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Awards and Scholarships

At any moment in time, and regardless of context (energy efficiency, green chemistry, new-product development or other), a key characteristic of chemical process technology is its practitioners’ almost instinctive commitment to innovation. Individual firms or industries may temporarily cut back the pace of their research (and we have taken them to task for it); but viewed long-term and collectively, the chemical process industries are, and usually have been, admirably innovative.


Honoring Innovation since 1933

Admirable innovation deserves honor and recognition. That is why this magazine has for decades been pleased to salute chemical engineering accomplishments with our two, most-prestigious awards:

Each award is presented biennially, in alternating years. The Kirkpatrick Award is presented in odd numbered years, and the Personal Achievement Award is presented in even numbered years.

A budding tradition supporting ChE Education

Bringing recognition to the value of the chemical engineering profession and striving to continually advance it have been goals for this magazine since its founding in 1902. In late 2007, Chemical Engineering established the annual Chopey Scholarship for Chemical Engineering Excellence in memory of Nicholas (Nick) P. Chopey, the magazine’s former Editor In Chief. more

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