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This wearable camera includes thermal-imaging analysis

| By Chemical Engineering

Librestream Technologies

In collaboration with ecom, this company has launched the Onsight Cube-Ex wearable camera (photo) for asset analysis and safety inspections in hazardous areas. By pairing the Cube-Ex with ecom’s intrinsically safe 4G/LTE Smart-Ex smartphone or Tab-Ex tablet, users can remotely control the camera, view high-definition video and thermal imaging, or capture and annotate pictures or recordings from a safe distance. The versatile design of the Cube-Ex provides flexibility for workers to wear securely on a hardhat for hands-free inspections, attach to a monopod for hard-to-reach locations, or mount to equipment to view from afar. Built-in illumination provides high-quality visuals in low-light environments. Also offered are optional cloud storage and remote expert collaboration and digital work instruction through the Onsight augmented-reality platform. — Librestream Technologies Inc., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada