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A compact compressor for H2-refueling stations

| By Chemical Engineering

Kobe Steel

Kobe Steel

This company has started marketing the HyAC mini-A (photo), an all-in-one, compact compressor package for stationary hydrogen refueling stations designed for use in the U.S. The HyAC mini-A consists of a high-pressure H2 compressor and a refrigerator sold together with a high-pressure storage tank unit and a dispenser as a set. The HyAC mini-A has a footprint 10% smaller than the HyAC mini sold in Japan since 2014. The HyAC series consists of two models: a single-unit, high-pressure H2 compressor, named HyAC, and a compact package consisting of the hydrogen compressor and other major equipment called the HyAC mini. To meet the U.S. fueling protocol, the filling pressure of the HyAC mini-A was raised to 87.5 MPa. The HyAC mini-A is equipped with a remote monitoring system, and also includes compact micro-channel heat exchangers called DCHE. — Kobe Steel, Ltd., Tokyo, Japan