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This feeder simplifies the addition of activated carbon

| By Chemical Engineering

Scaletron Industries

Scaletron Industries

The new VMF-28/CP feeder with carbon package (photo) is a precision loss-in-weight measurement system designed specifically to provide accuracy in adding activated carbon (AC) in water-treatment operations. The new unit features an integrated scale for accurate feeding plus a bag-loading box that simplifies the addition of carbon to the system, and also enhances employee safety by containing carbon dust. Designed to accept 50-lb carbon bags, a bag-loading box is positioned above the VMF-28/CP hopper. To add AC, or other materials, the operator places the bag in the loading box and closes the door, which is equipped with a scratch-resistant plexiglass window with static control. Below the window are through-door glove ports. With the door closed, using the gloves, the operator opens the bag using the built-in bag break in the loading box. This releases the carbon material into the system and all dust is contained inside the machine. Hopper capacity is to 5.0 ft3. The VMF-28/CP Feeder uses a heavy-duty, gear-driven auger to continually feed material into the built-in, stainless-steel hopper at rates from 0.2 to 35.4 ft3/h. — Scaletron Industries Ltd., Plumsteadville, Pa.