announced that it will substantially expand the production capacity of its non-phthalate polyester plasticizer Pevalen in 2019. To accomplish this, Perstorp has entered into a long-term production agreement with Italian company Alcoplast Srl. The new partnership more than doubles the current production capacity, bringing it in total to 50,000 tons per year. »
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A Practical Guide to Sustained Heat Transfer Fluid Performance

Nov. 1, 11:00AM EST
When a heat transfer fluid isn’t performing up to expectations, there can be detrimental impacts to product quality, production rates and equipment life. This webinar will inform attendees about many aspects to ensuring optimal heat-transfer-fluid performance, including: indicators of heat transfer fluid quality; proper heat-transfer-fluid system matching; key threats to heat transfer fluid performance; steps to caring for heat transfer system and fluid; and more. Register here.

Solving the Complexity of Selecting, Sizing and Troubleshooting Rupture Disks 

Nov. 7, 9:30AM EST
Rupture disks are safety systems and should be able to operate independently and reliably under all circumstances. In some instances, this doesn’t occur and the protection of employees and equipment are in danger. The webinar will provide comprehensive coverage of rupture disc best practices, including guidelines for maintenance, troubleshooting, selection, sizing and more. Register here.
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