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Toyo awarded contract for acetylene black project in Thailand

| By Mary Bailey

Toyo Engineering Corp. (Tokyo) has been awarded engineering and procurement contract for an acetylene black project by Denka SCGC Advanced Materials Co., Ltd., a joint venture company of Denka Company Ltd. and SCG Chemicals plc (SCGC; Bangkok, Thailand). Acetylene Black is a type of carbon black  used for applications such as EV lithium-ion batteries and high-voltage transmission cables for offshore wind power generation and contribute to carbon neutrality. TOYO’s proposal for an optimal design and procurement plan that would enable early completion of the project and extensive project experience in Thailand was highly evaluated and led to the contract award. Taking advantage of the expertise we have gained in the plant engineering business, TOYO will contribute to the development of both companies in the petrochemical product field, as well as to the realization of a carbon-neutral society and the rapid growth in the Southeast Asian market.