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New precious-metals recycling facility prepares to start up in Tennessee

| By Mary Bailey

Regenx Tech Corp. received the occupancy permit for its first facility in Greeneville, Tennessee. This permit allowed the commissioning of Module 1 to begin. The commissioning process includes the testing of all the components and will start with processing smaller batches and gradually scaling up the technology in stages to 100% of its expected capacity of 2.5 tonnes per day. It is projected the commissioning phase will take up to 90 days to complete and reach full capacity.
Regenx’s cleantech solution uses a proprietary chemical and processing technology which offers a sustainable alternative to current smelter options for the recovery of platinum and palladium from recycled diesel catalytic converters. Regenx CEO, Greg Pendura, stated, “What we’ve created is a technology that encompasses modern, urban mining, while promoting sustainability within a circular economy. We are excited about completing our commissioning phase and expanding into a four Module facility.”
Jeffrey Taylor, President & CEO of Greene County Partnership, the economic development arm of the County of Greeneville stated, “After having the chance to tour the Regenx facility and meet with their senior management I’m impressed and excited about the prospects of this operation. Both the city of Greeneville and the State of Tennessee have been partnering with Regenx to provide support and assistance in the growth of the company. Regenx’s clean technology fits with the type of development the County of Greeneville is trying to encourage to locate in the area.”