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A clever alternative to vibrating-fork level sensors

| By Chemical Engineering

Baumer USA

Baumer USA

The CleverLevel series of level sensors has been expanded with two new variants, the LBFH and LBFI (photo). They are available with two switching outputs, qTeach and a 360-deg output status indicator. Like their predecessors, the level switches are based on frequency deviation technology and are suitable for both hygienic and industrial applications with electrostatic, sticky or pasty media. The convenient qTeach procedure is of great advantage, especially for small installations with simple control systems, says the company. The sensors can be easily adjusted with any ferromagnetic tool, thus making it possible to quickly adapt to changing process requirements on site. The two switching outputs make it possible to set two trigger thresholds. This means two different process steps, such as production and cleaning, or two media groups, such as water and oil, can be monitored with one sensor. — Baumer USA, Southington, Conn.