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Full-scale testing services to optimize screening productivity

| By Chemical Engineering

Midwestern Industries

Ensuring optimal screening processes and productivity is vital for a vast range of processing needs. This company recently expanded its 10,000-ft2 Materials Testing Laboratory (photo), which conducts advanced screening testing. The lab’s experts recently worked on a full-scale material-recovery test related to the recovery of carbon black and other chemicals from end-of-life tires, with the goal of achieving a specific size of ground-rubber particles. The Material Testing Lab was able to determine the required feed quality for the desired particle size, and also qualified the type of equipment that was necessary to improve consistency. The company offers these full-scale tests free of charge. The testing process may involve a screening questionnaire, material-sample submission, feasibility tests and more. Tests are run on full-sized machinery to simulate real-world conditions with test materials. — Midwestern Industries, Inc., Massillon, Ohio