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Spherical Disc Valves for Solids Processing Applications

Solids and slurries have completely different flow characteristics than liquid and gases, so it’s important to choose a valve for these applications carefully. Some factors to consider include material of construction, seat material, finish, flow control, actuation and mounting arrangements.

To learn more, click here for the complete whitepaper - Spherical Disc Valves for Solids Processing Applications 

Turn Down the Power

Given that electricity prices present a long-term upward trend, the imperative for greater energy efficiency is becoming more urgent. While regulation and legislation do have some effect in forcing change in the business community, a compelling business case — with clear methodology, reliable return on investment and financial efficiency — is much more powerful.

To learn more, click here for the complete whitepaper - Turn Down the Power

The Impact of Ageing Infrastructure in Process Manufacturing Industries

Process manufacturing companies in the oil and gas, utilities, chemicals and natural resource industries rely on proprietary infrastructure to run their operations. Much of this infrastructure is rapidly ageing, thus increasing the risk of failure. Subsequent disruptions hamstring operations and impede opportunities for growth, with the impact of these interruptions felt worldwide. As a result, executives in these industries must make tough decisions about where, when and how much to invest in infrastructure upgrades.

To learn more, click here for the complete whitepaper - The Impact of Ageing Infrastructure

Four Ways Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Can Increase ROI in Process Manufacturing Industries

Asset-intensive companies like those in the utilities, oil, gas, chemical, steel and mining
industries, need to invest heavily in order to maintain operations and continue to grow
their business, yet they are faced with an uncertain economic situation. Because of this challenge, it is essential that companies are able to fully optimize investment decisions
and lower operating costs to ensure a healthy ROI. Enterprise Project Portfolio
Management (PPM) solutions can help your company achieve operational excellence, financial discipline and risk mitigation.

To learn more, click here for the complete whitepaper - Increase ROI in Process Manufacturing Industries

Vacuubrand Inc.

Historically, mini-plants have utilized oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps as a vacuum source because they provide relatively high flow rates and because they can reach relatively deep vacuum levels, such as 10-3 mbar. The same can be said of kilo labs. However, rotary vane pumps also include several critical disadvantages which make their use in pilot plants and kilo labs suboptimal. Most notably, these disadvantages include significant maintenance requirements in terms of both time and material related costs. By switching from an oil pump to an oil-free technology such as a diaphragm pump, there are significant benefits to be realized. These benefits include better process control, chemically inert wetted materials, and significantly reduced maintenance.

To learn more, click here for the complete whitepaper - Oil-Free Vacuum

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