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Chemical Engineering

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Streamline quality control with this three-in-one analysis device

| By Mary Page Bailey

Easy Vis (photo) is a new instrument that analyzes liquid, translucent samples for their optical spectrum, color and water parameters. Combining these critical measuring tasks into one device, Easy Vis takes over the measuring tasks of up to three instruments: a colorimeter, a spectrophotometer and special measuring devices for water testing, such as titration. Analysis results appear onscreen within seconds. Easy VIS is suitable for use in quality-control laboratories at small manufacturers in the food-and-beverage industry, environmental testing labs or any industry needing quality control for products or process water or wastewater streams. The Easy VIS is used during multiple steps of the production process: for inspection of raw materials; for quality control of semi-finished and finished products; or for testing the water quality of wastewater. These capabilities are especially valuable for laboratories that previously sent out samples to an external laboratory, because they can now conduct in-house analyses. Easy VIS operates within a wavelength range of 330 to 1,000 nm. The light source is an easy-to-replace tungsten lamp. — Mettler-Toldeo GmbH, Nänikon, Switzerland