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Want to Avoid Thermowell Failures? Try this.

Why Most Thermowells Fail (and how to avoid it)
By Emerson Automation Solutions

Many factors contribute to thermowell failure. This technical paper discusses the single cause responsible for over 90% of all failures. Learn about an alternative solution and benefits you’ll gain that you typically sacrifice with conventional thermowell designs including:

  • Reduce Engineering design time
  • Simplified calculations
  • More accurate temperature measurement

Emerson Automation Solutions

The Gold Standard in Guided Wave Radar

For over two decades, Magnetrol® has been producing technology at the forefront of guided wave radar (GWR) innovation. The Eclipse® Model 706 is a loop-powered, 24 VDC level transmitter that harnesses the smartest advancements in GWR to provide reliable, accurate measurement. The Model 706 offers superior accuracy and versatility, with probe configurations for every application. It is virtually unaffected by process conditions like density, dielectric and specific gravity. It requires no calibration and is simple to set up and use. And most importantly, the low signal-to-noise ratio of the Model 706 delivers excellent performance even in challenging high-pressure, high-temperature applications. Discover how the Eclipse® Model 706 can solve your toughest measurement challenges.


Hose with a Proven Track Record

Nylobrade® reinforced hose has been the industry standard for transferring fluids and gases for more than 60 years. This clear, durable hose is chemical, corrosion and abrasion resistant with a mirror smooth surface for outstanding flow. Nylobrade is NSF 51 and 61 listed and available in three wall thicknesses: thin, standard and high pressure. Made in USA with solar power and stocked in sizes up to 2” I.D. Samples available.

NewAge® Industries Inc.

DEA Weighbelts Are Designed For Metering Fragile Materials

For use in industries where precision weighing and metering of dry materials is required, Schenck Process DEA stainless steel weighbelt feeders provide weight controlled feeding, weight indication and totalization for a wide variety of fragile materials. DEA Weighbelt feeders are offered in 12” and 24” belt widths with easy belt detensioning and removal, BIC (belt weight influence compensation), accuracies of ± 0.25% to 1% of set rate sigma, and feed rate capabilities up to 1,680 cubic feet per hour.

Schenck Process

Versatic™ Acid 10

Versatic™ Acid 10, also known as neodecanoic acid, is a versatile, multi-purpose saturated carboxylic acid, used in a variety of applications due to its unique structure and properties. Versatic Acid 10 is used widely in metalworking fluids, and as a corrosion inhibitor in other aqueous recirculating systems, such as engine coolants/antifreeze. Versatic Acid 10 can be used in place of or in conjunction with dodecanedioic, sebacic or isononanoic acid in numerous applications.

Versatic Acid 10 is a multi-functional solution for many formulation challenges, particularly in long-life, low-foam metalworking fluids. Consult your Sea-Land Account Manager for support in taking advantage of the many useful attributes of this material in your formulations.

Sea-Land Chemical Company