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Metso installs scrubber pilot plant in Frankfurt

| By Mary Bailey

Metso Corp. (Espoo, Finland) has installed a fully automated multi-purpose scrubber pilot plant at its R&D center in Frankfurt, Germany. The new plant will be used for developing and optimizing gas cleaning processes. The first focus will be on the development of simultaneous scrubbing of SO2 and NOx at low temperatures.

“This investment will put Metso at the forefront of innovation in the field of emission reduction and allow us to optimize commercial-scale gas cleaning plants. The test facility supports the increasing customer demand for solutions to remove NOx at low temperatures in the presence of SO2. We are further strengthening these technologies that our customers find extremely valuable,” notes Leif Skilling, Director, PG Gas Cleaning at Metso.

The pilot plant features modern online sensors for the measurement of an extensive set of gas and liquid properties. The process control system will allow the development of reliable process models for designing industrial-sized plants and will support further process optimization and advanced digitalization solutions.

With its unique portfolio of advanced and reliable testing and process expertise as well as process simulation, Metso is a leading supplier in the industry. Our capabilities support mining and metals refining operations to improve recovery, resource efficiency and emissions control with, for example, Metso’s Planet Positive solutions.