Dry Vacuum Technology for Chemical and Pharmaceutical Processes

Vacuum plays an essential role in chemical and pharmaceutical processes. Whether in vacuum conveying, inertization, distilling or drying processes, vacuum is used everywhere to make processes safer, faster and more economical or to make them possible in the first place.

Liquid ring vacuum pumps and steam ejectors have been the robust workhorses for many decades when it comes to generating vacuum. However, like rotary vane vacuum pumps with recirculating oil lubrication, they have one disadvantage: they require an operating fluid that comes into contact with the process gas. In the mid-1990s, Busch Vacuum Solutions launched the first screw vacuum pump on the market, the COBRA. The major difference to the vacuum pumps known at that time was that screw vacuum pumps did not require any operating fluid to compress the process gas. This is why they are called “dry” screw vacuum pumps. Dry screw vacuum technology is now also widely used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.